04 February 2008

Cupcake addition

I forgot to mention in my last post that I tried a recipe for beer cupcakes and it turned out really well! It uses a stout and after the cupcakes are baked you're left with very moist cake that really doesn't taste like beer at all! I personally wasn't a big fan of the cream cheese icing recipe that went with it (you add a couple of tablespoons of the beer to that as well) but Mum liked it... And several of my classmates with whom I shared said cupcakes enjoyed it so I guess it's a matter of preferences? (It really is nice to have somewhere I can take cupcakes, cookies, etc. to give them away so I don't eat all of them myself. College students, even those in professional/grad school, seem to really delight in free food. Can't imagine why...)
Happy Monday!



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