29 September 2006

Ducks of Evil Karma and Rules of Conformity

There were two ducks on the round fountain on campus today as I was walking to class. Pretty much made my morning...
This afternoon I just feel... blah. Like, not really sick and not really healthy. Not nice but not really evil. Just here and trying my most hardest to be a good person. I don't have such a high degree of this sort of feeling very often so it's rather disturbing when I do. (I truly hate the days when it takes a horrendous effort to just be pleasant. Those few days are the ones when every single idiot in the vicinity wants to talk to me and/or needs help with something. Go figure huh? So, next time anyone else feels like this, if anyone else ever does, just give me a sign and I'll stay away so you'll have one less idiot to deal with, okay? Deal? Because the rational me KNOWS that sometimes I'm a real idiot.)
Found out some more laws pertaining to being in Pharm school. Laws addressing where I can and cannot work, how, how long, for whom, and to what degree. Frustrating. I really, really want to do the best job I can, no matter where I work, but I fear that sooner or later I'm going to do something with honest, good intent and end up somehow breaking or bending the law. Not intentionally but just by virtue of the fact that there are just so darn many rules. And some of them are VERY grey, such as what constitutes "respectable" behavior. I'm sure of several things that would NOT go in this category but there are some that depend on your definition. Such as having a beer in a public bar. For some people this is completely immoral and wrong. Heck, I suppose for some people just me, as a female, being is school is immoral and wrong. So... a list of more normal questionable behaviors: Coloring my hair bright red? Getting a little tattoo, even in an easily-covered place? Betting or gambling, in any shape or form? Posing for advertising photos or what-have-you (obviously not the dirty kind) that will be in a mass distributed form? This list could go on for a while. I'm sure I'm taking it way too literally but it's strange to think that people who don't know me have such a profound effect on my life. Nothing new but still strange to think about. (Did you know that back in the one room school house days that some of the teachers' contracts stated they were to not date nor get married? They had to attend church and Sunday school. And these aren't nuns here. Anyway, totally random and barely relevant. Just thought of it and shuddered. Thanks!)
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

28 September 2006

School is making me sick

I might be getting sick from all the not sleeping and drinking too much coffee. Argh. Please think happy thoughts for/about me, help my karma stay heathy and happy, please?? Love you all!
Been a fairly nice week at school. Two tests and one team based learning exercise. Woo. Bid day for the pharm frats got moved to next week. I'm now Historian for our branch of sOSHP (Oklahoma Society of Health-systems Pharmacists), isn't that terribly exciting? Frankly, noone else wanted to be so they let me. Yay!
Happy Weekend ya'll!

26 September 2006

Long short day

I totally had that "Invisible Touch" song stuck in my head most of the day after it was on the radio on the way to school this morning...
Sleep deprivation isn't so bad really. I find it makes me feel more giddy and/or more likely to snap back in response to stupid questions. Yay for no sleep plus coffee!!!!
"Facts are the enemy of truth." - Don Quixote - "Man of La Mancha"

24 September 2006

Sunday Times

Great weekend ya'll!!! Good job! Very productive, just how we like 'em!
Other than the studying everything was a blast: hanging out with the fam and boytoy, winning another flag football game by forfeit, eating cheesecake, running while studying, walking the dogs to the park, etcetra, etcetra, etcetra.

No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness. ~Aristotle

22 September 2006

Pill tile mayhem

You have not known true happiness until you've mixed camphor in just enough ethylene alcohol to make it a mess, then spread it all over one of those pill tiles (as pictured at left). It smells a little like toothpaste and the consistancy is more like... hm... really wet baking soda? Trust me, it's a mess. But fun.
The Great State Fair of Oklahoma will be ending this Sunday so you better get out there quick and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and rides!!!!
Love to all and Happy Weekend!!!

21 September 2006

Caffeine Caper

So. Apparently lots of caffeine, ala Starbucks from the Union, makes me very awake in class. Also giggly. Which is bad when your professor's first language is NOT English thus causing him to make up words randomly... OH! And one of the Dental students was asleep on his notebook a chair over from me, with his nose smushed into said notebook in a sleeping pose that did not look remotely comfortable. That was bad enough. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh (meaning I was staring at him while avoiding eye contact with my pharm friends whom I'd already alerted to the situation). Then he woke up, making funny sounds and rubbing his nose. That almost killed me since once I'm in a giggly mood it's like trying to stop Niagra Falls from flowing, that's how hard it is for me to not laugh. So I kinda made a "snork" sound and choked as I tried to cover for the "snork". That was one interesting class...
"Tragic poets have a saying: nothing's wilder than a woman!" ~Aristophanes

20 September 2006

Elevator Music

I did not send this in but I lived the scenario for a whole year in the dorms. We lived on the 3rd of ten floors. Seriously, that bell would ding all day and night long, especially on 'party night'. I lived right next to the end of the hall with the elevators and it was all I could do sometimes to not go out there to tell them to take the stairs for goodness sake and get some exercise! Some of them REALLY needed it, especially after all the partying caused them to develop a gut...
Anyhoo... Had to wash my hands today after lunch at school (barbeque sandwiches do that to ya) and headed to the Ladies' room. Wash, wash, wash... Then I turned to grab a paper towel only to stand there for several long seconds wondering why there weren't towels in the dispenser to have it finally dawn on me that I was not standing in front of the paper towel dispenser.... It was the feminine products dispenser-machine thing... Yeah, that was the highlight of my day; It cracked me up that much.
Hope ya'll have a great Thursday!


Life is good. Even when I'm crazy.

School is going well. We had a chance to breathe today so I think they forgot to schedule something since letting us breathe is apparently something they strive to keep from happening. Lots of -ing's in that sentence...
Love ya'll!

19 September 2006

Everyone Loves A Fair!!!

Man, you can really tell when I have tests right in a row; You don't hear from me for ages! Had one Friday and then today so been busy studying my brains out.
(The pictures here are Skronky's taken with his cellphone/camera, thanks babe!) Went to the Oklahoma State Fair Friday evening with Skronky, Julia, et al. It's really a blast so anyone in the area should check it out. The baby goats and piglets at the petting zoo on the way in were adorable! The llama was even shaved like a poodle; SO funny! Rode some rides, enjoyed a jug of rootbeer, looked through a couple of the buildings, enjoyed the crowd/singing at OBrien's, ran into old friends, and, of course, immensely enjoyed the people-watching since there is every stereotype imaginable there. We were there only about 20 minutes when Skronky tried his hand at one of the fairway games and won, though the carnies had to discuss in detail with a managing carnie if he won or not even though he didn't break any of the rules and paid for the chance. He, being a manly man, chose the biggest prize they had there, a big stuffed dog. It was massive. Huge. And so terribly easy to transport through the crowded fairway... Anyway, he ended up selling it to some dude near O'Brein's before we left, so yay! My boytoy is both strong and good at fairgames! (Even when he has Judo-elbow)
We stopped by and I finally got to see Julia's new apartment. It's nice. You should visit her (and bring a nice bookcase for her to put all of her HUGE notebooks in so they aren't on her pretty dining room table.)
Saturday I spend 4 hours straight through in a biochem study session up at campus. woo. Oh then we ate out at the local Chinese food place afterwhich both Dork and I ended up feeling ill due to some, possibly, catfish. We're not really sure. But it sucked. Ever wanted to end the nausea by expelling the contents of your GI tract but couldn't no matter how very much you tried??? Then you know how miserable we were Saturday night... yay for mints and coke-induced burps!!! Oh and Grey's Anatomy to keep my mind otherwise occupied!
Sunday was rainy but the sort of rainy that I love. Headed up to campus for our flag football match against the med school girls but they didn't have enough show to play so we won by forfeit. The grass was so saturated my shoes were ten pounds heavier just walking through the grass to pick up the ball that someone threw! (Sidenote: stupid me locked my keys in my car and had to have Dad come save me... of course I would pick the coldest day in September while it was rainy out! Yay! First time I've ever locked my keys in my car...) Then more studying...
If you're one of my millions of friends (ha) that I've been meaning to visit, call, email, etc... I'm so sorry to have become so wrapped up in school junk. I'm working on that... Love you still!!!
We're so blessed... in so many ways, it's amazing.

13 September 2006

The Thing

Honestly the way I'm dressed today I wouldn't be surprised if someone signed me up for that <<>
Oh well, I like it 'cause it's comfy.
This week has been going well. Classes and stuff to keep me busy. Another trip to the grocery store, laundry, etc. The truly fun things in life, ya know?
Have you ever heard of a "thing"?? In reference to the Vikings? The real Vikings that sailed around in longboats and pillaged? Well, as I watched some sort of documentary last night with the family we were introduced to the fact that the Vikings, well, they had "thing"s. These "thing"s were their little meetings to discuss various topics, etc, and of course get their hair braided. Which villiage is good for pillaging, who has the best swords, which wench is cuter, ad nauseum. Thing. They even had a "thingville" where it is assumed that a huge "thing" happened. Isn't that hilarious??? Thing! Now everytime I use that word I'm going to be cracking up.
Another one... My biochem teacher last week... We were discussing enzymes and their various functions, formations, mechanisms, etc... (lots of boring things that I'm not sure I fully understand but we'll move on) And one of the constants in the equations was this value called the catabolic constant shortened to Kcat (with the cat as a subscript). Everytime this professor said Kcat he sounded like "kittycat", and to make it worse someone on the other side of the room started humming the theme to the kitkat bar commercials. Made enzymes no less confusing but perhaps a tad more interesting.
Skrony's snake eggs finally hatched!!! And apparently they are darling hissers.
Well, as much as I'd love to stay and chat, I must away to my studies. Love and good wishes!
"When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world." - George Washington Carver

10 September 2006

what's white, burnt, and bruised all over??

So Thursday and Friday happened... the White Coat ceremony went well and I'm now a professional-looking student of pharmacy with my gorgeous, embroidered lab coat. Thank you Mum, Dad, Dave, & Pam for enduring that and supporting me. Love you guy!
The confusion of having the Tulsa kiddos here was great. The Strangers...
Saturday was mostly just hanging out and working on school stuff. Don't think I studied as much as I should have but an ounce of planning is worth a pound of procrastination which is equal to a dram of studying or something along those lines, leaving out apothecary and avoirdupois units of course. Of course.
Sunday was an hour of biochem review with the lovely P-2's who condescend to tutoring all of us pathetic newbies then practice & game of flag football. I had sooooo much fun! I never knew football was this fun!!! Plus I get to know some of my fellow pharm girls so that's good too. But the best is trying to figure out what the other team is going to do and countering it. So far I've been an offensive receiver and defensive corner (ie when we have possession of the ball I run and hope it gets thrown to me so I can score and when we don't have the ball I mill about near the front line to try to stop the girl with the ball if she's anywhere near me. That was for Mum and to remind myself when I forget later what it was that I did.) I also managed to get a kick-butt bruise on my leg to compliment the sunburn from stupidly forgetting sunscreen. I'd love to regale you with a tale of valor on the field of battle but I actually didn't get the bruise until after the game as I was retrieving my keys to leave... When I tripped over the bench of a picnic table and scrapped up the side of my knee. Really sexy, huh? Anyway, we played the varsity pharmacy girls team and tied them. I think that's darn good considering it was my team's first game EVER!!!! (We're all p-1's and 2 p-2's that have never played before!) WOO! We were good. Oh yeah!
I guess I missed some drama with, well, everyone. There was a pharm party with lots of drama Saturday night that I didn't attend. Apparently a fight or two broke out. Remember, we're in grad school? Not jr high??? And something went down with some personal friends not too long ago. Nothing so defined as a fight but apparently one/some of the kids aren't playing well with others... Who knows what's going on? I have no idea. Others are just having a hard enough time with their own little lives to deal with anything else. I'm praying for you all. May you avoid drama like the plague!!!
I'm really really tired now. Hopefully I can find a way to sleep that won't hurt my sunburn. That picture doesn't really do it justice since I'm so darn white it sort of washed it out... Well, love you all and hope you have a great week! Comment me!!! YAY!!!

06 September 2006

Plan B: Try out for next big reality show and become celebrity...

So... I barely passed those tests. Really, like JUST to the wire. That's after studying more for each of them than I have had to study for entire finals weeks in the past (not every semester but I did have a couple nice ones). So I guess I'll do okay. Not stellar but passing is passing as long as I don't get behind on anything. Yay! (The real kicker here is that I really felt going into the tests that I KNEW what I was doing. So much for KNOWing)
I truly wish I had something witty to tell you about... I'm straining my poor brain for something but after all that biochem I'm just not up to my A game. So instead here is a pair of pictures:

05 September 2006

Kopophobia - fear of fatigue...

Study? Not yet. Run and shower? Will in a minute. Right now I'm talking to my lovely fiends. Yes, fiends. No, I did not leave out an "r".
Survived that physio test this morning. Was one of the first 5 people to leave so that's weird but since I did the best I could it'll work for now.
Jen and Steve, I miss you guys too. I'm just not the same without the house... it's true. I'm much lamer. Lamer-er. Oh yeah. So I'll come visit really soon, promise. And I'll bring some candy...
I'm going to play football on the intermural pharmacy girls team. First practice is tomorrow, we'll see how that goes... Wish me luck and if you know any good plays (heck, any plays at all since I'm clueless) let me know!
I had another Lindsay Lohan comparison in class the other day. It was my Pharm practice professora, she pointed me out to her fellow professora and said, "And that's [Curious Mistiness] up there. I remember her because she looks JUST like Lindsay Lohan. Don't you think? She really does!" And to make me feel better, since it was obvious that this was not the highlight of my day, she pointed out one of my fellow classmates and said, "[Curious Mistiness], you're not the only celebrity-lookalike here! Christina (name changed to protect the innocent (or at least victimized)) here looks just like Cher!" The girl looks nothing like Cher. I would never have thought, "Hm, that girl looks strangely like Cher." Nope. Never. Because she doesn't. But then one of my other classmates turned around and said, "No, I really think you look more like Bernadette Peters." Which I really don't see either. (For those keeping count that's added to the list of Lindsay Lohan, Rose McGowan, and Winona Rider, plus the little creepy girl from The Ring. Yeah...) So I should just be famous by association. But I'll remember the little people, don't worry. I'll remember...
I made an A on my math test last week! Yay!!! (It was stressing me out because to pass the test the most you can miss is one to get a C (I think it's a C anyway)).
Anyhoo... off to run and study! Love to all and Happy Tuesday!!!!

04 September 2006

Bigger plans

03 September 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Baby shower: Fun and funny. Aren't they always a hoot? From vulturous little girls who want to win the clothes pin game to the older women's "jokes, " it's all a good time. The paternal grandmama-to-be was especially a hoot. (At one point when everyone was talking about their children and grandbabies, she turned to me and asked, "So are you next?" Everyone stopped talking and stared alternately at her or me, waiting for my answer. I managed to stammer out, "Well, I'd like to wait to have kids until I'd done with college and hopefully married, ya know." Turns out she says she meant for "wedding bells" but since no one had been talking about marriage or weddings I don't know how anyone was to know that was her intent and not babies, which we HAD been talking about all evening. Pretty much all of the other single, non-moms there shot me grins, thankful I'd been the victim of that one and not one of them.) Good cake, good punch, cute presents, and I always enjoy talking to Skronky's mum and sis. His mum busted out the old pictures for me when the party was pretty much over so I got to laugh at some of his funny, mischievous faces over the years. One in particular was hilarious because he looked like a little boy about to do something GREAT and get into big trouble for it.
Feeding ducks at the Duck Pond today was fun. Really, we ended up feeding the fish. They're a hoot. Turtles there too!
There was a song on the way home today that made me teary, Heartland's I Loved Her First. Country songs are great at making me emotional...
Saturday I was strangely monochromatic in all brown... now I know how the UPS guy feels.
It frightens me how many of the pictures loaded on photobucket are anime icons or anime fan pics... Like, whoa.
Aww I just found a Lady and the Tramp Icon... and I just remembered that I've watched that movie about a million times... Didn't you always hate the siamese cats? I sure did. I hated them with the burning of a hundred fires... or maybe just long enough to get to the part where the speeding car in the rain hits the Scotty dog? Or was it the hound dog it hit? I don't remember but I remember crying about that. I was a strange little girl. I loved Bambi even though several animals die but Lady and the Tramp made me sad because one of the dogs got hit? Weird...
And now back to studying! Happy Labor Day! Hope yours is full of fun and laughter!

02 September 2006


Apparently I was somehow nominated for the 2006 Okie Blog Awards in the category of 'Best Unusual Blog.' Is that flattering? I don't really know... I suppose it's something nice. Unusual is better than flat-out freakish. So Yay!
And now we'll return to our regularly schedualed programming... Studying biochem!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone!!!