22 September 2006

Pill tile mayhem

You have not known true happiness until you've mixed camphor in just enough ethylene alcohol to make it a mess, then spread it all over one of those pill tiles (as pictured at left). It smells a little like toothpaste and the consistancy is more like... hm... really wet baking soda? Trust me, it's a mess. But fun.
The Great State Fair of Oklahoma will be ending this Sunday so you better get out there quick and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and rides!!!!
Love to all and Happy Weekend!!!


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

That's quite a scantily clad cowgirl!!! I miss the chatterbox thing...I don't like having to do the word verification thing on this. Apparently they're worried I might be a bot. :(

1:46 AM  

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