31 July 2005

Dreaded Pirates of the Illinois Float party

Went on a family float trip yesterday on the Illinois River up in the NE corner of OK. Had a blast and got sunburned. Skronky came with us and got to meet this crazy family of mine. Oooh, then we all went out for dinner to this really awesome little Italian restaurant! Such good food, no wonder I've gained a few pounds!
Today we're cleaning house and doing laundry while some program about Mongolian rulers and warriors blares on the TV. Chaco is sleeping happily on his vent and The Cat is stalking around "helping" us with various tasks. It's a good time for all.
Happy weekend and love to ya'll!

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You are the classic princess,
you have an opinion about almost everything,
your friends respect you and see you as a role model
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My pirate name is:

Red Mary Flint

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

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28 July 2005

Painting, thinking, lighting

Threadless.com Submission - X-RAYED TROPICAL SOULStill keeping busy. It's a relative type thing. I'm not insanely busy like during school time but busy as in my-time-is-strangely-occupied and planned-FOR-me-randomly (and not by me, usually). And I am not complaining. This barely thinking stuff is nice.
I worked some this last weekend but haven't been needed at the job place since then. Once again, not complaining. I don't know how I'll afford rent this semester but not working is fun! (Just kidding, I'll be fine. No worries mate!)
Julia's room is red. Bright red. Cherry red. VERY red. It's nice. We had a good time painting with Mel and Alex around. I've noticed inviting bored but taller-than-me people to help ya paint is a good idea. Also taking Uno breaks to "allow the paint plenty of time to dry" is wonderful.
I haven't fully decided if I'm going to paint my room or not. It's brown right now. Well, that gives you the idea that the walls all match. Which they do not. The North and East walls are just plain brown whereas the South and West walls are a darker brown with a bit of a pattern to it, like marbling but not. Really, so lovely. Thus you understand my dilemma, right? What to do...
Flashlights that you shake to charge are pretty awesome. Since, hey, no batteries required!!! How cool is that? My dad has the bestest toys!
The guy on TV right now is way too excited. He's building a house or something and teaching us kids in the audience about conduction/insulation. Really fun stuff. I should find the remote...
Happy Thursday ya'll!
"When ideas fail, words come in very handy." - Goethe

21 July 2005

Ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy

Hello my lovelies! Been a busy week...
I watched a hummingbird out on the backporch earlier this afternoon. Amazing to watch and think about the mechanics of nature. Then our cat jumped into my lap onto Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and scared the little bird away.
Tuesday, I think, I woke up on the couch after watching TV with Dad to go with Mum to run to the grocery store. I don't know if it was the nap or my own little strangeness but after we left the store so many things struck me as REALLY messed up. Mum drove down the wrong lane in the parking lot (ie the arrow was pointing the other way). A pile of bricks near a building that's being built were stacked all carelessly. The slats in a fence weren't even. Really bugged me. It's pretty rare but I get in these little funks and everything just gets on my nerves. The fortunate thing is that I usually realize how unrational I'm being, don't say anything about it, and get over it pretty quickly. At least that's what I admit to...
Since I'm going to be staying in Norman for another year of classes I had to find a place to stay. Not that the cardboard box on Main wouldn't work but the parents thought maybe a real place would make more sense. I'm glad they're on my side (minds that devious should stay near the light, right?) Looks like Julia is stuck with me for another year. Muhahahahaha.....
Well, have to work tomorrow. Bleck. Love ya'll!
"The hero is a mind of such balance that no disturbances can shake his will, but pleasantly and as it were merrily he advances to his own music." - Emerson

17 July 2005

Details from my summer trip

Wednesday we started out from home at around eleven o'clock. Headed East and went through Texas. Had lunch at Wendy's. Stopped for the night in Shreveport, LA. Had dinner at El Chico's. Living without internet is harsh. Watched Troy before bed.
Thursday morning woke up around 6-6:30am and got dressed and ready to leave by 7:30am. Headed down to Natchadoches and stopped at the visitor's center for information. Were directed to the Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site and various plantation houses. Went directly to the Fort and enjoyed a short informational video before walking the few hundred yards out to the reconstructed fort. Three period-dressed reinactors greeted us at the entrance to the fort and in the fort trading store. We walked around viewing the jail, barracks, church, store, and cannon post. The view of the river nearby was beautiful. We then went on to Oakland Plantation. Sunny hot weather greeted us as the humidity rose. We toured the general store there and the backroom reminded Mum of her grandfather's store when she was a little girl. The tour guide directed us to the pigeonery, the cook house, the Big house, the wash house, chicken and turkey coops, the slave house and tenant house as well as the cottage were the doctor stayed. The guide put up with Mum's heckling, old women's questions, and the German couple's accents (Their little girl was adorable). We then traveled down the road a little to the Melrose Plantation. The gift shop worker directed us to the Big House where we were added to a tour group viewing an introductory video. Outside we went to the Yucca House, African house, and various other cottages before returning to the Big House to view the dining room, Library, Boy's rooms, and the upstairs bedrooms and sitting rooms. Beautiful furnishings. Rain greeted us as we left and made getting back to the main highway difficult. Eventually we made it back and on our way to Vicksburg. On the way we saw some donkeys sharing a pasture with a couple of zebras. Once in Vicksburg, Miss. we had dinner at a Chinese resturant. Very good food.
Friday woke up in Mississippi at the little hotel. Had breakfast at McDonald's then headed to the Vicksburg National Military Park. Drove most of the Union route and stopped to see the remains of the USS Cairo. Had lunch at Krystal. Saw the Old Courthouse. Checked in at new hotel. Went shopping at the factory outlet nearby. Chinese for dinner again.
Saturday skipped breakfast. I stepped in an ant hill (quite fun). Lunch at a Wendy's near Jackson. Started driving for Tennessee. Made it into Mempis by midafternoon. Very nice hotel, the Madison Hotel. Had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street and walked around people-watching. Bought some fake tattoos at Tater Red's and saw the goats at Silky O'Sullivan's.
Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel on the mezzanine floor. Went to the Mud Island River Park. Had lunch at the BBKing Blues Club. Swam in the hotel pool. Dinner at the King's Palace Cafe. Found out that Destiny's Child and Jay Z were staying at our hotel too.
Monday skipped breakfast. Had lunch at The Flying Saucer. Really good food for a bar. Then went to this movie theatre in a little mall type thing and saw Fantastic Four after we had some yummy Starbuck's. (Even though the girl at the register of Starbuck's was totally inept and needed a wakeup call. Really, how hard is it to remember which plain coffee you put hazelnut syrup in? We're not asking much. Just which has hazelnut.) Dinner at BB King's. They were totally busy but the food was still good. Then we walked back to the hotel and watched some tv.
Tuesday awake and checked out of the hotel by 7:30am. Drove almost straight through and made it home by 4pm. Nice.

15 July 2005

I'm back!!!!

Yes, I have returned. You didn't know I was gone? Well... I was. For a WHOLE WEEK!!!!! Crazy, I know.
We were supposed to go hang out in Florida in Panama City and go snorkeling but that sure didn't work out. Stupid Hurricane Dennis. Such a downer. So instead we went to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. And we had a great time. Saw some pretty plantation houses, a fort, a battlefield, old courthouse, Memphis, the Mississippi River, Beale Street, and various beautiful scenes/sights. Stayed at a beautiful hotel. It really was a blast.
But I am glad to be home. There's no place like home, ya know. (Thank you Dorothy)
Been helping paint at my aunt and uncle's new house. That's been fun as well. Because I do enjoy painting. I must be crazy but I do enjoy it. It's nice to get to see them so often.
Was supposed to eat breakfast with Dawn this morning but first this and then that happened and thus we did not eat breakfast. But she has asked me to be her maid of honor in October so I must forgive her of course. As if I would say no to such an invitiation. As long as she doesn't make me wear orange, purple, or canary yellow. Then I would have to have a conference with Marie and convince her to change her momma's mind about the colors. I miss that little gal (and the one that's my age too!). I forsee a girls' day soon...
Well kiddos, I'm off to refill my wine glass and finish watching Under the Tuscan Sun. Ciao!

13 July 2005

Various Online Quizes

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09 July 2005

Zebras and Donkeys

Hello my friends!!! I'm currently having tons of fun with my lovely family and thus might not be updating here much in the next couple of weeks. But I still love ya'll!!!!
The other day I drove past a field that had a bunch of donkeys grazing. And that's cool. But out of nowhere there were 2 zebras too!!!!!! So funny; wish I had had time to take a picture...
Okay well, time for me to go get ready to go. Just sending a shout out to say I miss ya!
“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” - Nietzche

04 July 2005

Happy Independence Day

Seriously. Funny. Go check out the funny little stuffed Giant Microbes on my wishlist. They crack me up. I am going to have to hunt down a distributor around here to get a pertussis or ebola. merheehehehehehehe.... (small fit of giggles) I'm listening to some lovely Stephen Covell (Hidden Sunshine at this very minute). I just can't get enough of purevolume. Rough day. Well, rough but still a good day. Happy 4th (and all it entails) to you and yours!
I need to put in a new set of contacts. These are wretchedly ancient. Like 6 months. Unless you're my optometrist and then it's just day 6. Really. I don't know why you don't believe me.

"You gotta let go to finally believe." I love song lyrics. They can be inspirational, poetic, silly, funny, ironic, insightful, etc... I could go on forever. Too many adjectives apply. The best create an emotion and the worst evoke disdain/ridicule but really it's all something I suppose.
Talk about obvious and rambling. Good night ya'll! And to everyone I'm missing right now, I heart you!!!!
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon, in the middle of the road.
And he said, "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul."
Well me and Kyle, we looked at each other, and we each said... "Okay." ~Tribute by Tenacious D (I personally adore the version of this song done by my NO sibling Ryan...)

03 July 2005

Lazy Sunday

Hmmm... I have been one very lazy, spoiled little girl. Slept in late the last several mornings. Haven't done anything really resembling work. Eaten far more than should. I is terrible.
Now that I have that said and done (or written and read. whatever) I should like to continue rambling without reason or function. Is that redundant???
My hair is back to being red. It's a darkish red and should last up to 28 washings according to the box. Mum helped me do it. We had such a fun time; We were laughing so hard that Dad could hear us downstairs, got worried, and came to see if we were alright. I don't really remember what was funny but it was hilarious. And I couldn't see because she was rinsing the color out and the water was running in my eyes, messing up my makeup. Maybe that's what was funny? Whatever it was we were loud. Also spraying water all over the bathroom. Good times. Thanks Mum!
Guess I didn't have as much to say as I thought... Ok. Happy Sunday!!!!
"I hope you know it's true that I'll still come to see you and even though I'm gone I'll cheer you on. When everything is said and done will you remember all the fun?" ~Said and Done by Hydraulic Sandwich

01 July 2005


My little cousins are so adorable. Even when they're throwing water all over me. It's really pretty much impossible to stay mad at them. They're napping right now. Remember having naptime?? I kinda miss that. It would be nice if someone these days would say, "Sorry, Misty can't work for the next half-hour. It's her naptime." Or, "Well, we'll come over after Misty wakes up from her nap." I mean, not that I couldn't get someone to say that now but not many people would be cool with it and accept naptime as a reason for being excused. Oh well, I'll survive.
My cat just bonked me with her head. She's pretty cute too but easier to get mad at. Ok. Fine, I take that back too, kitty. You're just too precious. Gee, aren't I allowed to get mad at anyone anymore???
Dork is away at the hospital volunteering today. Seems strange that I'm too old to go too. Oh well. I actually work there so they would probably just say I was building repore with patient instead of volunteering. And that's cool.
Kitty, seriously. If you knock down all my pictureframes your butt is taking flying lessions. That's better.
That new Mariah Carey music video cracks me up. But the way her dress hangs down the back of the car and trails on the street freaks me out. Crikey! It could get run over or if they back up it could get caught and she would really be in trouble then. And ditching someone at the alter isn't very nice so maybe she'd deserve it. Just maybe. But I'm not judgemental. No sir rootie.
I think I hear my cousin waking up. Ciao for now. Love to ya'll!
“You can't stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh.” -Jay Leno

Lack of rambling...

I don't have all that much to ramble about... not really anyhoo... I could make some stuff up?!? But that's not nice...

I dont want this to be the way that it is...
I dont think this is the way it should end
why all the questions
why all the doubt
nothing too short so figure it out

You wanted my reasons
asked for the pretenses
open my style
steal my smile
Whatever gave you that right?

Wanted forever shunned for the night
begged for tomorrow and denied mid-light
darkness inside gone
something still wrong
trade the world for happiness

Melted the past left to glass
reflect frigid smiles of ice
gasp for air
cling to earth
spin in circles toward the sun

Life in a double shot shaken
stirring with magnets coated in silk
skirt the details
hem in the fright
where will we go now that it's over?

“Man has never made any material as resilient as the human spirit”. -Annie Dillard