01 July 2005


My little cousins are so adorable. Even when they're throwing water all over me. It's really pretty much impossible to stay mad at them. They're napping right now. Remember having naptime?? I kinda miss that. It would be nice if someone these days would say, "Sorry, Misty can't work for the next half-hour. It's her naptime." Or, "Well, we'll come over after Misty wakes up from her nap." I mean, not that I couldn't get someone to say that now but not many people would be cool with it and accept naptime as a reason for being excused. Oh well, I'll survive.
My cat just bonked me with her head. She's pretty cute too but easier to get mad at. Ok. Fine, I take that back too, kitty. You're just too precious. Gee, aren't I allowed to get mad at anyone anymore???
Dork is away at the hospital volunteering today. Seems strange that I'm too old to go too. Oh well. I actually work there so they would probably just say I was building repore with patient instead of volunteering. And that's cool.
Kitty, seriously. If you knock down all my pictureframes your butt is taking flying lessions. That's better.
That new Mariah Carey music video cracks me up. But the way her dress hangs down the back of the car and trails on the street freaks me out. Crikey! It could get run over or if they back up it could get caught and she would really be in trouble then. And ditching someone at the alter isn't very nice so maybe she'd deserve it. Just maybe. But I'm not judgemental. No sir rootie.
I think I hear my cousin waking up. Ciao for now. Love to ya'll!
“You can't stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh.” -Jay Leno


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