23 June 2005

Not quite "killing" time

June 15th was my blog's 1 year birthday. Awesome, huh? Too bad I forgot until now...
Typing this at work (but not on the clock, for anyone who's keeping track). Their site filter here is even better than that sad little one they had on our computers in HS... It blocks all email sites! So I was surprised when it let me come here, go so far as to log in, and write a post. Woohoo! Way to filter out the craziness, cha?
Not a ton going on in the world of Mist but what's new? How are you?
Yes Dork, the Undergarment Gnomes are responsible for breaking my truck. So right you are. How did you know that inside the truck's starter is where I delight in storing my skivvies? Because it is just such an easy place to reach them on short notice. Who wouldn't store their shorts in the middle of a truck engine? lol
I've been so spoiled this week. Not having to work for five days in a row does that to a gal. But I did get a little bit of cabin fever (though, strangely, I do not live in or near a cabin) and got to the point where the kitchen was clean, the bathrooms were decent, and the carpets downstairs were freshly vacuumed. Insanity.
I think I'll be heading toward the apartment soon. Need to start moving my stuff out so I don't have to do it all in one day, which would be just sickening. Or something like that.
Guess I don't have much to say. Happy Thursday ya'll!!!

"Purge now! Don't wait!" ~From a memo on getting rid of old equipment,etc...
sounds fun though, right?


Anonymous The coolest man on earth... adoringly said...

Yeah, how do those fleas hang onto the monkeys in space?

8:17 AM  

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