17 May 2005


Aloha my friend! How goes it?
I've been enjoying a few lovely days of rest. It's terribly nice. You should try it sometime. Nothing really news-worthy happening around here. Dork's play is this week. He's still suffering through school. 'Tis the nature of high school. Ya suffer. Muhahahahahaha...
Chaco sends a hello bark to ya'll. He's busy being cute. (Wow. Do I sounds like a crazy old spinster yet?) I don't have much else to say but I felt it was time to update so here ya are. The following is part (or maybe all? I can't remember...) of a poem I found and enjoyed. Obviously I'm not having such problems but I sympathize none-the-less.

I Want You to See by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

I want you to see the hole in my shirt where your
heart went through like a Colt .45, and opened
a dream at the back of the neck.
Here, let me unbutton it for you.
Notice the ribs, those sweet things you loved, notice the insides,
the parchment lampshades, the books, the furniture.
Notice yourself sitting, holding my hand on a winter night,
notice the look in my eyes,
now close it all up and walk away.
Stumble, pretend you're dead.
Just for me, pretend you can be hurt by something
so simple as a failed emotion.
Pretend you have seen loss.
For God's sake what was I holding when you said good morning

"Heroism is an obedience to a secret impulse of an individual's character." -Emerson


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