10 May 2005

Tuesday again

Finals update: Two down, one to go. Just have to wait until Friday for that last one. Plenty of study time that I will, of course, use very efficiently (to clean my room, go eat the best fried chicken in the world in Okarche, make cuppy cakes, and talk incessantly on the phone to no one in particular...).
Dinner on my birthday Sunday with Mum, Dad, Dork, and Grandmum was lovely. Food was awesome and we had as much fun as possible (which = A TON!) The only downside was that the bad karma that follows Dad managed to cause a lack of not only our silverware/napkins but also his tortillas for fajitas and the retention his dessert until the rest of us were halfway done with ours (because we are rude pigs who love dessert... or he told us to... or it's my birthday and I can!) I think the wear-down from years of this sort of thing is what causes him to be a "Sender-backer". Personally, I will eat just about whatever the server brings me, barring animals that are still alive and straight garbage. But I can understand that if things are perpetually messed up one might just prefer to get it fixed once in a while. (Love ya Daddy!) We're putting off my regularly scheduled family party until this weekend when I can finally GO HOME!!!!! (Mum the roses are gorgeous! Thanks!!!)
Chinese food for dinner last night was heavenly. SOOOOO wonderful!!!! We really must do that again sometime... Fortune cookie: "Now is the time to try something new."
Talked to Dawn several times this weekend. They're all doing well. (Marie is about to start potty-training and this is absolutely the last you will ever hear me mention of it.) Dawn's birthday is a week before mine and her older brother's is a week after... Weird, huh? We're all the same age for a week! (This topic was the subject of many a lunchtime conversation in HS... lol) Just mentioned because happened to hear from both of them this weekend and that in itself is HIGHLY unusual (as anyone who knows the backstory knows lol).
Fell asleep watching Emerl on the food channel yesterday afternoon... Talk about waking up confused.
Guess I'm going to take a nap before running on to the rest of my life... Happy Tuesday!
"Let us treat the men and women well: treat them as if they were real: perhaps they are." -Emerson


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