02 May 2005

Welcome May!!!

I just realized I haven't written anything having to do with real life in a while. It's pretty easy to figure out why. I haven't done much of anything this past week but study and do homework. Mostly study. One of the lab reports I'm turning in tomorrow is 29 pages long, just to give you some idea of the fun I'm having. Presentation with slideshow I put together tonight in MBIO, a lab to do tomorrow in Chem, data sheets and problem set for physio, lab reports to turn in as well as chem lab section final test. Wednesday has classes in the morning, a lab report we've spent all semester collecting data for due, and MBio lab practical final. I can hardly wait for Thursday to get here so I can slack off a little. Or maybe just breathe for a minute. lol
Friday was a blast though....
Started off by going to meet up with Melissa at the dorms. There was a program going on and guess what it was!?!? A hypnotist!!! Melissa and Jacob were among the lucky few who volunteered to be part of the show... SO hilarious!!! (Arnold and Superman!!!)
Then we all headed to the Neighborhood concert at the Union. I must say their shows just get better and better. This one totally rocked. We all, Ryan, Melissa, Julia, Jacob, Heather, Alex, Katie, and I, stood the entire time and danced. SOOO much fun!!! (My calves ached Saturday from such hardcore dancin'!) After the show Ryan tried to fight me on the sidewalks in Cate. Poor guy, he didn't have a chance... lol Woopah!!! I totally won! lol
Next Julia and I headed over to the Commons to find my Mel V. who came to Norman for the weekend. Saw some folks from HS. So funny! Talked for a little while and then came back to finally get some sleep. Wonderful day.
Ah well, now I'm listening to the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over... Girl from Yesterday. Back to lovely homework... Tender sentiments to ya'll and hugs all around!
"In silvery tones she murmurs forth,
My heart is light and glad,
Youth, Beauty, Hope are all mine own,
Then, why should I be sad?
To graver hearts leave graver thoughts
And all foreboding fears,
For me, life's sunshine and it's flowers, --
I am too young for tears!" ~Rosanna Elear Leprohon


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