28 November 2008


"Mmmm... I feel lucky today..." - Mary Chapin Carpenter beat me to it. It's been a lovely week and her song about feeling lucky is just spot-on. I am so lucky.
Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Hope yours was wonderful and filling. Mine was. Had a great time with Skronky's family, eating way too much and playing with his nephews.
Man, another good song on the radio tonight - This is why I still listen to country music now and then since sometimes they get it so right! "I ain't broke, I'm broken in." But I can't find the lyrics on google. Hm...
Okay, well on to bed since I'm off to work tomorrow morning. Love to all and best wishes!

21 November 2008

This morning...

I can tell it definitely froze here last night... Here are my pictures from the garden this morning:

And the doggie boys:


08 November 2008

November is here

Keeping extremely busy with school. Had a lovely Halloween (but, strangely, few trick-or-treaters. Where did they all go??) Lots of drama at school related to all the organizations and those who run them as oligarchies. Terribly frustrating on that front. On a brighter note, I'm so thankful that the elections are over.
Current project, besides school, is to be nicer to everyone and to think before I speak or react to things. Hopefully it won't result in bottling everything up until I burst...
Hugs to all and have a lovely weekend!