27 February 2005

Red hair

26 February 2005

I am crazy and loving it

I'm currently putting a temporary color in my hair. I don't know why precisely. But I am. And it will be splendifourous. Or scrumtrulescent. But wonderful anyway you put it. WORD!!!!
Had one crazy night with both of the roomies last night. Drove around looking for Starbucks. We knew where is was ***in theory***. Which is not necessarily the best way to know where something is. We picked Main instead of Robinson. Bad choice. But then we found the posh side of Norman and, after finally procuring heaven on Earth known as a Chantigo from Starbucks, aimlessly ogled at the pretty houses. I don't personally want to go through the hassle of building my own house but some of these were pretty enough to almost inspire me to rethink that laziness. Sharice called our Carl to harrass him. We played the music too loud. Made it home and continued the music fest. And a good time was had by all. (Sharice does a mean Britney Spears imitation. Really, it's almost frightening. lol) We're really very goofy but it's fun. I didn't get to sleep until very late and then had to get up early this morning to go help judge at the Norman North Speech Competition. That was interesting as always. Got to see the Dork. Had to act like a grown-up most of the time. Was surprisingly easy and painless. Plus telling other people what to do was fun since they assumed I knew what was going on. Silly people. I ever really know what's happening; What is no, Alex. Other stupid assumptions for $1000 please...
Oh! It's the Daily Double!!! Ah, well, since none of the ER people advanced past their first rounds they left early and I was free much sooner than I had anticipated. Came back here and puttered. Julia and I went to the bank, Hobby Lobby, gas station, Hastings, WalMart, and Starbucks. Yes, again. Made Sharice's NO shirt. Gassed up my truck. Rented Wimbledon. Good movie by the way.
That's about it. I should have studied. But making chicken and fried potatoes was much more fun. And much yummier. That is all. Good night!
"Every breath you take and every move you make; Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watchin' you" ~The Police (this song was on the radio on my way home from Chem lab and reminded me of chem. breaking bonds, using a catalyst to make a step slower... gracious I am such a nerd!!!)

25 February 2005

Happy Fireday, I mean... Friday!

Good day. Good week. Happy Friday!
Yeah, I'm here at home on a Friday night. What of it punk? It's been a good but hard week. I need more sleep than I've been getting. And working out. I hear people do that. I should do that. Too bad that takes effort and a little planning. Uhhhh... I tried to get up and change clothes to go to the Huff but... it just didn't happen. I think I could easily turn myself into Jabba Dahut's little sis-look-a-like if I tried harder.
But then I wouldn't fit into these pants. And I rather like these pants. They're from the Limited and look very nice. But I think I must have gotten them on a "fat" day since they're a little big. That... or maybe... I think I remember them only being in this size, a size or two bigger than I usually wear, or a size 15 and that surely doesn't fit me so I just went with slightly too big instead of incredibly-huge-on-me. And they were only like ten bucks. Which is awesome for cute pants that can still be worn on a "fat" day. Not that I have those. Never. Who told you that?
I'm going to sign up for the Big Event here on campus with Alpha Lambda Delta... I haven't done anything else with them and I figure I should since I claim to be a member and all. (It's an honors fraternity... no house, just friends... I made that up myself...lol) For those of you who don't know, the Big Event is an annual thing the University puts on to give back to the community, ie Norman. (Which sometimes seems retarded to me since often the people who live here hate students and the University in general... they complain about us and all but seem to forget that we're the lifeblood that they survive on. Norman would be NOTHING without OU. Honestly.) But I digress... The Big Event is a big service project and I couldn't help last year due to forgetting and previous engagements. I plan to be there bright and early. Woohoo!!!
Now I'm going to Starbuck's for yummy stuff. Loves you!

23 February 2005


My interview letter for pharm school came today!!!! YEA!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! I am totally excited!!!
I also found out my newest PCAT test scores... BIO and Chem both went up (Bio from 52%/399 to 68%/410 and Chem from 56%/401 to 69%/410). Quantitative analysis, reading, and verbal all went down making composite go down as well. (Quan from 86%/425 to 74%/413; reading from 99%/492 to 98%/450; verbal from 97%/449 to 96%/448.... making Comp from 94%/433 to 90%/426) Not a terrible shift down but not as great as before either. Considering the reading and verbal were the EXACT same on both tests you'd think I'd do exactly the same not 1% worse... whatever.
Today has been a great day. Wish me luck on my MBIO lab practical (oh by the way, I made a 74% on my MBio test Monday, 80% on Physio test last Friday... Organic is next week!)

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. -Henry David Thoreau

18 February 2005

oxadative phosphorolation my arse...

Howdy ya'll! Sorry it's taken so long to get back to writing; I've been sick and busy studying. What an excuse, huh? I'm actually still rather sick but feeling much better, thanks. Had a physiology test today to cram for and I think I managed to pull off an 80% (if I remember my "secret" number correctly...).
Right now I'm enjoying the warm glow of my parent's computer monitor at the old family manor. Their keyboard is much louder than mine. Did I ever mention that my laptop keyboard's letter 'n' is starting to fade away due to over-use by yours truly? It is and this very much saddens me. Alas, always the best die young. But I digress... I should not be here, I ought to be in my apartment living the life of the hermit that I should rightfully ascribe to. MBio test as well as a Lab report for that class, plus an organic chem quiz all await me Monday. Am I ready? Boys howdy no!!!! Oh well, flying by the seat of my pants has always given me quite the thrill.
Someone recommended me to a singles service thingy! They called and left me a message today on my phone, and I, not having a clue who it was, called back. So if any of you gave out my number to a singles company and told them that I was a desperate, needy old spinster in dire need of a man to make my life fullfilling... well, you might be right but do you need to tell the world? No, seriously, DON'T DO THAT again (or I will find out it was you and make your life miserable. Also, I will toast all your bread, leave out your milk until it curdles, and hide your keys in the stove, behind the lightbulb. That's how tricky I'll be.) It's bad enough I get asked by my grandma about my relationship status. I don't need random people calling me to inquire whether I am single or not. (Shikeys! Dad, get me together a dowry. I'm going to go sell myself at auction. I have all my teeth and good hips. Surely that still counts for something these days. And the fact that I once had a brain shouldn't be announced to anyone interested. I hear that throws them off and I need all the help I can get, what with being a nineteen-year-old old maid lacking any major prospects of my own. Maybe I should just go ahead, get some cats, and call a truce with fate?)
I am so tired right now. You'd think that any normal person who was tired would go to sleep but not me. I'm online on a c0mputer that isn't even mine just to be on here. On a very loud keyboard and using a heavy mouse... oh, the devices of torture inflicted on the masochist.
Dork is stilling in the livingroom in the dark with the TV off. WTF? That boy's hair has gotten long too. Not as long as mine but, golly, he could almost join a heavy metal band. If he'd consent to wearing a headband. And spandex. Which I would advise against. Almost no one looks good in spandex. Really.
Where has my wit gone? Did it get lost with my brain, that sock, and my favorite my little pony figurine? I should get to sleep. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

15 February 2005

Sick. Want Puppy. Send Mail...

I don't know precisely why but various parts of my body don't feel connected and/or symbiotic anymore. Like my chin/jaw. Not sure it's there until I look in the mirror or touch it. My left ear decided to quit functioning completely. Nose is plugged up and eyes won't stop watering. It could be the cold-thing I am now entertaining. Maybe the antihistamines I'm on. Maybe the dehydration suffered from said antihistamines. I don't know. But at least it's all still very funny to me. When it is no longer funny that's when you know to call the paramedics.
Mum and Dad both called me this morning to make sure I was still alive. Awww. Makes me feel all warm inside to be loved. Yea!!!! (I'm sending internet hugs to you all since real ones might not be a good idea right now...)
Labs went alright. I didn't break anything and my results seem viable, for now anyway. Ended up not having that MBio quiz since the copier was broken. I know some TAs who wouldn't bat an eye at such an obstacle and would then proceed to make us take it on notebook paper off the overhead projector. But not my lovely TA. She decided to give us a break and just wait until the copier is fixed! YEA!!!! Was one of the first 10 people done in OChem lab today and you know what? It made me feel good. Good results and leaving early. Rock on! Could the day get any better? I donno... guess we'll have to see.
There was an adorable little puppy on the way home from campus. So adorable. I want a puppy. (DJ and Mike got a Pomeranian named Hercules and he's just precious!!!!) So yeah, I love Sushi and all but he isn't here and when he is, he isn't fluffy and petable. Maybe I could sneak Chaco in here for a weekend? Nah, too risky and too much fur to hide. But would be fun.
Oh! Did you know Prince Charles is getting married in April? He is. To Camilla Something-Bowles (who has a very ugly ring to show for it. But that's just my opinion.) Best wishes to them, of course!
Think it's time for a short nap preceeded by a cup of hot tea. Good evening to ya'll and I love you! (If you have my apartment address please send me some snail mail? We hardly even get junk mail...)
"I'm sick of aggravation yet I thought I'd give it a little time but I feel a whole lot weaker. I'm sick of what you gave me, a borrowed gift to practice those misty eyes." ~Ashton Nyte

14 February 2005

Walkin boots, Cameo, and Angel

It's St. Valentine's Day. Woo.
Apparently I forgot the rule that I should wear only hues of red and pink today. And my long black leather trenchcoat and/or shoes that are impossible to wear (and forget being able to actually walk with them on). Because that's what everyone else is wearing today. lol
Also I noticed something new today about the statue on campus between Adams Hall and the Library... The little dog following the woman and her sheep over the tiny bridge in the garden... well it's a "he". Definitely a "he". And that totally cracked me up since, why? Why put genitalia on a college campus statue animal? Even if it is a dog do we really need to know it's male? We can't tell about the sheep because they have too much fleece but I'm sure the artist knows and could tell us.
In Adams Hall the womens' bathroom is on the second floor. The guys' is on the first floor. Why split them up so far? That's confusing. And. You knew that there would have to be an 'and'. And the womens' isn't clearly marked with "Women" or anything that would make sense. It has a cameo-type profile of a woman with an old fashioned hairstyle. And a handicapped symbol. So if you make it to the second floor and happen to be a wheelchair-bound cameo person you have a restroom at your disposal. Just FYI since I had no knowledge of this before today.
I think I'm coming down with something. My throat's a bit scratchy and I think my lymph nodes are swollen. Maybe. I should know if that's the proper name for them but I can't remember. And I'm sure Julia will help me if I'm wrong about the name...
Sharice put the final piece in place on the angel puzzle that formerly lived on our anti-coffee coffee table on Saturday. Puzzle is now gone. But we got a picture! >>>
I've got lab tonight again. Not looking forward to it since I know we have a quiz. Bluh. Evilness. But other than that it should be fun, right?
Physiology class got me to thinking... Does my body product an excess of serotonin? Because... I laugh way too much at just about anything. I think that serotonin is one of the chemicals that effects emotions like depression, etcetera and so wouldn't it be related? Good question to save for those times we need class drawn out just a bit longer to keep from taking a quiz, right? Glad my slacker skills are so well developed. You might be surprised to hear I actually used to be considered ambitious and hard-working. Funny, funny times.
Nancy Sinatra (I think) was just singing "These Boots Were Made for Walking" on my online radio station. I love that song. Cracks me up. I need to get some boots...
^Here are pictures of my darling roommates...^I think that's about all I planned to cover in this post. If you think I would normally wish you a Happy St. Valentine's Day then take this as your salutation and forgive me for being less than enthusiastic about it. (Love songs are making me even more ill)
"What's right is right but you ain't been right yet. These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you... Are you ready, boots? Start walkin' " ~Nancy Sinatra

13 February 2005

Thurs-Sun... oh what fun

Howdy. Not in the very best of moods, rather more of a low from the high of the rest of the weekend. But still optimistic. Or something like that. One more twist on the rack and I might just start laughing for the heck of it. Because, frankly, why not?
Thursday: Turns out Julia posted something very scarily similar to what I did but before I did, but I didn't read hers that day until after 9 pm... so we just think a lot alike or something.
Friday: Went to classes, restreaked my baby environmental isolate, went to work, and spent the next 8 hours having the time of my life with Gerldean on Senior Choice floor. Truly a surreal experience.
Saturday: Did laundry and cleaned room early. Worked on homework. Mum and Grandmum came to visit and took Julia & me out to Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and On The Border. I ate way too much (and laughed way too much as well) but had a great time. We weren't home fifteen minutes when Melissa called to see if we wanted to make NO shirts with her and Ryan. Of course we did! So we headed back to Hobby Lobby with them, trekked to WalMart and then back to Hobby Lobby. So I went to Hobby Lobby more in one day than I think I have in over a year. Weird. Also Fish and Chips. Plus crazy Girls Scout Cookie pushers and Julia being mean to little girls. Which, well, is that new? lol
Nu Omikron (NO) is our siblinghood of nonconformity... (and it's okay to be semi-ironic sometimes, like our matching shirts. lol They really are awesome! I'll take a pic soon and post it too. )
After all that hullabulloo we made shirts with Sharice for the Gym meet today in OKC. Hers says "J. Gore is my homeboy" and has a picture of Josh on the back... very fun to make... She's going to make one for Ranisha that says "B. Carr B easy" with a pic of Brian on the back. Too funny.
I don't know why but I don't really feel like talking about today. Huh...
Sunday: Worked until 3. Easy patient. Went to Gym Meet and cheered on our Sooners (both our men and women won!!!!). Just got back from that a bit ago. Now I'm tired but really need to study. I'm almost to apathy so I should really get that in hand and fix it.
I wish I had angel wings, real ones that were actually attached to me. Would be so much fun. I'm not asking for a huge wingspan or fancy colors. Just wings. Is that so much to ask?
I usually love songs that make me think of people, even when it has nothing to do with them... but sometimes... not so much... sometimes makes me sad. Bluh. If I have to hear that song again I think I'll just roll over and ralph.
My ribs ache from laughing so much yesterday after having done crunches and situps earlier in the morning. Evilness... lol

"Now the half-time air was sweet perfume While sergeants played a marching tune...
We all got up to dance Oh, but we never got the chance 'cause the players tried
to take the field The marching band refused to yield Do you recall what was
revealed The day the music died?" ~ Don McLean

10 February 2005

Options vs the World or Why not?

Do-ti-do... Been a good week. Not stupendous but good. Don't feel like going through the whole run down but it was good. Just take my word for it (then give my word back because I might need it in a little bit... I hate writers block especially when I don't need to write anything special. lol)
I've been talking to people online too much lately. Like, people I know in real, happy life but never actually see so the only way I hear from them is online. And also I am lazy and don't feel like getting up off my bum just to tell Julia that I remembered something stupid that we had been talking about earlier. Because that happens a lot. Thus I would have to get up a lot and, well, she's online anyway. Woopah.
I'm freaking out about my pharmacy application status. I haven't gotten a letter from them yet inviting me to make an interview and I can't make an interview until they invite me to. So I end up feeling like the ugly girl that never got the call back from that guy who said he'd call. Did I say something wrong? Was there something stuck to my application? I know the application fee check didn't bounce. It wasn't that. So am I, like, paying you to reject me? Possibly. Who knows.(No, really. Who knows? I need to talk to you if you do!) I've decided if I don't make it in this year I'll either:
  • a) apply to MTV's Real World. I don't care where it is, I could deal with it. I'm a major attention whore so being on TV all the time wouldn't bother me, I'm sure. Plus I know I wouldn't do anything to disgrace my family so no harm, no foul, right?
  • b) Go here for another year and apply for the next year. Not overly exciting but might be more fun than this year has been since I wouldn't have to take so many sciences together.
  • c) drop out of real college and go to culinary school. That would be so fun! I LOVE to cook and am really crazy about things being sanitary and clean. It would be a match made in the kitchen! lol
  • d) Get my Mrs. degree somehow. Can't be that difficult, I mean, look at some of the people who get married these days...
Those are the options I've come up with thus far. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment or something.
I didn't break any glassware this week in any of my labs. Yea!!! And I've managed to get all the things that were due done. Which is surprising since I didn't always even know what was due when but somehow had it done. Someone must be looking out for me...
Just FYI, anyone who loves the Sooners should go to the Men's Gymnastics meet this next Sunday, Feb 13th, at the Cox Center in OKC at 4pm. They're really excellent athletes and great guys besides. Who could ask for anything more? (And if you're a student here at OU and have your ID I think you get in for FREE! Could you get a better deal? I think not!)
Huh... Here are a couple of sites that made me laugh. Granted that is an easy accomplishment but...
Happy couples and Ear candles
"When a woman gives birth to a crackbaby you don't go out and buy her a puppy" ~from GG this week

07 February 2005

Squirrels and visiting friends

Hey all you crazy folks! What's up?
I'd like to report another almost attack by an evil squirrel. It was hiding in the bushes between the Library and Adams sneakily waiting for me to pass by on my way to physiology then it sprang into attack mode and just barely missed my ankle, rocketing itself to the back of the bench nearby, there to sit and ponder the stupidity of human college students as it glared at me with that knowing look, "I'll get you next time. That was just a warning. Your ankles are mine sister! And don't even think about going to the police, they won't listen. I'm much too cute to be evil. Muhahahahahahaha....". See? Isn't this frightening?
I got to go visit Dawn and Marie Saturday. Spent almost all day there and didn't get back here until really, really late. (I had to gas up in the dark, cold, raininess that was Saturday night. That'll teach me...) They're all doing pretty well. Got to catch up on all the family/friends/hometown gossip. Apparently Dawn's older brother is engaged again. Her older sis is living down in Texas now. Her little brother (who about 1/2 a year older than Dork) is busy getting into and out of trouble. Not much is new really. lol. Dawn is taking classes at OSU-OKC and seems to be liking it there pretty well. Any of the other gossip I can think of isn't necessary so I just "won't go there."
I need to make time for another long visit again soon. It's been much too long and can't let that happen again.
Saturday night I had a strange dream wherein my apartment was part of the dorms and burned down but I didn't care because my favorite pink [something] was saved. Now I don't know what it was but it was pink and it was saved. So I was happy. Weird.
I had to work yesterday morning. Not much work at all. I accidentally fell asleep for about 5 minutes. Sitting in a dark hospital room listening to someone else sleep and watching the news on mute isn't exactly stimulating. My job is so glamorous.
Classes today weren't bad. Just there.
Guess that's it for now. Love ya'll!

And when somebody knows you well
Well there's no comfort like that
And when somebody needs you
Well there's no drug like that ~ Heather Nova

04 February 2005

quick update

Puzzle is still on our coffee table. Isn't that funny? Been there a whole week now... Muhahahahaa...
We still have fudge left too... it's very rich and ya can only eat a little at a time so... yeah. Hope you made and enjoyed some as well.
I'm working on laundry right now. Bluh...
Wednesday... Was pretty good. Classes went well. Lab went very well. I donated blood between classes and lab. Not like that's a fun thing but it wasn't terrible and I do it because I feel I should. Made me kinda woozy... and they would just barely take my blood since I had the exact minimum on the iron level. Good times.
Talked to Dork Wednesday and this morning. He's so adorable. He's learning to play the guitar, making up silly, goofy songs, and rockin' with school clubs/classes all the time. He's my hero! (Bebopalulu ROCKS!!!) (The sun is shining...)
Heard from Dawn this morning. She's doin' alright. I think I'll go visit her tomorrow morning...
Yesterday was kinda bluh. Had Organic lab and then had to rush off to work. And work wasn't bad but it was work all the same. So no bad just bluh.
Today has been wonderful. Chem class was canceled so instead of going to that class I called up Dawn and Dork and did some catching up. Ran into Henry again and got to talking to him. Physiology almost put me to sleep... I think we're studying about active/passive transport and osmosis... but that's just a guess since I spent most of class keeping my eyelips propped up with my pencil and click eraser. That and shooting laser darts out of my nose at people who asked questions that weren't relevant (but then how would I know? I wasn't listening...) lol
I was almost attacked by a squirrel today. He ran toward me then feigned left then jumped right. Made me scream on the phone to Dawn. She was reminded how psycho I am. Seriously though, those evil, furry little vermin are going to take over campus and then the world. You just wait and see.
Julia and I went to see I heart Huckabees at the Union this afternoon. Very good, very funny movie. I like it though it was rather strange. I think tonight is a good movie night. Definitely.
This isn't infinity. It's suburbia.

"Why does a man take it for granted that a girl who flirts with him wants him to kiss her--when, nine times out of ten, she only wants him to want to kiss her?" -Helen Rowland

02 February 2005


Put all of this into a microwave-safe bowl - don't even have to mix:
  • 12oz milk chocolate or semi-sweet chips
  • 1 can Eagle condensed milk
  • 2 tbsp butter, salted
Microwave for around 1.5 minutes or until the butter begins to melt around the edges. If it seems that a few chocolate chips just didn't start to melt, you can microwave for a few seconds more. After taking out of the microwave, mix the ingredients well and add 1 cup walnuts and one teaspoonful of vanilla extract - mix these in well and then put into a pan lined with wax paper or foil. Refrigerate a couple of hours. Cut up and eat in one sitting.

01 February 2005

Fudge City Limits

What should I be doing right now? Not this. Working on homework is a good answer but that's no fun.
We made fudge today. Yum. Mum's recipe rocks my face off! I'll post it when I'm feeling more charitable. But suffice to say it is truly awesome and makes me very happy.
Broke a glass this morning as I was putting away the clean dishes from the washer (I swear, those glasses are suicidal!! It's not me, it's them!). Since I got it over with so early I didn't break a single thing in Organic lab today!!!! That lab went SOOOOO much better than either of the previous ones. My results should turn out perfectly, that's how good it was. No, I wasn't the first person done but I wasn't the last one either this time. It's so nice being in the middle with the average. I know I should strive for best and most and all but that gets tough and boring sometimes. Not that I have a life right now but I would have even less of one if I studied half as much as I should. But I digress. Lab totally rocked. I didn't break anything (in lab that is) and I asked very few truly stupid questions of my much-enduring TA Angus. He's such a sweetie to put up with us (ie me) goofballs. Thank goodness he gets paid to do that or it so would not be worth it.
Then I had to change into shorts and a t-shirt for physiology since I volunteered to be the test subject for today's lab experiment. For this lab period I laid in a cold, sealed, single person tent (at 20*C) on a lab table for an hour with stuff hooked up to me, having readings taken every five minutes. Rather felt like I was in isolation for the plague or something. Truly fun, let me tell ya. Actually it wasn't too bad. And I had a handler, Kyle, whose job it was to keep me alive, informed, and awake. He did a very good job considering I'm still here, I know most of what was going on, and I didn't fall asleep. Good times. I was glad to have someone to talk to since they wouldn't let me read a book or work on homework. Everyone else was busy collecting information, etcetera, so Kyle was much appreciated [though he had no funny stories and only one bad joke lol]. Now I just have to graph the data they collected on me and I'm done. Not too shabby.
Did I mention that the fudge we made is awesome? It is.
Our shows were on tonight. We made dinner. Yum. Laughed way more than should be legal in any state in the absence of alcohol. (We don't need help getting to silly...)(Mr. and Mrs. Winky and Winky Junior... OMG taken in context they are the funniest people you will never meet!!!)
Well, that's all I have time to write... Love ya!

This place is so empty My thoughts are so tempting I don’t know how it got so bad Sometimes it’s so crazy that nothing could save me But it’s the only thing that I have ~Sum 41