01 February 2005

Fudge City Limits

What should I be doing right now? Not this. Working on homework is a good answer but that's no fun.
We made fudge today. Yum. Mum's recipe rocks my face off! I'll post it when I'm feeling more charitable. But suffice to say it is truly awesome and makes me very happy.
Broke a glass this morning as I was putting away the clean dishes from the washer (I swear, those glasses are suicidal!! It's not me, it's them!). Since I got it over with so early I didn't break a single thing in Organic lab today!!!! That lab went SOOOOO much better than either of the previous ones. My results should turn out perfectly, that's how good it was. No, I wasn't the first person done but I wasn't the last one either this time. It's so nice being in the middle with the average. I know I should strive for best and most and all but that gets tough and boring sometimes. Not that I have a life right now but I would have even less of one if I studied half as much as I should. But I digress. Lab totally rocked. I didn't break anything (in lab that is) and I asked very few truly stupid questions of my much-enduring TA Angus. He's such a sweetie to put up with us (ie me) goofballs. Thank goodness he gets paid to do that or it so would not be worth it.
Then I had to change into shorts and a t-shirt for physiology since I volunteered to be the test subject for today's lab experiment. For this lab period I laid in a cold, sealed, single person tent (at 20*C) on a lab table for an hour with stuff hooked up to me, having readings taken every five minutes. Rather felt like I was in isolation for the plague or something. Truly fun, let me tell ya. Actually it wasn't too bad. And I had a handler, Kyle, whose job it was to keep me alive, informed, and awake. He did a very good job considering I'm still here, I know most of what was going on, and I didn't fall asleep. Good times. I was glad to have someone to talk to since they wouldn't let me read a book or work on homework. Everyone else was busy collecting information, etcetera, so Kyle was much appreciated [though he had no funny stories and only one bad joke lol]. Now I just have to graph the data they collected on me and I'm done. Not too shabby.
Did I mention that the fudge we made is awesome? It is.
Our shows were on tonight. We made dinner. Yum. Laughed way more than should be legal in any state in the absence of alcohol. (We don't need help getting to silly...)(Mr. and Mrs. Winky and Winky Junior... OMG taken in context they are the funniest people you will never meet!!!)
Well, that's all I have time to write... Love ya!

This place is so empty My thoughts are so tempting I don’t know how it got so bad Sometimes it’s so crazy that nothing could save me But it’s the only thing that I have ~Sum 41


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