31 January 2005

I'm mean and cute as hell

Our OU boys came through Friday and kicked some Air Force Academy butt. Good job guys!
DJ and Mike made a snow man Friday after all that snow...
My cousin's birthday party went well. Dork didn't get there until about 2 hours after everyone else and it felt all wrong without him there. That's the part of being an older sister that I hate. Yeah, sure I had Mum and Dad all to myself for 3 and a half years but now if he isn't there it just doesn't seem right. Like, what's going on? Dork's not here so, um, everyone wait to have fun until he comes, okay? Okay.
Apparently I am a trendsetter in my family. I got cute shoes at Payless and my little cousin HAD to find a pair just exactly like them or else. Grandmum had to get a pair of earrings just like mine that I wore to her house over Christmas break because they were just darling. Everyone, ie an uncle, cousin, Dork, Dad, and Mum, has taken to wearing hoodies since I got my lovely red OU one last semester. It seems weird. I donno. I'm just that cool.
Today the bike lane was overrun again with groups of people walking so, so slowly. Effing-A don't they wonder why I'm looking at them like they're idiots? I mean, they return the look and all but do they even try to figure out why I look at them like that? It's like the more people there are on bikes that want to use the bike lane the more pedestrians wonder what's so cool about the bike lane so they try it out for themselves... Which causes those people on bikes to nearly impale themselves in attempting to not hit anyone else. I now have several bruises I did not start the day with. Thank you retarded bike-lane-taking-up-pedestrians for performing such an important service to our community. I'm sure your respective villiages are missing their idiots so now that your job is done here go home and be crazy there, far away from here. Thank you. Please don't come back. We'll forward your boring mail/bills and keep your cool catalogs. That is all.
I am so craving a Starbuck's chocolate drink thing. I think it's called a Chantico but it's heaven in a cup as far as I am concerned. Maybe after lab tonight...
My roommates and I have been working on a puzzle all weekend. Started it Friday night after a Walmart run. It still isn't done since all the easy to identify pieces are all put together and there's just a bunch of identical blue ones left. Not sure if it will ever get finished or if it will live on our coffee table forever. (Oh, and not that we drink coffee but it's called a coffee table. Should be a cocoa rice crispies table since I think that's the main thing we eat there when it isn't being taken over by a puzzle.)
I got called 'cute as hell' at work Sunday by my patient. Lucky me. This fellow can't remember what day it is, where he is, or who I am but by golly "that little gal is as cute as hell." Which begs the question, just how cute is hell after all? Nobody really wants to go there so I'm guessing not that cute. But whatever. Then his kids got there and one of them, who was old enough to be my dad, asked if I had a boyfriend. Crikey! I get this enough from my own family! When I said no his sister countered with, well, you're pretty enough, I don't see why not. Like that's all it takes! Just be cute as hell and the boys won't care if you're lacking a brain. Grrr...
Saw that Shallow Hal movie the other night. Made me think how cool the world would be if all we really saw was how beautiful a person was on the inside. Bet people would be a lot nicer to each other. Or, I suppose, ideally they would. Ideally they'd be nice now.
That's all for now. I must work on homework and reading or else the clowns will eat me... Laters!

Reason will not lead to solution
I will end up lost in confusion
I don't care if you really care
as long as you don't go ~The Cardigans


Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

You really are cute as hell. And that hair! My gosh! You have really long hair; did you know that? I think you invented the hair toss!....mkb

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