21 January 2005

Friday of a long week

Yeah. Okay. So. This has been an incredibly long, long, long week. Like the week that never ends. (Hey! And it still hasn't ended so who knows if it does?) I've been so busy since Tuesday...
Finished Atlas Shrugged Tuesday night late. Can I just repeat once again that I thought it was absolutely awesome? One of the type of books I really enjoy; Make you think and question things you would otherwise take for granted. If you have enough time (or can afford to make time) READ THIS BOOK!!!! If you can't find a copy or can't afford one, let me know. I'll loan you mine or buy/beg/steal/borrow one for you.
Classes on Wednesday from 8:30 until early afternoon and then back to campus for a lab from 6-9. Yuck. I hate having all these labs but I guess the upside is that I'll be a pro at writing lab reports by the end of the semester. Really all I did Wednesday was go to classes.
Thursday... Oh! Got to sleep in a little before OChem Lab at 10:30. Got done a bit early and came back here... Went on WalMart run with Julia since I was out of conditioner (and, frankly, as you must know, I CANNOT live without conditioner. It just isn't an option.) We sped through the store and made it back in just under an hour. Then my aunt picked me up to help her find her textbooks for the classes she's taking (for a health degree program... I'm not exactly sure what it is or what it's called.) Mission was successful.
Julia and I cooked dinner, made cookies, and studied for anatomy/PCAT all at the same time. We really are very talented at multitasking. (I was actually surprised at how well we accomplished that feat. lol) After dinner I organized and studied for a couple of hours. Figured out what to read for next week, supplies I need, etc. Then Julia, Mel L, and I went and saw Finding Neverland. Pretty darn good movie. I'd recommend it. Even made Julia and Mel cry. (Okay so I cried a little too, but darn it, there's a little kid crying and they show his tears in slow motion and you just can't help yourself!!!) Once we got home I stayed up to finish reading for today's lectures.
Today has been good. (This week has even been good, just long.) Classes today weren't too bad. Just there. I've signed up to possibly CLEP out of the only easy class I'm taking. American Government would be so easy after Hamilton's AP Gov't class in HS but I'm afraid with all these science courses I'll be just overwhelmed with even one more class to deal with. Whatever but I do hope I do well on that CLEP.
Guess that's all for right now. I had things to discuss but they're gone and I don't really have time anyway. Love ya'll!

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else. - Emerson


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