09 January 2005

long ramble...

Howdy. Que pasa? Privette. Menazevoutte Meestee. Cogdilla? Niz Nigh Euw?
Eh, obviously that's just me being silly as a cheetah without spots. Or crazy as such. Whatever.
I'm back at the apartment. Being scared by the evil, possessed ice making function on the fridge. Forgot that I turned it on and it frightened me because I thought someone was in Sharice's room. But no. I'm just insane and forgetful.
Oh! And the heater here hates me. It might be on, it might not be on... Either way it isn't doing me a bit of good since my feet are still blocks of ice encased in 2 pairs of socks, surrounded by my lovely blanket. (Julia, how many boys would it take you think? lol Is still my jurisdiction, right?) Anyhoo...
Had to work today since they needed someone and I wasn't really planning on doing anything. (Well, other than sleep in and have fun. phoo! Who needs that?) My little old lady wasn't really much trouble. Though she did want a coke and ice cream instead of lunch. Cracked me up because she didn't seem the junk food type. Then her son showed up and was pretty much annoying. His sense of sarcasim was over developed and misplaced. When the poor woman asked where she was he said the Presidental suite at the Hilton in Florida! How mean is that? I think he only took it back and told the truth because I was there staring at him like he was insane. She didn't really know the difference but why tell her that? That's just mean.
I'm listening to John Mayer at the moment. Good stuff. Saw Vanilla Sky last night. Very good and very different from what I initally expected. Dad would have seen it coming but I just got dragged under and ended up surprised. Eh, good times.
Guess that's about all I wanted to discuss... well... No, it isn't.
One of my friends on his/her online journal wrote about how shallow people need to grow up and look past the outside of others. To which I completely agree. But it was also implied that looks have no place in this world whatsoever. I have a small thought on that one. Obviously it would be great if no one was shallow and all but the truth is, doesn't it feel nice to be complimented once in a while? I'll be straight up with it, I do like knowing that I'm not hideous and frightening to small children. (Not that I'm fishing for a compliment... I'm confident enough in myself - ie narssistic- that I don't need you to do that for me... ) Not looking for a mutual-appreciation party. Just saying, yes, I know everyone is beautiful on the inside somehow and some of the prettiest people are rotten at the core, but 'looks/shallowness' has it's other side. It's what attracts you to the opposite sex (or whatever you like, I suppose) and it's part of what makes life nice. Honestly, there are boring classes and tedious days I don't know if I could have gotten through had there not been someone pleasant to look at or talk to. (No, I'm not a stalker or whatever. You know what I mean or you can imagine, right?) It isn't the person on the outside that will be friends with you anyway, it's that person on the inside. So why condemn them for being decent looking and write them off as shallow or self-absorbed? Perhaps I took this too far and in the wrong direction but it made me think and this is the result of my thinking. lol
Hope ya'll have a great week!
(and following in the vain line of thought...)
It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture,
It's been a bad day, please
It's been a bad day, please don't take my picture,
It's been a bad day, please ~REM


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