29 December 2004

Why no, I have not seen your brain today...

People are funny. And confusing. And crazy. But funny. Did I mention funny?
(Sorry, cannot tell you what that's ^ all about but trust me it's funny. So laugh w/o knowing why and join my little club for funny people, eh?)
I'm cleaning house some today. Was supposed to work but canceled once again. Good times. The clinical coordinator and I are bonding. She calls (and wakes me up) to tell me to go back to sleep. I find it funny.
Got to see Dawn and Marie last evening. We didn't really do anything but hang out and talk but still fun to see them. Marie is walking around like a little speed demon. Cute as ever. (She's my drool monkey. So messy! lol) She made out like a bandit at Christmas! So many toys, etc... Dawn is doing alright too. We had a nice little gossip session. Her older brother is, apparently, engaged AGAIN! I think he's trying for some kind of record. lol. Her sister is driving everyone crazy (like that's something new?). Her younger brother is busy being a brat and getting into trouble, but hey, "boys will be boys" right?
OMG! Grandmum pitched into me again yesterday about not having a bf. WTF mate? Why does she assume that I MUST have a man around or I'll be dreadfully unhappy? (And Julia, you suck. Folks, Julia didn't get asked once about having a bf during her family events this past week. What gives? I got asked at least a half-dozen times! Totally not fair!) I have to wonder if Grandmum just wants to be a great-grandmum before she reaches 70? Why else all the pressuring of her oldest grandkid to enter into a relationship with just anyone? Crikey! Life happens in a general/specific order and it should not be tampered with. Let it go and it'll happen as it should according to His plan, okay? (Sorry for the rant but it bothers me. It's like she blames me for not having a bf or something? Urgh!) OOOHHH! Or start on Dork already! He doesn't have a gf. Did ya know that grandmum? He's 16. Could have a kid or two in a few years, right? (Too bad I don't have any cousins older than Dork and me. Would make it even better, no?) Muhahahahaa.....
Well, I guess that's it for now. Talk to ya later!

"hey, its life, you only live once, might as well hang out with a crazy kid like me and get yourself into trouble, you and i have good times together" ~ one of my fun, crazy friends


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