28 December 2004

Tuesday's rant

Well, I was going to go visit my grandmum but she isn't home so you all get another post. Muahahahhaha....
Today is, apparently, Tuesday. I was supposed to work but they didn't need me. I'm glad. Didn't feel like working anyway. (Lol The coordinator that called me told me to go back to sleep and have a great day. You just know the day is going to be great when you get a call like that at 5 in the morning.)
So instead of working, I slept in, then rode the exercise bike. Took the dog to the park. Grandmum didn't answer the phone so I'm still chillin' out here at home.
Might get to go hang out with Dawn tonight; Hope so since haven't gottten to actually see her or my little sweetheart Marie for weeks.
~~~~Crikey! She's home now so hasta lavista until next time ya'll!!!

Looking back at sunsets; We lost track of the time; Dreams aren't what they used to be; Some things sat by so carelessly ~ The Killers


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