17 December 2004

Cupcake goodness iced with envy?

Cupcakes were good. There are currently 3 left of the original 29 that merrily exited our oven. But we did give up many of them for adoption... Nick and Alex got 6, Melissa got 8 (she's an RA and needs them more), Heather got one (would have sent more but Sharice didn't want to carry them all), Julie got 4, and Stephanie got one... That makes 20... so that leaves 9 for us... and there are 3 left... Muhahahaha....
Earbuds are totally strange if you think about it. I wasn't really paying attention when I put mine in and got confused as to whether what I was doing was proper... Ya know, my mum always told me not to stick things in my ears and I do try to be a good, obedient daughter. So I was confused and thus... confused. I guess that says it all.
Happy Early Birthday to Bryan! I know you'll do great on your finals!
I got new cute shoes and earrings. The shoes because I broke my other black shoes and needed more... These were on sale and I like 'em well enough. Earrings were "free" since I bought 2 other pairs and got a 3rd pair "free" (and honest, the other 2 pairs aren't for me. They're Christmas presents for cousins. Theirs are totally cute too!!!) I think they're my new favorites.
Wanna hear how weird I am? I just found out one of my friends has a new S.O. and I'm a little astonished/jealous/confused. I really, truly am so happy for them but it also makes me feel like crapola since I totally think I'm cooler/more mature than this particular friend, so how did they get there first? ("There" meant as being in a relationship with someone they deem totally awesome and inspiring ~but maybe I'm assuming things?) Anyhoo... Irrational jealousy that should soon pass as my brain recovers from too much studying combined with too little sleep with the added gossip to annoy me in this much-hated level of Hades known as Winter Finals Week. Yes, I might just be crazy. Oh, and if you figure out that this might be you (99% chance it isn't but hey, why not be a narcissist too?) then congrats and I am sorry for being such a brat about it/telling the world. Loves you!
Guess I should get to packing to go home... I'll miss being here... Talk to ya'll very soon!!!

"Ambition is strong but out of focus...
What are we trying to prove?
One way competition;
Sounds like envy, looks like you" ~Envy - Lucky Boys Confusion


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