03 December 2004

TGIF or I would go crazy

(I wrote this last night and somehow forgot to let it post it... so here it is... yawn... need a nap...)

I'm writing this late at night. Very late... it's basically morning right now if I really wanted to admit to such a crazy thing. Julia and I stayed up late watching Chocolat. Yum. Chocolate and Johnny Depp, who could ask for anything more?
Well, actually I've stayed up very late after a very, very long day. Good but long. Woke up earlier than I had to this morning since needed to keep studying for organic chem test this afternoon. Worked on that before and after I took the girls to class. Went to class myself...
POTW was alright. Video. I'm a bit peeved at my prof in there since he has decided to make us come to class next week after all. He had previously promised a reprieve; We wouldn't be having class since we're meeting Monday and Wednesday nights to watch the film for our final paper. But, since he's so evil and crazy, he has taken back his word and will expect to see our oh-so-happy faces on time next week as well. Grrr. Not right at all. Myth was just more of the Odyssey. Good times.
Back here for more studying until I couldn't take it anymore and went crazy. I decided to change my name to Marianna and dye my hair pink and green for the holiday season. Then I'll mail myself to England just in time for my royal wedding to Prince William. Marianna and William, doesn't that sound nice? See, actually I'm kidding. I didn't do that stuff. I just went to my test like a normal person. (wink wink lovey... you know I'll be there in 2 days or the delivery is free...) Survived it but not sure I did very well. Hopefully I passed.
After all that hullabullo I went to the Snow Ball at the Union. Changed from t-shirt and jeans to nice formal dress in the Union bathroom, which honestly isn't the best or most exciting place to do such (suppose it could have been a bit more funny if I had tried to change in the men's room but, alas, I chose the women's. It's never lady's anymore, just women's... what's up with that?) Had fun at the dance even though I didn't have a date. Not really a problem when you have as much fun watching other people as I do. And, boy, were there plenty of entertaining people there tonight. lol. Good times. Thanks for putting up with me Mel; you're a saint! I did really enjoy it. But next time I'm making someone go with me one way or another. (And frankly, it isn't much fun dancing with a fellow coming down from tranquilizer darts but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?) Guess this will serve as a warning to whomever I'm going to make go next time. Muhahahahahaaaa....
So, yeah, you would think that at 2300 I would be tired and ready for sleepy town... but no. So Julia and I watched Chocolat. Very nice. Just finished a bit ago. Now that I've written that all out I'm very sleepy... yawn.... Hope ya'll are doing well! Love you!
"Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine? 'Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here. We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds in the name of destiny and in the name of God." ~The Last Resort - The Eagles


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