25 November 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope ya'll are happy and busy eating turkey and pie! That's what I'm about to be doing... family will be showing up here any minute! Yea!
I'll give ya the whole story (since... Monday was it?) later when I get more of a chance to think.
I'm so thankful for all of my lovely friends, you included of course! Love you all and hope you're doing well! (Hugs and kisses!) (And because I can, I'm putting 4 quotes on here instead of the normal just one... muhahahahahaa!!!)

Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts. --Wayne H

Where can a person be better than in the bosom of their family? --Marmontel Gretry

Never eat more than you can lift. --Miss Piggy

When women are depressed, they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking. --Elaine Boosler


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