12 November 2004

A Pink and Green Post

Good day Neighbor! How's it going?
Everything is just peachy keen here; Thanks for asking. I just made some Kool-aide. Rock on! Now, if I only had some cookies or something... lol reminds me of helping out at vacation bible school. I always ended up with the younger kids, like kindergarten or 1st grade. Good times...
People who make their sad little pets wear clothes are really just screaming for attention and should be ignored. It's just sad. I'd jokingly suggest a law prohibiting such ludicrous actions but might erroneously be taken seriously and be the person responsible for the newest stupid law that's a waste of time.... just a thought.
On the radio => "because maybe... you're going to be the one that saves me" (from Oasis's Wonderwall)~ This phrase is maddening since it makes me realize I'm due for a saving. It's way overdue in my humble opinion. Where is my handsome knight in shining armour complete with white horse and castle? I'm sure I sent out the memo, it was very specific... the only ones who are responding are the Don Quixotes on donkeys. Crikey! I don't want a windmill giant nor am I exactly a Dulcinea. Eh, oh well. A bit random and rather 'out there' I know...
I think I just bombed my physics test. Well, might have pulled off a C after the curve but that's being optimistic. (lol can't spell optimistic without misty, er, misti)
Well, I'm at a loss for words... Hope ya'll each have a great weekend!

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. -Albert Einstein


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