31 October 2004

Rest of my wonderful weekend...

Back to my wonderful weekend... this is long so better take a bathroom break NOW!

Saturday morning I woke up just before 8. Julia was still asleep so I laid there for awhile trying to decide whether to get up or to try to go back to sleep. Gladly, she woke up just about two minutes later. Really strange how that works (I swear I didn't wake her up).
We decided to wait until DJ came to wake us up (with pots and pans and yelling) and scare him but it rather back-fired since he wasn't planning on waking us up until 9. We remembered and snuck downstairs to wake him up (rather to stare at him until he woke up lol) which we didn't get to do since the evil stairs gave us away and woke him up before we even reached the floor. He made us breakfast as we got dressed and prettified. DJ and I played Frisbee out in front of his place while Julia watched (well, watched and avoided being hit by our rogue throws).
Melissa and Sharice showed up (finally) and I dropped DJ off near the statium for the game. [Side note: Julia and I had called them earlier and Sharice had claimed to be sick and still at OU leaving Melissa on her way to us by herself. We wasted a bunch of sympathy on both of them as, obviously, they were just messing with us... tricky girls] DJ's mom showed up next and watched the game with us (even made us that puppy chow stuff). It rocked. Very close, very good game (OU 38-OSU 34). Of course OU won but only after much trash talk via test messages was thrown around. DJ, his dad, sister Emily, and Jamie came back and we had burgers and hot dogs. (Light the grill with a flaming paper plate since we couldn't find the lighter and none of us smokes... lol) Jamie's friend Karen showed up and ate with us. (I knew Karen from HS as well! Small world, remember?) Talking, laughing, having fun for a long time... frisbee playing, messing around on the computer, etc... filled up the afternoon with just hanging out (the poof works!Yea!!!! Flies all over the ceiling!).
Later that night we threw a little party at DJ's (I suppose he threw the party but we helped, right?) It was a blast. So funny. Bunch of his friends, and Jamie's too, were there. His roommate Mike showed up with his fiance Allison ("studying" with Jim...). None of us OU people (plus BJ from OSU) were into drinking so we mostly watched them drink and be silly (beer-amid and "dirty old man" drink). Made several runs with people for various things (took one guy to the convience store for cigarettes b/c I didn't want him to drive himself... took Jamie home after she had a bit too much... went to WalMart for some juice since there wasn't any left and we, the nondrinkers, wanted some, etc. Made sure none of those 'having fun' drove.)
Spent part of the evening looking after Allison after she'd had a bit much. She was so funny. Kept asking where Jamie had gone. ("what the CRAP?") She even made up a new name for DJ = Martha Leg-hair Bubble Manwhore. Isn't that hilarious? She remembered all of our names and kept saying very, very funny things. ("that's my shirt. it's not from walmart. shirts from walmart suck") At one point she wanted to give Julia and me her engagement ring because it was shiny. Yeah, so we were mean and made her keep it. Good times.
I'll refrain from commenting on anyone who might read this or about any of the gossip since that stuff is just not fair or repeatable. lol. Just suffice to say that we all had fun, no one got hurt (more than a bit of a headache this morning), and we all lived happily ever after. After things got quieter we OU girls went to bed. Once again the giggles hit (oh, and Allison kept barging in and asking us questions... lol) and it took forever to go to sleep.
This morning my work called at 5 and 8 to see if I wanted to work today, which of course, I couldn't as I didn't have my scrubs with me, nor did I want to. The 8:00 one pretty much woke us up so we all went downstairs to see if anyone had survived. Mike and Allison were asleep upstairs, DJ was awake and talking to some of the others who had stayed over since they lived too far away to drive that night. We discussed breakfast but didn't really eat anything. Some people left. Julia and I got ready and left, probably before 9:30... [Mel and Sharice stayed maybe an hour or so longer I think]
Had another long, fun drive. Talked a lot about just everything. Gotta love Julia. Dawn's my best friend but often I know Julia sees where I'm coming from better or is at that point herself. It's nice, funny, and scary all at once; nice to have someone I don't have to explain certain things to, funny since we have many of the same twisted thoughts, and scary that there's someone else like me out there... lol
We made it here safely. Ate and unpacked. Studied a ton and a half. I'm sick of it already and am still not through for the night. Yuck.
I've reached a few conclusions:
I love having friends. Nice guys are awesome. Drinking is still rather stupid. Frisbee is totally under-rated. There is such a thing as too many cookies. Sometimes staying up late doing stupid things can be fun (more than what I usually stay up for, ie homework). When driving it's nice to have someone who knows where you're going with you. Laughing is still the funnest thing ever invented. Dancing in my truck is possible and quite enjoyable at stop lights. Sex on the beach is a nasty, nasty tasting drink if you let DJ mix it with the wrong kind of juice (it tastes "like arse"). WTF mate? Normally awesome friends can sometimes go Dr.Jekyl-Mr.Hyde in a millasecond even when they're not drinking but they (probably? lol) still love ya and vice versa. If the poufer isn't working staring at it doesn't help unless there are at least 3 of you...
Wow, that's enough of me avoiding homework.... laters! Ya should check out Julia and Mel's blogs and see if they said anything about this weekend...

"I don't know why I act the way I do Like I ain't got a single thing to lose Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy I guess that's just the Cowboy in me" ~ Tim McGraw (oh the irony... )

"Well, Cowboy Dan's a major player in the Cowboy scene He goes to the reservation, drinks, and gets mean..." ~Modest Mouse (Now this isn't really true... but still very funny. Weirded out when I found it...)


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