24 October 2004

Sunday thoughts

As always, I am freakin' tired! YeeHaw!
I survived the PCAT! Whooohooo!
(PCAT, for those who are unsure and afraid to admit it, is the Pharmacy College Admissions Test. It's rather like the ACT only meaner. The math goes through to calc. There's gen chem and organic chem. Biology adds to the excitement. Verbal and reading skills are also tested. And there's a short essay part. I didn't know about the essay part until I got into the testing room and they were reading the directions to us. Urgh. At least it was only "critical thinking" skills being tested in that essay since by the time we got to that part, at the end, my brain was already so fried I didn't want to do much of anything in the way of thinking, and certainly nothing that could be classified as "critical." That's just mean to put that at the end, just after the math and chem. So now you know.)
Really enjoyed going to dinner with my parents and Dork yesterday afternoon. We always have so much fun. Ate at Don Pablo's and, honestly, the food and service rather sucked. I usually love Don Pablo's but our waiter yesterday must have been new or something (aka really is an idiot if he isn't new). But was good to be with my family again so who cares? Dad kept forgetting about my new earring and seemed to hit it more than I would have thought possible. lol. Funny dad... made me stick out my tongue to check if I got that pierced too... lol, I think not as that would probably hurt alot more...
Went to a party for about an hour and a half Saturday evening. Was supposed to be a "Sin" party, as in you dress as your 'favorite' sin but most of the people there were just dressed in various Halloween costumes that really didn't seem relevant to any specific sin. I went as vanity. Before I got there I thought maybe I was dressed too out there but, no, not at all. Compared to most of them, I looked more normal than normal. Pretty ya know, but normal. And there were a ton of homo guys (who, sadly, didn't look or act especially gay so it was hard to tell until they got to talking about it) there so I didn't feel threatened at all. Was really pretty funny. They were playing poker and one of them suggested strip poker (which didn't happen, thank goodness!) and they were perfectly happy just playing together without any of us girls. lol They let me play and I totally beat them almost every round! Was a blast even though I left really early (had to work this morning and needed a bit of sleep before).
Now I need to get to work on school work since have group meeting soon... I'll write more later...
"The thing about saying the wrong words is that A, I don't notice it, and B, sometimes orange water gibbon bucket and plastic." - Monty Python's Flying Circus


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