16 October 2004

Good Saturday to ya!

Beautiful Saturday, huh? OU just beat Kansas State, isn't that lovely? I'm glad. Was a good watch too. Loads of action... Feeling the love for Cody and Peterson. Sadly, Carl did get hurt... hope he's okay. Pray for him. He's a great guy (and a great football player).
Friday night was a blast! Went to a concert at the Union with some friends... followed by smores at Cate... then watched Don Juan Demarco when we got back here. Awesomeness! Love it that I had no idea I was going to do any of that stuff until each happened. Originally was just dropping off Julia, came in to say hi to Mel... and the rest is history, to utilize the old cliche.
I am happy.
This is the coolest sitting thing I have ever seen!
I'm wearing my pinkish enamel whale pendant. It's making me laugh, it's just so ridiculous. Just FYI
This break from studying for the PCAT is lasting a really long time... eh, what does it matter how I do anyway? (that was me trying vainly to be either noncommital or sarcastic... isn't really working...)
I'm in a dangerous kind of mood. Happy but yearning to do something. Not anything specific as of yet but something... I'll let ya know if I figure out what. Really, don't think I can allow myself to do anything other than study today. Burn. (isn't that somewhat ironic, since clearly I am doing something other than studying right now? lol)
(Oh! Must add a brief rant... As rode my bike to class yesterday noticed several other bikers riding on the wrong side of the rode. Supposed to go with the flow of traffic, right? Grrrness...)
I find it interesting that I have somehow unwittingly usurped the leadership of my small Peoples of the World group. Even the "offical" leader is looking to me for input, moreso than from the others. How did that happen? I just wanted to be a slacker and, thus, did not volunteer to lead at the outset. Weird how that works. Am I some sort of power-hungry witch? (Thinking back to HS I sure wasn't a wallflower. President/co-captain/Head of several clubs/teams, co-lead in plays, etc... hardly ever just a member of anything. Even in everyday classes I took on that role; Played to the teachers and my fellow students to some extent. Had flirtations with the important boys, which changed with each 'regime' change, esp. in drama class. What is wrong with me? Shoot! I knew it! I should have gone into law and politics!)
Can you tell i'm just ranting to avoid continuing studying? lol... okay then... tootles for now...
"This morning, shortly after eleven o'clock, comedy struck this little house in Dibley. Sudden... violent... comedy." -Monty Python


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