10 October 2004

It really feels like autumn...

It's raining outside. As in wash-Norman-away raining. I just know Lindsay is going to be a lake tomorrow when it's time to go to classes. Good times.
Looking back at last week...
Studied a ton Wednesday night for evil O Chem test. Finished up physics homework too as it was due Friday and I just knew I wouldn't want to have anything to do with it if I waited until after my chem test. 9 out of 10 isn't bad so I left it at that.
Thursday I woke up a little earlier than I had to so I could take the Girls to class. Then puttered around and tried to study after I was dressed for class. Didn't happen much. Went to classes. Peoples of the World left me feeling depressed and overwhelmed as usual. Mythology was a nice change of pace as we didn't really do much of anything. She brought a pomegranate for us to try (since Persephone ate part of one, forcing her to say with Hades for 1/3 or 1/2 of the year.) Then she just asked us questions from her past tests. It's going to be a majorly easy midterm quiz... I think I'll just re-read my notes Monday night and call it good. Got back from Myth and tried to study a little more. Then took a short nap (like 15 minutes or so). Headed off for my test a little early. Took me about an hour and 15 minutes to take that darn thing. Was one of the first to leave the test room, so once again, I was just good AND fast, right? Left for home after chatting with Julia a bit. Went to bed fairly early.
Was supposed to work Friday but they canceled me. I was a little bummed but only because I do kinda need the money. Took Dork to school and ran by the post office. Cleaned house then talked to Dad for a long time. Got cleaned up myself, ran to Redland's to get a couple of official Transcripts, just in case, visited Grandmum (took her some CD's and showed her how to use her CD player), and came back home to work in the front garden for a bit. Mum's been busy so it had gotten a little overgrown. Made Dad eat lunch... puttered around until time to go get Dork from school. Helped Mum with dinner when she got home (fried chicken, cauliflower, and fried rice.) Aunt Pam and Uncle David came over for dinner. I just love having family visit. Had a great time.
Saturday morning I got up early and went running with Mum and Chaco. Went about 3 miles (at least half of that distance was uphill). I found a $20 on the side of the road, isn't that neat? Got cleaned up and visited my Aunt Angie and Uncle Paul. Took my cousin my HS volleyball pullover, hope she likes it. She got to play for the school this year even though she's just in 7th grade. Stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got apples and ice cream. Baked an apple crisp as I waited for Mum to finish writing a paper for one of her classes. Then we went shopping. She found a bunch of cute tops and some nice work pants. I got a couple pairs of pants, a few tops, and a cute little black skirt. Then we went to the computer store and bought an awesome printer/scanner/fax for Dad since their anniversary is coming up soon. Really surprised him when we got home with it. It's really very, very nice. A monster but nice. Warmed up left-overs for dinner and watched the episodes of Daria that Dad had taped for me ( I just love Daria; makes me laugh a ton).
This morning I went running with Mum, Chaco, and Dork, the same 3-mile route, this time in the pouring rain. My butt hurt from Saturday so I figure I should go running more often since it seems to be needed. Anyhoo, by the time we got home we were all soaked. I got Mum to bring me a towel and I basically stripped down on the back porch. My hair was so wet it was dripping all over the place and flung water whenever I just turned my head. My running shoes are still wet. Got cleaned up, made breakfast for Dad and Dork, and checked my email. Then Mum read over my application to pharm school. (All I have left to do is get another recommendation, write a letter of intent, and get a copy of my HS transcript and send everything in. Still very scary. PCAT coming up fast. ) Ran to convenience store for Sunday papers and postcards (for my People's of the World class extra credit). Packed to come back here. Dawn stopped by to visit as I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. Had Marie with her. She, Marie, now has teeth, can walk a little by herself, and, it's rumored, can say "no" and "mama". Cutest little thing ya ever saw. After they left for church I puttered around some more until I decided to just go ahead and leave already. No point in putting it off since the rain showed no signs of stopping any time soon. The drive here was a biotch but I made it alright. At the Robinson on-ramp some guys in a truck got on the highway next to me and they made sure they stayed right next to me. So I sped up; They did too. The driver rolled his window down and acted like I should do the same. I did not. Then I braked down to 45 and they did the same. Finally, pissed me off so that I sped up over the speed limit and passed them to get in front of them. Exited at Lindsay exit and so did they. Now I'm really pissed. Went on Highway 9 toward campus and eventually lost them. Darn. I really hate it when guys do that. Do they think that because I drive a pickup that must mean I'm dying to date them? Perhaps I should get rid of the "Single and Desperate" bumper sticker... oh, wait... I don't have one of those! Silly me!
Anyhoo... I made it here. Ought to be studying. But I'm not. So there!
OU won Saturday 12-0 against TX. Not that it was a huge surprise but nice all the same. Great having a winning team.
Hope ya'll have a great week!
"You see, everybody loves me, baby, what's the matter with you?" ~ Don McLean


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