28 September 2004

Doing laundry... it's the joy of my little life. Can't you tell?

Really. I'm not posting right now. I'm just working on homework as I wait for my laundry to finish drying in the dryer down the hall. I am not wasting time. Today has been good. Classes, etc... not that much really happened. Guess that's good. Had an easy Mythology quiz. Took less than 3 minutes to do 10 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions, that's how easy. Almost pathetic how easy. Very thankful for that. Truly. Tomorrow is going to be busy. Classes and work. Good times. So probably no post tomorrow. Sorry. I know how you look forward to my endless, rambling posts. Love ya'll! Good night and sweet dreams!

Roses are red,Violets are blue, I am doing my laundry, So I don't smell like you...


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