31 May 2006

Mel's wedding was beautiful...

Mel and Adam's wedding went wonderfully. Her bachelorette party was fun and rehersal was funny. The reception after it all was a blast. Thanks you crazy kiddos for letting me be a part of it all! (AND I got a cute bridesmaid dress out of it!!! How lucky!!!) Everyone send traveling blessings to them on their honeymoon!!!
Been working this week. Nothing new there. Same old realization that my life could be worse and that I have absolutely nothing to complain about, ever. Ever.
Sewing a cute skirt with Mum. Just have hem and waistband left and then, wapah, it's done!
Dork is gone to Boys State. Talked to him this evening and sounds like he is not only surviving but managing to enjoy himself!
Short story. Before bachelorette party last Thursday I went to rent some movies at a nearby movie rental place. And I'm talking about a regular place, like blockbuster, hastings, movie gallery, ya know not anything too weird. As I looked for where The Notebook could possibly be shelved I had to walk in front of a couple of other customers but I said excuse me as usual. I kept walking around since I didn't see it in drama, action, or comedy so I tried new releases for the umteenth time when all of the sudden one of the other customers that I had walked in front of earlier approached me. Then proceeded to say, "Hi! My name is ____. Would you be interested in spending time together some night?" Which left me speechless. This dude was about forty years old and not at all attractive, beyond the fact that I don't know him and am not THAT kind of girl. I didn't give him any encouragement before (or after) that so I don't know why... I was just wearing normal, modest clothing and I don't think I was wearing my "I'm an easy, naive slut" sign; I certainly wasn't looking in any weird sections of the store, unless you consider comedy and action weird. Anyway, when I gained back some ability to talk all I could gasp quickly enough was, "NO. No, I don't think so. Uhhhhh, no." --"Oh. okay then," was his reply with a crushed look. I then quickly located the movie and left as quickly as possible. Why did that happen? Do I just look like THAT kind of girl now or something???? I'll have to look into joining a convent or something... Craziness...
On another note, Loki is being cute. Naughty but cute.
Okay, well... work tomorrow so sleepy time now... Love you all and wish you the best fun and laughter possible!!

27 May 2006

Pray for the quake victims in Indonesia.

25 May 2006

'Nother week

First lazy day of this week... been working and running errands, getting stuff done. Playing with Loki takes up a lot of time. Nothing new really happening. Miss ya'll. Wish I could think of something funny to regale ya with but... nothing. Today, Friday, and Saturday will be spent with Mel doing wedding stuff. It's gonna be neat!
Love ya'll!

19 May 2006

A summer update I needed to do

After a week full of work (6 shifts for anyone who's counting) I have to say that no matter how bad you think your life is, if you can read my post right now without help then you actually have it really good and it, ie life, could be a lot worse. I could give specific examples even but there are rules so I shouldn't and won't. But be thankful and remember to pray for those need help because we all need help sometime. No, I'm not going to start singing the Lean on Me song... yet.
Grades came out this week. I made 3 A's (Botany, psych, and computers), 2 B's (genetics and speaking), and an S (which is passing in wall climbing) raising my overall GPA from a 3.38 to a 3.43!!! Isn't that nice??? And I now have 106 hours to my name, er, transcript. Woohoo!!! Yay for my last easy semester!!!
Got a speeding ticket earlier this week. I deserved it but since I was nice and very polite the whole time, the officer gave me enough of a break so that it won't go on my record (still fulfilling the job requirement and, oh, I did still have to pay for my lapse in judgement but that was very nice, don't you think?) So if anyone gets a ticket in OKC I can tell you how to get lost enough downtown to eventually find the courthouse. Say "Hi" to the security guard there for me (we had a nice chat about his niece (or daughter?) who also works at a hospital -> I was wearing my scrubs when I went to pay my ticket).
I practiced driving my brother's standard Wednesday after work... Then Mum's today to the post office... Always a pleasure to bring a smile to my fellow driver's faces when they see me bucking the car at intersections until I have to wave them on while Mum and I recover from laughing our heads off. Really need to practice more but it's so embarrassing to do in town where I probably know at least half the people who pass by and laugh.
Dork's school play went really well. He did a great job and we were/are very proud of him. Love you Babe and keep up the good work!
Just a blob of questions I've been thinking about... How can each of us, being an individual, be so many things to so many people and still have time to be ourselves? Is that something one learns overtime or has to be born with? Does it have to be that way, ie why can't everyone see the person each of us is inside while still loving us the way they do already? Is it just each person's ego getting in the way of true understanding of the very core of how each of us fundamentally is? Why do people have such a broad range of policy on how to handle situations? Is it nature or nurture that determines when I blow up in a screaming fume versus when I melt down crying my blue eyes out? How do some people ride an insanely calm wave of emotion while others fluxuate so enormously? How can we all think we're such individuals and yet allow ourselves to be so degradingly conforming at every turn? Who makes sets the bar for what is modest and what is just barely over the line into not? How can nine people in a room be freezing and that one other person be broiling alive in a modern age when all indoor temperature is regulated by machines and luxury? Why is it that everytime I need a battery that all the other sizes are present but the very one I need? Same with light bulbs, shoes, and sewing machine needles. When did all of my elementary and HS friends change so much and why didn't I too? Whatever happened to the boy I played with when I was a little girl (before kindergarten?) and why is it that the only memory I have of his grandmother is her giving me lemonhead candies??
Love and smiles to everyone as I wish you a Happy Summer!!!

15 May 2006

I am too much. And not enough.

Had a good weekend home. Missed some of my college friends but Loki was a big help. Lots of playing with Loki & Rio and, of course, Chaco when he felt like condescending to playing with us youngin's. Made yet another trip to a liquor store, this time with Mum to get Kahlua for flavoring my birthday cake for Sunday (extended family dinner for my birthday). Mum's garden is really looking beautiful with most of the roses blooming and everything greening up in a lovely way. It'd be nice to just spend all day out in the yard puttering around and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
Speaking of puttering, I put together my birthday present yesterday, a wonderful dark-wood bookcase that my school binders and books will fit on finally!! I've still got some re-arranging to do but it's looking great so far.
I've been perusing the recently uploaded pictures and icons on photobucket... Some of things people post really worry me. Also grammar doesn't seem to be a high priority? Oh well. I know I'm not perfect but it still irks me to see such laziness.
Man, it's tough getting used to having animals around, especially Loki being underfoot all the time. He likes to follow us around and I never know if he's asleep in the next room or just beside my ankle, waiting to be slightly maligned as I walk to my next goal. Because, you know, the minute you even brush against him and he yelps, ya can't help but feel terrible, like you murder small baby animals not just accidentally trip on them.
Happy Monday! (The title of this post is a thought that is a reference back to a book called Capivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge. Thought-provoking book for sure.)

11 May 2006

That's It. We're over, Finals Week. You're just not good enough for me

Finals are finished for me!!! Yay! I just took my last final in my last class at the University of Oklahoma in Norman!!!! WOOO!!! AND it did not, I repeat NOT, kick my butt and leave me crying on the floor!!! In a rematch with genetics tests from Hades I held my own and possibly even did pretty decently!! Aren't you so happy for and proud of me???? (Have to toot my own horn since not too many other people seem to have horns out this morning here... In fact the rest of the house is asleep... hm... I bet my *horn* could fix that... And there. I just took it too far! YES!)
So I'm running on about two hours of sleep and actually feel pretty good. It's sick how pleasant and nice I'm feeling. I should feel like this all the time but no, I'm wasting it on time in which I'm fixin'ta take a nap. (Oh my public speaking teacher would have a hissy fit if he ever saw the atrocities I inflict on the grammar of our language)
Darn, I thought of something to tell ya all on here yesterday, but trying to be a good kid I kept away and tried to focus on studying thus ending all hope of me remembering whatever the wonderful post I was going to post was.
Julia and I got some press-on earring sticker things at the store yesterday because they looked fun and reminded us of how cheesy, I mean COOL we were as kids by putting them not just on our ears but also... At the corners of our eyes!!! Yes, I grew up in and mostly remember the '90's and all the glory therein. So yeah, we were awesome. And we'll open that pack of press-ons just as soon as Julia wakes up. That's a promise and a threat for those of you keeping score.
Oh! I haven't written since Monday!!! My birthday went pretty well... Botany final was pretty easy; I think I ended the class with either an A or B. Went home and took a nap. Studied some. Watched Casablanca. Didn't go barhopping but did manage to go to the place down the street that many of you would call a liquor store to get some amaretto. Julia, Mel L, and Lindsay joined me in experiencing flaming Dr. Peppers, which are really not too bad. That's all I had on my birthday as far as alcohol goes so I guess I'm just not being the craziest 21 year old I can be... I haven't had anything else since then either, how funny is that??? Good old finals week...
Speech final was pretty easy. Stayed up way too last Tuesday night for various reasons, among them enjoying other people's pictures on photobucket and helping Jenna with studying stuff. Been a decent finals week thus far. Well, and really it's ended for me this morning, thank goodness. The Committee For Making Life Suck tried their hardest but I've actually had a great week, all things considered (it cracks me up when they say that on NPR.) Hope everyone else out there in internet land is doing well too. Love and good wishes for a great weekend!

08 May 2006

Talk to me!!!

One down, two to go (plus an online quiz)...

Everyone still needs to either update or leave a comment...

The pictures here are from PostSecret...
Some of them I agree with, some are funny, some are just sad and thought-provoking

06 May 2006

Just a quick weekend note - <3

Happy Fried Onion Burger Day!!! - I went and it sucked really bad. It made me so sad to see my hometown's only real festival suck just because of all the rain (which, yes, we needed). Oh well. There's always next year...
Love to all and good luck to any finals you must overcome! The end is in sight and we WILL be victorious!!!

04 May 2006

Mel's wedding shower

And then my camera died...

Titles are overrated

Hey! I just had a wonderful idea!!! For my birthday, since the world revolves around me, everyone who has a blog can update this weekend, sometime by Monday, and for those who are smart and abstain from blogging, they can leave a comment on here!!! I don't even ask that whatever you write, wherever you write, be about me, just write something about something!!!!!! It will be neat!!! (Please?????)
Made it through climbing final, genetics notes, botany lecture, botany family recognition test, and psychology final yesterday without too much trouble. For the climbing final I pretty much just had to show up and put my name on the paper since it's a pass/fail class. Stayed awake in lectures (*which is something I've had trouble with in the past if you must know) and the family rec test was much easier than I had anticipated (took maybe 10 minutes, five of which spent just trying to decide what one of the bonus plants was - and I couldn't because I failed to go to the other side of the plant where I would have noticed the milky latex oozing out thus confirming that it was indeed milkweed and therefore an Apocynaceae! So I probably got 104% instead of 108%; Big deal). Mum having had such great gardens throughout my childhood really helped me out in botany class, so thanks Mum!!! Psych took me eleven minutes and that includes the time it took for her to pass them out, me to actually take it, me to collect my things, and walk all the way out of the building. I'm really going to miss tests like that.
Next on the list of things to do: start studying hardcore for finals. Burger Day in ER on Saturday. Birthday. Finals. Home. Dork's Prom. Lots of fun mixed with a bunch of yuck. It's lovely that life balances out so well.
Oh! Grandmum got a cell phone! She's super excited about it even though she barely knows how to use it. I'm excited for her too. Pretty neat stuff.
Happy Thursday ya'll!

03 May 2006

Heroin Wedding

02 May 2006

"But she's got machine gun eyes..."

<-- Sometimes I feel the same way as the girl who sent this one in to PostSecret...
But thank goodness I'm too much of a narcissist to really worry about it, right?
Looking up stuff for financial aid for next year has really killed the good mood I was in all day. Something about being compitant and having to beg to get a good education just seems backward but then this is a capitalist society so I should just get used to it, huh?
Family Recognition test tomorrow in botany. Might get a hundred percent correct or maybe ninety percent wrong (I have to get at least one right, right?) It really all depends on the specimens they choose to represent the families... At least it's not my major.
Oh I just remembered! I forgot to post pics of Mel's wedding shower! Well, it'll have to wait until tomorrow since I MUST get back to studying... Love to all and best wishes for buoyant spirits!

01 May 2006

Weekend Recount

Have you been outside yet this morning? It's SO pretty and nice out!!!!! The sun is shining and the weather is perfect! Why waste this sort of day on going to classes? (Oh yeah, because it's "dead week". What a joke! Has anyone ever had a real dead week? The closest I've ever gotten was my first semester of freshman year and even then it wasn't really. Craziness.)
Weekend was great here in the big N. Dork came to visit Friday despite the rain. We had planned to go to the Sanctus Real concert for the Brothers Under Christ party on the dorms' lawn but the rain was way too hard to sit outside for music. We made do and had some fun anyway. Again, I have to recommend a Tiger Woods Ya'll sno cone to anyone who likes sno cones! (In case you wonder, it's a mix of Silver Fox and Tiger's Blood.) Saturday was nice and slow. Got some homework done and found a great present for Mel & Adam. Julia had some friends over from HS and they were certainly entertaining. Ran up to botany lab first thing Sunday to finish and turn in my plant collection. I am SO glad that's done. Then off to W-ford for Mel & Adam's wedding shower. A great time was had by all and it was really nice getting to see some friends from HS and even earlier in my childhood. They did get the most doubles of presents that I've ever seen at one wedding shower: 2 waffle makers, 2 blenders, 2 crockpots, 2 endtables with lamp attached, 2 toasters (which is like a law. You MUST get at least 2 toasters or you cannot get married), and 2 sets of towels. I'm proud to say that our, Julia's and mine, gift was unique and they seemed to like it so Happy dance time!!!! Yay! On the way back from W-ford we stopped in to visit my parents and, of course, Loki. Played with the little cutie for a while and enjoyed a wonderful dinner while he took a nap. Thanks Mum and Dad!
This morning we started lead climbing. I didn't get a chance to try it so I might go for it after our final on Wednesday. This is one of my classes that I wish wasn't ending just yet...
I'll try to get around to posting some pictures tonight of Mel's shower. I'm sleepy already so it might not happen until after a nap... Happy Monday!!!!