26 June 2007

Rainy Outlook...

It's raining like crazy around here... Float trip scheduled for this next weekend has been canceled, sadly enough. Water is just too darn high to trust.
Had a good weekend, despite the rainy weather. Skronky was sick with some sort of GI thing that left him miserable and tired so I took care of m'boy with some fluids, toast, and a movie (Music and Lyrics - highly recommended for light comedy/romance type of flick). Felt better the next day so we enjoyed the cook out at his sisters as well as the parade (the um, gay pride parade, yes, that one. Um, no, no we're not, of course. It was funny and parade-y so yeah, enjoyed it). Skronky's nephew was the star of the backyard, dancing to the music and being passed around to everyone. He's just a cutie (not unlike his uncle...).
Apparently the name "The Mist" is funny... who knew?
Okay back to thinking...

21 June 2007

Happy Bday Skronky

20 June 2007

Granola Bar Poem...

This morning I recieved an email from Mum with the following:

Your home-made granola bar made my morning look bright
The texture with raisins as dark as the night
The sweet gooy texture made for a pleasant long chew
The oatmealy nutty chunks were long overdue.
I know I annoy you and don’t deserve such a treat
But I’ll start acting better if you’ll make more to eat
I’ll keep you in nuts and oats and honey
And even slip you a little of my money.
Please make more!

Isn't she witty??

19 June 2007


Apparently Skronky thinks I should have mentioned him in my post for Monday... I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with Skronky this weekend, specifically Saturday, after he won the gold metal in his division at his Judo tournament earlier in the morning. So congrats to Skronky and much happy Judo-ing in the future! Also, Happy Early Birthday in case your forgetful girlfriend happens to leave that out of her next post...


Take it for granted...

The things we take for granted... Even what we see as very simple to accomplish or know... Have you stopped to think how many others in the world, your hometown, or even just next door have no idea how or the ability to do the things you take for granted? It can be startling when you really get to pondering that...
I just helped a co-worker save a file to his flashdrive ("memory stick") because he couldn't remember how to do it himself for a big presentation he's giving later this week. He's a well-established professional in his field but had to ask an intern how to do something...
Often when I visit my grandmum she has issues with her new cell phone. It's locked or there is a missed message that she doesn't know how to access, etc. For my brother and me figuring out how to work her phone is fairly easy and takes just a minute or two. For Grandmum it's very complicated and not worth wasting the time to figure out because it would take so long. She knows, instead, how to quickly, completely debone a chicken without wasting anything and cook it up with all the fixin's. Heck, I'm sure she knows how to catch and kill the chicken, too, if neccesary. Those are things I wouldn't even know how to begin and if I did managed to get started, would probably take me hours. After years of working in a department store she's an expert at picking the right sizes for other people whereas I have trouble even figuring out my own size when out shopping.
Not that there's a real point to this post, just a request that you think about your talents/gifts and remember to be thankful for all that you are and have. Much love and Happy Tuesday!

18 June 2007

Manic Monday

Called about my pictures today... He "thought he had called me already" so was surprised that I hadn't picked them up yet... So I'll be picking them up tomorrow after work since apparently they're not open today? I'll keep you posted. Since that was roughly a month ago I'm not sure I even remeber what they're supposed to look like (other than being of me, I assume)?
The fish are doing well. Just hanging out. I need to get them a couple more shrimps to keep them company (since the old ones died, remember?) but keep forgetting to pick them up. The cat has showed renewed interest in them...
No really interesting calls today. I have learned that silica gel packets are not toxic (they only say "do not eat" because they could be a choking hazard), if you take your spiriva capsule by mouth instead of with the inhaler you shouldn't have any problems, and that kids eat the weirdest stuff. This includes but is not limited to: paint balls, a whole tube of tooth paste, pesticides of many forms, household cleaners (esp sprays), plants of all sorts, vaseline, spackling paste, and dry erase markers.
No sewing accomplished this weekend. Made up some soaps that smell like my perfume and my brother's body spray (seperately, of course). Dork and I cooked dinner for Dad on Father's Day: cajun fried rice with homemade apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I also tried out a granola bar recipe that I found on the Food Network website; turned out alright even thought I had to substitute a few things. (Had one on the way to work this morning, as a matter of fact.) Very sweet and sticky.
Apparently we're going to have a "bake-off" or two at work... sounds like fun... Yay! Now I'm off for lunch! Much love and happy thoughts for Monday!

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13 June 2007

Summer Fun

Tons of updating to get done...
Still don't have portraits back yet from photographer; Am looking forward to getting them someday before Hades freezes over...
Haven't been sewing as much lately since I found myself employed. Answering calls at the Poison Control Center is just pretty darn interesting. (Best call I've picked up, and transferred to a specialist, was a man who was bitten by a rattlesnake. A dead rattlesnake. That had been rotting in a bucket for a month until he decided to try to skin it!) So far have mostly just been training (listening to lectures, listening to calls, reviewing cases, learning the coding program, looking up info so we know how to find it ourselves, etc) but going well as far as I know.
Dork's HS graduation was at the end of May; We're all very proud of the little brother! Congrats! (Though I do have to whine and complain about the ridiculous noise-makers that thought it was alright to blow an air horn and shake cowbells during the actual ceremony part... We were in the Fieldhouse so all that noise echoed off the walls and amplified the already annoying to VERY ANNOYING! Argh!) He'll be headed off to my lovely alma mater in the fall to begin (er, continue?) his college career. Woohoo!!! Boomer, Sooner!!!! (Helped the Dork enroll last week on campus all day; funny seeing it from my angle. Introduced him to Pad Thai - YAY!)
Also at the end of May, I got to enjoy the OKC Zoo with Skronky, his sis, her baby, and her hubby. Rained on us a little but it was really a nice visit. The new Oklahoma Trails exhibit is amazing and I totally recommend that if you haven't seen the zoo in a couple of years - go now!!!! Yes! Right now!!!
We pharm kids had a birthday party for those of us lucky enough to be May babies (4 of us in our little group!) where we managed to scare Julie's little dog (1/2 dach, 1/2 Italian greyhound) and have a great time playing her wii (boxing especially).
My classmate Tyler got married the first of June; beautiful ceremony (and bride), lovely reception (enjoyed seeing my pharmy friends) and great food (he food is one of his passions so that was highly expected). Congrats and best wishes to the new Mr & Mrs!
Next I helped set up for the pharmacy college graduation then handed the new Dr.s up on stage (going up those stairs is tricky in a long robe!) the next day at grad. Short and sweet ceremony. Glad I went.
Then attended an anniversary party for Skronky's uncle (and his wife of 25 years!) at a country club in S OKC. Nice to meet more of his family and there was a chocolate fountain (so you know I was delighted to be there!) Helped his sis feed the baby some mushed up melon; proved pretty funny since he grunts and growls when you take too long to get a bite ready. After the party we headed over to his sis's for some burgers and conversation on the back porch. Skronky's dad stopped by - joined in on the fun. On the way home we swung by his mum's house for a couple of blackberry plants she picked up for Skronky's backyard and ended up playing with their black lab mix for a while. She's just big sweetie and loves it when we visit to play with her.
This last weekend Mum and I "got" to go shopping. (Neither of us possesses the 'shopping gene' so we don't engage in such often or for long periods of time...) I found a very nice pants suit that also gave me 1/2 off on a pair of dress capris so I feel that trip was worth it. Yay for pretty clothes! (And yay for infrequent shopping!)
I'll try to keep this better updated; Maybe interesting things will happen that warrant reporting?

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11 June 2007


I'll update better soon but for now... Love ya'll and wish you a Happy Monday!