13 June 2007

Summer Fun

Tons of updating to get done...
Still don't have portraits back yet from photographer; Am looking forward to getting them someday before Hades freezes over...
Haven't been sewing as much lately since I found myself employed. Answering calls at the Poison Control Center is just pretty darn interesting. (Best call I've picked up, and transferred to a specialist, was a man who was bitten by a rattlesnake. A dead rattlesnake. That had been rotting in a bucket for a month until he decided to try to skin it!) So far have mostly just been training (listening to lectures, listening to calls, reviewing cases, learning the coding program, looking up info so we know how to find it ourselves, etc) but going well as far as I know.
Dork's HS graduation was at the end of May; We're all very proud of the little brother! Congrats! (Though I do have to whine and complain about the ridiculous noise-makers that thought it was alright to blow an air horn and shake cowbells during the actual ceremony part... We were in the Fieldhouse so all that noise echoed off the walls and amplified the already annoying to VERY ANNOYING! Argh!) He'll be headed off to my lovely alma mater in the fall to begin (er, continue?) his college career. Woohoo!!! Boomer, Sooner!!!! (Helped the Dork enroll last week on campus all day; funny seeing it from my angle. Introduced him to Pad Thai - YAY!)
Also at the end of May, I got to enjoy the OKC Zoo with Skronky, his sis, her baby, and her hubby. Rained on us a little but it was really a nice visit. The new Oklahoma Trails exhibit is amazing and I totally recommend that if you haven't seen the zoo in a couple of years - go now!!!! Yes! Right now!!!
We pharm kids had a birthday party for those of us lucky enough to be May babies (4 of us in our little group!) where we managed to scare Julie's little dog (1/2 dach, 1/2 Italian greyhound) and have a great time playing her wii (boxing especially).
My classmate Tyler got married the first of June; beautiful ceremony (and bride), lovely reception (enjoyed seeing my pharmy friends) and great food (he food is one of his passions so that was highly expected). Congrats and best wishes to the new Mr & Mrs!
Next I helped set up for the pharmacy college graduation then handed the new Dr.s up on stage (going up those stairs is tricky in a long robe!) the next day at grad. Short and sweet ceremony. Glad I went.
Then attended an anniversary party for Skronky's uncle (and his wife of 25 years!) at a country club in S OKC. Nice to meet more of his family and there was a chocolate fountain (so you know I was delighted to be there!) Helped his sis feed the baby some mushed up melon; proved pretty funny since he grunts and growls when you take too long to get a bite ready. After the party we headed over to his sis's for some burgers and conversation on the back porch. Skronky's dad stopped by - joined in on the fun. On the way home we swung by his mum's house for a couple of blackberry plants she picked up for Skronky's backyard and ended up playing with their black lab mix for a while. She's just big sweetie and loves it when we visit to play with her.
This last weekend Mum and I "got" to go shopping. (Neither of us possesses the 'shopping gene' so we don't engage in such often or for long periods of time...) I found a very nice pants suit that also gave me 1/2 off on a pair of dress capris so I feel that trip was worth it. Yay for pretty clothes! (And yay for infrequent shopping!)
I'll try to keep this better updated; Maybe interesting things will happen that warrant reporting?

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