23 May 2007

Lots of Sewing Madness

So... I don't have lots of words but felt an update was due...
Made a couple of skirts, two headbands, and a pair of short pants (ie capri/clamdigger like), got portraits taken and ordered, "personalized" new cell phone with numbers and settings, some soaps made, truck fixed/oil changed finally, working on getting a job, attended Dork's Oscar Night for HS, and... um, well, just enjoyed not being in school! Yay!
Sidenote: My pharmacy friend/brother Cory is engaged so congrats to the lovely couple and many, many happy thoughts/wishes! I still need to hear the story, of course, but YAY for ya'll!



Anonymous skronky adoringly said...

who's the pretty model? I would like to meet her soon!

1:46 PM  

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