08 April 2007

Easter Eggs full of thought

Happy Easter! (The Easter Bunny brought me some candy and shoes! He and Santa seem to have forgotten that I'm not on the nice list...)
Have recently been helping one of my younger cousins with math. The stuff that she's learning now I learned roughly eight years ago so it's funny to see what they name the stuff that I just know how to do but not what to call it. "Stem and Leaf plot"?? Where did that come from? And I still pretty much rock at polynomial factoring... Woohoo for small victories!
--edit* retracted thought--

Other breaking news: I'm not as in-tune with some apparent norms as I thought I was. Go figure. Get steady footing for a second only to find out that, ha, just kidding, that isn't even ground on which you're standing!
I ought to be studying but just really don't feel it... Thank goodness Finals week is on its way with summer break close behind. Now to start planning for a summer job, hopefully near home as a pharm intern. (Don't laugh! I can dream can't I?)

Okay, on to studying and eating all this chocolate before Monday's sun rises. Love to all and happy wishes for a great week!

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Blogger Julia adoringly said...

""Stem and Leaf plot"?? Where did that come from?"

That's how I learned it...weirdie :D

3:56 PM  

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