21 February 2007

Fish attempts are real!

Quick note before bed: I cleaned the fishes' tank Tuesday evening like a good pet owner. It took roughly fifteen minutes to get them to go from the tank to the huge cup of water so I could clean their tank without worrying about hurting them. THEN. OH THEN. This morning when I went to feed them in their nice clean tank one of them tried to commit suicide by jumping out! I barely opened the lid and it jumped! WHY?? I yelled a loud yell-type of word and scooped the fish up in the lid of the fish food (it was in my hand since I was feeding them, remember?), returning it to the water within seconds. But still. I though I was going to have a heart attack! Crazy fish! They both seem to be doing okay right now but we'll see when I try to feed them tomorrow if suicide is still on their minds. (Is it bad that since I can't tell them apart I have no idea which one to monitor more closely? Or have I just worked with that sort of person too much that I'm transferring associated behaviors to my fish now??? He was probably just very ambitious about eating right?? Right?? I'm a good fish owner, I really am!!!)



Anonymous The Skronk adoringly said...

Hm. At least you didn't make them cry though!

4:35 PM  

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