23 January 2007

ice cream on a stick makes me happy

I don't feel horribly entertaining this evening, probably because my head knows I should be studying but my feet are dragging since that doesn't sound like fun. Besides, I had school stuff from 8:30am to 4pm so I feel, well, entitled to slack for a moment. Site visit at a local hospital went well this afternoon. I didn't get to actually do anything but sitting there quietly while listening and watching is probably just as good as anything I suppose. Mum and I got a mixed variety box of ice cream on a stick at the grocery store. You really have no idea what you're missing but I'll assure you it's divine. As for comments on a previous post; Yes, I do love the Monty Python boys but I so very much wasn't expecting eels on a hovercraft as a comment (much as no one expects the Spanish Inquisition) thus I dumbly was confused. The thing about saying the wrong words is that A) I don't notice it, and B) Sometimes orange gibbon bucket and plastic. Also, our local news stations... ah well I think I covered how I feel about that so thank you for agreeing. Such encouragement leads me to believe my ascent to the throne of power will be soon, of course, and very little contradicted. Or maybe I'm just glad someone finally responded with a comment thus, thank you! And now to reclaim the sleep that the short poweroutage cost me early this morning... Love to all and Happy middle of the week!



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