20 August 2008

Bad Company, Sad sewing machine

As I type I can hear my brother shooting bad guys on the xbox - Bad Company is the new addiction at our house. We are still baffled by some of the things the "commander" says over the "headset"... Things that sound like "Peter Taco" and "Ichi nichi". What DO those mean???
Classes start next week so I've been helping with P1 orientation recently. I'm finally more than halfway through this academic adventure - woohoo!
On the same table as my laptop sits an unhappy sewing machine. It is mad at Mum and me for unknown reasons and refuses to talk about it. Perhaps it learned a new language and is determined to only use that one, like in college language classes, that we do not understand? Maybe it feels stressed and wants a vacation? Maybe it is having identity issues and is seeking counseling outside of the home for those personal issues? Who's to say at this point but we're having a parent-teacher (um, sewer-fixer?) conference later in the week to try to address such issues. Thank goodness there are 3 other sewing machines living here to help us bridge this time of sadness and confusion.
Skronky's newest nephew was born this last Sunday! 8 pounds, 10 ounces - a big healthy boy! They're still taking suggestions on the name so forward any good ones...
Enjoyed the ropes course and leadership retreat last week. Not quite as challenging a course as last year but still pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Leaping off a telephone pole-height and width pole to grab a bandanna 4 feet away is still outside of my comfort, by the way, but I can check that off the list of things I've done.
Many other thoughts and ideas but no motivation to express them. Seems egotistical to think anyone wants to read about my musings but yet, here I am babbling on and on.

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13 August 2008

Screwtape and Sewing

Busy week as summer dwindles down to the hum of the new semester starting up again.
Finished reading "
The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who can find a copy. Have convinced Skronky to procure for me "Herbal Remedies in Pots" which has info on "growing and making herbal remedies for common ailments" (online, used, and at a reduced price no less!) Found both of these treasures originally at my local library. Literacy wins again!
Sewing more:

After a visit to Grandmum today have even more fabric to play with but am drying up on creative ideas... Guess it's for the best then that I won't have time to sew much during school, right? I'll keep telling myself that anyway.
Going to the leadership retreat tomorrow - ropes course again so I'm looking forward to it even more.
This last weekend Skronky and I walked around downtown Norman visiting the monuments near the train tracks where they cross Main. Lots of neat. I would highly recommend at least taking a look as you drive by.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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02 August 2008


Busy sewing lately...

Caught my first fish last Sunday when I went out to Skronky's Uncle's farm pond to see some of his family (and there were donkeys!!). He and his cousins were fishing so, of course, I got brought into the fun. The first one I reeled in we had to keep because he swallowed the hook (we let the rest go)! Skronky cleaned him up and ate him later in the week!

Enjoyed playing with Marie all day Tuesday - She's getting so big, so fast!
Otherwise, just been sewing, reading, watching Dad & Dork play Bad Company on Xbox. 'Tis a charmed life.
Hope everyone is well and having a lovely weekend!

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