02 August 2008


Busy sewing lately...

Caught my first fish last Sunday when I went out to Skronky's Uncle's farm pond to see some of his family (and there were donkeys!!). He and his cousins were fishing so, of course, I got brought into the fun. The first one I reeled in we had to keep because he swallowed the hook (we let the rest go)! Skronky cleaned him up and ate him later in the week!

Enjoyed playing with Marie all day Tuesday - She's getting so big, so fast!
Otherwise, just been sewing, reading, watching Dad & Dork play Bad Company on Xbox. 'Tis a charmed life.
Hope everyone is well and having a lovely weekend!

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Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Very good sewing! I like the first one.

4:30 PM  

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