09 June 2008

Rainy day

In the search for the "next great thing" it can get difficult to always remember that *this*, here and now, is great too and worth the keeping, treasuring, and eventually remembering.

I attempted to update my blog with a nice, new template but didn't find any of theirs that I liked enough to modify for myself just yet so stuck with the same old look for now. Playing around with the html code just isn't as fun as it once was and has even turned into a bit of a burden so I'm hesitant to change around too much that I wouldn't want to have to fix a second or third time. Argh!

Cory and Jillian's wedding shower last weekend was great! Lovely, simple, and modest - it was everything a shower should be but often isn't (we even played xbox Rock Band -too much fun). Love & best wishes to the darling couple who will make their vows this next weekend!
Hope all are well and enjoying today! (Prayers for those in the flooded regions of the Midwest would be more than appropriate!)

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