29 May 2008

Busy Memorial Day weekend

Life is pretty darn wonderful, huh? So blessed
Memorial Day weekend was full of excitement
Saturday was Stuart & Jenni's wedding out at a beautiful bed and breakfast SE of Norman. Short and sweet ceremony then food, dancing, toasts, and cake. (Playing the part of the "unloved cousins" Julie and I served up that cake within an inch of it's existance - it wasn't a pretty sight when we finished but it was done. We now know that if pharm school doesn't work out that falling back on cake cutting as a profession would not be our best bet.) Lots of dancing was enjoyed that night. Love to the happy couple and best wishes for a great honeymoon (2 weeks in Hawaii)!
Sunday was lunch at the Mont (where they have very yummy hamburgers) then I headed off to work at Poison Control for the evening. When I got there the hallway to our office was cordoned off with caution ribbon since they were buffing or waxing the floors, which they used to do by halves of the hall but now apparently take over the entire hallway to do. Since I don't know of another entrance that we can enter through (strange new building rules) I just tiptoed over the caution tape and along the side that seemed driest. Made it all the way to our door before the guy doing the waxing/buffing saw me and gave me a very mean look full of hate daggers. I sneaked into our office to find out that they'd been working on that tiny area of the hall ALL DAY already and had been told that people would be coming through to get into our office because we're a 24h-7d-a-wk place. Argh! When we went to leave late that night our door had even more caution ribbon on it (hinting to us that we should be more careful??) and when we got to our usual exit the door would not unlock to let us out!!! Coincidence? I think not! So we tiptoed back over ALL of the caution tape to get to another hallway to take elevators (since the stairway doors are often locked) to another floor to try to find another door that would open. Does this sound safe to you? If there was a fire we'd be doomed. Oh well, made it home and to bed with little other trouble.
Monday, Memorial Day, Skronky and I headed to his sister's for their family cookout-thing (on the way we stopped by the Asian market Cao Nguyen to pick up supplies for later). His nephew was very cute, as usual, and I think everyone had fun. That evening, back at Skronky's house, we made sushi for the first time. I've been intimidated by how hard I thought it would be but found it really, really easy and yummy. We made "California rolls" with avacado, cucumber, and imitation crab meat in the middle of the rice and nori, as well as other variations with carrot, sauted mushrooms, and shrimp. I forsee an addiction/obsession in the near future... We also enjoyed some edamame (soy beans) boiled so the whole meal was quite filling after sharing 3 full sushi rolls and a bunch of the beans. Yay!
Cousin Courtney is gradutating from HS today - Woohoo!!! Congrats darlin'! We'll be seeing you soon!
I know I've mentioned keeping busy with sewing so here are a few pictures to entertain...

Love to all and to all a great day!

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