21 May 2008

Congrats Little Brother

My little brother passed his private pilot's last check flight this last Saturday so YAY! He's got his private pilot's license!!! Woohooo!!!! Major congrats and fanfare are totally in order! He's been working really hard this last semester, putting in tons of flight time as well as tons of study time so this is a BIG YAY!!!

Sadder news:
Our kittycat died this last weekend. She was very old (almost 15y!) and seemed to be chugging along fine until about 3 weeks ago when she started to act sickish; Only downhill from there. Mum took her to the vet who returned with a very grim prognosis so they just put her down easy to keep her from lagging on in pain. Poor kitty. I still keep expecting to see her napping on my bed or sneaking in the dog door...

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