30 November 2005

Tirade about nothing

The evil physics test is done. Woohoo!!! (But I am still confused because it looked nothing like the previous ones he's given us; only 21 MC this time and absolutely no free response. I really have to wonder what's going on?)
Why can't I think of anything to write? When I have time, here at the library, I can't think of anything but at work or various non-computer-accessible times I can think of a billion things to say. So weird.
And then there are those things I'd love to say but since this is public and I don't want to give out too much information or embarrass/enrage anyone, I keep those little nuggets to myself. I don't think I'm ready for my friends, family, classmates, and coworkers to hate me, ya know? Well, not more than they already do.
So... this is totally not productive. You'd think that life as a college student would be more exciting and I'd be able to easily generate a funny, interesting story to amuse everyone from just my cashe of memories and good times. Guess you'd need to rethink that one....
I suppose I'll end this tirade about nothing and get back to just goofing off. Happy Wednesday ya'll!

***Edit at around 5pm***
When I sat down to my beautiful laptop earlier after I got home from classes I had every intention of writing a lovely, honest-to-goodness, real post, just for ya'll. But then I got creative and wanted to change the template on my to something new! and cute!! Obviously that didn't happen but I'll still be working on it, so one day, one glorious day, you'll turn to my page and think, "Wow! CUTE! WONDERFUL!!! WAY TO GO MISTINESS!!!" You'll think it just like that, exactly. Yes. Even you. You, being the wily creature you are, might even say that outloud.
But now I have no time to make you a wonderful new post for your reading pleasure... I suck...
But to make up for it... Here's the End of The World!!!

29 November 2005

Not much to say

I totally meant to write more yesterday but it just didn't happen. Sorry. I know, I'm a jerk.
It's darn chilly outside! But, oh, it's pretty too! I do like autumn...
And it seems I have nothing to say. My mind is at a loss for words... I'll try again later... After yoga. And post-"Corpse Bride" with Julia at the theater on Robinson... That's going to be GREAT! Woohoo!
So happy Tuesday!!!

So I still don't have much to say. I ought to be studying for my test in the morn but I'm just sick of physics right now.
Saw Corpse Bride with Julia and it rocked!!!! If you haven't seen it, go see it or wait and definitely see it when it gets to DVD.
Had some Jimmy John's with Skronky. Always good food there. That was our plan B since the pizza place was being stupid...
Then Jul and I had to run to the market for supplies because being out of paper towels here is like being out of... well, I can't think of anything smart-arse to say there but it sucks, okay?
Also, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good movie too. Made me laugh a lot. Big surprise, I know.
Yoga today was pathetic. I was kinda looking forward to getting my butt kicked after such a lazy break but no, she went way easy on us. I shouldn't have even bothered putting my hair up.
Steve's birthday was Sunday, so here's his shout out! HAPPY BIRFDAY STEEEEvEeeEEE!!!! Old man is 21!!!
I feel really old too, though, because Marie just turned 2 years old this weekend. Crazy, huh? Oh and I just found out that Dawn doesn't like stuffing, i.e. the stuff that every warmblooded American citizen is supposed to love!!!! Weird! You'd think I'd have heard about this before now, but it managed to sneak past my radar. I think I'm going to have to remedy this quirk of hers, no? We'll see...
Okay so back to studying...

28 November 2005

Angst doesn't end when you turn 20

I'm seething right now. Grrrrrr.... So this part will be a rant and then I'll actually write something nice to read... Was supposed to have a huge physics test this morning at 8am. Studied over break and at work yesterday. Ended up last night with a pounding headache so I finally went to sleep. Woke up obscenely early to get to campus on time for this test. On the bus ride over one of the girls who is also in my physics class gets a call on her cell phone from another classmate. He tells her that the test isn't until Wednesday. Well, since we're all already on the bus we just all go check it out. On the blackboard at the front of the room it says, "Midterm 3 Wed @ 8." 7:35 in the morning and this is the first notice we get that the test isn't today. No emails or postings on any of the half-dozen sites he makes us use. Nothing. Then he doesn't stroll into the class until ten after eight at which time he starts class just like nothing is different!!! Our class usually isn't until 8:30 and we're supposed to be having a test!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!! And he doesn't give us any kind of reason for why it's being delayed! (Several people came back early from their Thanksgiving vacations with family to study for this test!) Also, this is the second time the test has been moved! So, I know I should be happy to have more study time but I'm really just rather pissed at being up so early, running on such little sleep, having studied my arse off, and then just getting slapped with a boring lecture over things he should have taught us already.
Okay, so now that's out of my system. I'll write more when I get home (I'm in the Library enjoying the warmth of being surrounded by millions of books). Happy Monday to everyone!

23 November 2005


Happy Birthday to Mum!!!!
Had a good day back at the ranch. Cooked, imparted advice, and did some designer consulting work. Went to market for some fresh ingredients. You know, the usual.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!! Eat too much and have fun; May His Grace be with you and yours! Love and laughter to all!

21 November 2005

Good Dream by Louis MacNeice

He woke in his usual room, decided
Feeling completely awake to switch
The reading lamp on and read - but where
Is the switch?
No switch no light. No light
No chapter nor verse. Competely awake
He gropes for the switch and find the book
He left in the dark but what is a book
Left in the dark? He feels the book
Suddenly gently taken away
By someone's hand and a warm voice
Begins, beginneth, aloud in the dark:
Here beginneth the first chapter -
But it wasn't the first, he was halfway through.
No, says the voice, the first chapter At the first verse in the first voice, Which is mine, none other's: Here beginneth -
But I tell you, he says, I was halfway through,
I am completely awake, I can prove it;
Where is the switch? I will show you the place
Halfway though. There is no switch,
The voice replies; in the beginning Is darkness upon the face of the earth In which you must wait for me till I Show you the place not halfway through But just begun, the place you never Knew was here. But I know this place,
It is my usual room, except
The switch is gone. The switch was never There to start with which is why You refuse to wake.
But I am completely
Awake, I told you. You will tell me Once you are. Here beginneth -
I tell you this is my usual room;
I can put my hand from the bed and feel the...
Yes? The wall - but I can't. Where
Has the wall gone? My bed was against it.
What was against it?
Why is your voice
Moving away? Why do I hear water over it?
There is water between us, I am here on the bank, You will have to row.
What is a boat for?
I am here on the bank.
But I need light to row.
No. No light until you reach this bank. Feel for your oars.
Here are my oars.
Then loose that rope. Are you ready? Row. Here beginneth...
He dips his oars
And knows the walls receding, hears
The ripples around the chair legs, hears
Rustling leaves in the wardrobe, smells
All the smells of a river, and yet
Feeling, smelling, hearing, knowing
Still cannot see
This boat has no switch. No switch no light.
No light? Pull on your oars. I am here.
He pulls.
Splutter of water, crackle and grinding.
Of reed and
Twigs; the bump.
The hand that stole the book that was left in the dark
Comes out of the dark,
The hand that is hers,
Hers, none other's, and seizes his
To help him on to the bank
"And God Said Let there be light"
His usual room
Has lost its walls and found
Four walls of sky, incredible blue
Enclosing incredible green enclosing
Her, none other.
Completely awake

I really like this poem... Leaves it open to the reader to decide the meaning. I tried to just find a link online but couldn't so here it is. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.

Knock on Monday

Nice weekend. Weather's been strange but enjoyable.
Physics class was silly today. I should have slept in instead of actually going. He just played around with laser pointers aimed at the wall and we were supposed to realise something about perception or refraction or something. I don't actually know? Good times.
Worked a double yesterday; nothing out of the ordinary to report.
This morning on the bus, since it was one of the trolley ones, there was music! But it wasn't playing when we boarded. No, it waited to start until we were already on our way and then it burst out overhead with, "BETTER KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD!!!" I was sitting in the very back bench seat and pretty much all of us in that area were laughing our heads off. So funny. Then we had the ever-inspirational "Beautiful" by Christina Aguillera (who I've heard just got married?). I just love the morning bus rides....
Well, really I enjoy the later ones too. Last week I rode back with one of my classmates from HS who I've known since at least second grade if not earlier. We played volleyball together, etc. Had a good time catching up since I hadn't seen her in a while and we both enjoy the mild type of gossip. I'm jealous, though, because she got to go eat at Sid's this weekend (she had to brag about it on Facebook. lol)... I miss Sid's and Johnnie's when I'm down here in Norman. No wonderful onion-fried burgers like they make back home. And I doubt I could find anyone who can make coneyslaw nearly as well. (sigh)
How I long for the idea of thee, oh Onion Fried Burger Day. Alas, you only happen on the first Saturday in May. Ah, woe is me and alas again. (can you feel the drama???)
Well, back to life here. Happy Monday and Yay!! for short weeks!!!

19 November 2005

Demotivation and Thanksgiving in a Friendly-style

OH WOW!!! Go read Miss Doxie (on my random places to waste time list) RIGHT NOW!!! Especially if you're as big of a nerd as I am!!!
And then check out these sweet posters I snagged via a link from Ryan:
Had a nice little get-together here at the house last night. Sort of a friends Thanksgiving meal. OOOH ! And we played Mafia!!!! I haven't played that since HS drama class!!! As soon as I have pictures to post, they'll be up somewhere. I love getting to hangout with my awesomely cool college friends!!!! (I wish I could throw a huge party for all of my friends that I never get to see and miss excruciatingly! That would be so so so fun but entirely impossible to get everyone I want to be there, there. Ah, such is the way of the world.)
And there is a ton of food left over so anyone in the Norman area who is hungry should stop by for some great food!!!! (Our fridge is so full! Eeek!) I definitely need some help with it since, if I were to eat it all, I'd have to be rolled out the door and wedged into my truck bed to be taken anywhere.
Good times... Happy Saturday!!!
“Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them.”-Logan Pearsall Smith

**EDIT** Just for the record, I HATE having to wait on LiveJournal to connect when I want to read other people's journals or even just find one to read. It's horrible how long it makes you wait. Horrible. (And it's not just my computer!!!)
Also, Steve, Jenna, and Eddie are cheering for the game that's on right now... wouldn't it be funny if they were cheering for a ballet or game of chess??? They're really into it right now... "AHHHHHH BullS***!!!" I guess something's going wrong? lol

18 November 2005

Christmas ideas

It's cold outside. But not too windy. Woohoo!!!
Julia and I were silly yesterday. I am SO glad no pictures were taken. And thank whatever saints keep us from having video cameras available. Proof is not needed. The truly funny part is that no alcohol was consumed to induce this crazy behaviour.
6 Things you should remember to ask for for Christmas:

Just as a warning, anyone who has a blog or anything of that sort should read this...
Happy Weekend to you all!!!!
"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction." - General Douglas MacArthur

17 November 2005

Now I can be Snow White!!!

I have that song by Nickelback stuck in my head... Photograph, I think that's the name of the song... the part "Look at this photograph. Everytime I do it makes me laugh. How did our eyes get so red? And what the heck is on Joey's head?"... I think I really like this song... It brings with it that sense of nostalgia (that's a terrible word to remember how to spell!) that is nice and sad at the same time. Memories of high school and my first few years of college. I've had it very good and I just hope I always remember that.
Happy Thursday!!!!

16 November 2005

Pretty, Cold November Wednesday

So ends my week of Emerson-inspired rants. I'll try to think of something new to rant about soon.
Nothing very new happening around here. Saw Gilmore Girls last night (ooooh!!!! I'm totally addicted to GG!!) and worked on physics homework. Bleck.
Am going home this weekend even though Thanksgiving break is next week since some of the family is coming in just for the weekend. My cousin Court is going to be at my house in a couple of days!!!!! I haven't seen her since... The float trip in July!!! Wow! That's a very long time! That's so exciting! Even more exciting is that she and her parents are looking at houses around here to move back to Okieland! Woohoo!!! (When a person has as few cousins as I do, ya tend to want them to live close. I hardly ever get to see my cousins that just live the next street over from my parents so the next state over is pretty much out of the question normally.)
Well, since I don't have anything to say... FIN

15 November 2005

Rant 7

I just got back from Melissa's harp concert thing. Totally awesome!!!!!! (Not to mention that her fans were more than half the crowd!!!) Pretty stuff.
My hair is now black. Very black. And Miss Julia's is coppery. We look fabulous!
Very windy day outside. Nothing much happened in classes today...
Rant 7, the last of this series (for now anyway). Inspired by two quotes. The first quote is from Emerson's Manners, "But I shall hear without pain, that I play the courtier very ill, and talk of that which I do not well understand."
I know that sometimes I don't really know well what I'm talking about or don't have sound references for my opinions/reasons. That's part of this being human thing, maybe, thinking I know everything... Oooh! If you could know everything about one thing or a little about everything which would ya choose? I'd pick a little of everything since that's really the best way to survive in this world. And really, that's what we get anyway, a little of everything. But back to the quote... "shall hear without pain" makes sense because to be told you're so full of bologna doesn't really hurt as much as it makes one stop to think if that's true. And for me, well I don't eat much bologna so I don't think I'm very full of it.
From Emerson's Gifts, "I can think of many parts I should prefer playing to that of the Furies." Yeah, wouldn't it truly ruin your day to have to be the one to harrass someone else to death? You get wings but you also have to have snakes for your hair. Wings might be worth the snakes but with the constant nagging... Well, I'd rather be less vengence and more forgiveness/comforting. No one likes to be the guy who has to keep the group on task and certainly you'd be hard-pressed to find a good manager who enjoys firing employees (along with counciling current employees about their missdeeds and mistakes). That's probably why there are more poems written about other winged creatures (Angels, of course) than there are about the Furies. Who writes an ode to their ruthless conscience when there are pretty, happy creatures around to idealize? So unless you're starting a heavy metal all-girl band you should find a better name for yourself than that of the Furies (or the Erinyes if you want to get technical).
Happy Tuesday and sorry this update is so late in the day!

14 November 2005

Rant 6

Work went well yesterday. Long but liveable. And I'm doing okay. Really. For those who call me at strange hours to make sure of it, yes, I'm doing fine.
I watched Home Alone and the Wizard of Oz yesterday at work... I'd forgotten many parts of both, which strikes me as strange since I know for a fact I've seen both about a milllion times, though not in years. I had forgotten why the mean witch-woman wanted to take Toto (she went to the sheriff and told him Toto bit her, she had some kind of writ saying she could take Toto to have him "disposed of"). I do remember thinking Glenda the Good Witch wasn't really that pretty but she still says only bad witches are ugly. Home Alone wasn't nearly as funny as it used to be.
Jarrett- I am totally jealous about Harry Potter!!! Hmmm maybe I can con my little bro into going with me... lol. There's a word verification thing on here because I had about ten spam comments in a row around August and decided to say "boowah" to them. Sorry if it's a pain for ya'll but having to go through and delete comments that are retarded isn't my favorite pastime.
Rant 6... From Emerson's Intellect, "The angels are so enamored of the language that is spoken in heaven that they will not distort their lips with the hissing and unmusical dialects of men, but speak their own, whether there be any who understand it or not." I'm not feeling terribly inspired today but I'll try...
This one makes me smile. Reminds me of a conversation on God's Laughter. (Which, on a side note, isn't that just a lovely thought? God laughing? You know he must! Just look at how goofy life is, I mean, platypuss anyone??)
Somehow this also makes me think of/feel hope, like heaven is so wonderful you won't even care that you're not on earth anymore. Or maybe that's just for the angels since they're the ones speaking the heavenly tongue. (I'm still sad from learning that, according to some doctrines, humans can never become angels... That was going to be my best chance at wings!) But that's still a comforting thought.
It also gives advice to the rest of us; Speak your mind. Even if others don't understand, you'll be one step closer to heaven.
Well, that's my rant for the day. Happy Monday!!

12 November 2005

Rant 5

The game's still going well. Woohoo!!! Had a bit of a party here last night; quite nice.
Nothing new really happenin'.
Rant 5... Inspirational quote from Emerson's Heroism, "But that which takes my fancy most in the heroic class, is the good humor and hilarity they exhibit." Yet another short rant but I LOVE this quote. I think the best leaders, the leaders who actually lead by ability not just fear, are the ones who also possess some human qualities, namely the best one, humor! Life is funny, humans are funny. Without humor life would be simply unbearable. What would we have to live for? The drudgery of the daily grind would wear on the lightest soul in no time if our world lacked laughter and humor. Morale stays up and things get done. Friends are made through it. Our very state of existence is bettered by it. So, of course, the "heroic class" has a portion of this zest in their makeup.
Short, hopefully sweet. Love to you all and I'm off to watch the last of the game!!!!
(Thanks for the commentary Jett! Much appreciated. "Everything worth having isn't easy"; If it were, that would take half the fun out of it, don't ya think?)

11 November 2005

Rant 4

Happy Veteran's Day!!!
I went to class this morning and it was one of those days where I'd be better off just sleeping in since going to lecture won't help my comprehension of the material one bit. Good times.

Last night Julia, Skronky, and I watched Crash and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy after Julia and I made dinner (yummy fried potatoes and slightly disappointing chicken). Both were definitely worth seeing. I hadn't expected much from Hitchhiker's but it surprised me. I can't really describe Crash... It was too much like real life to define with movie cliches.
This weekend is Dad's Weekend here at the lovely OU campus. (I didn't know about it until Thursday; Sorry Dad!) Everyone is supposed to invite their fathers to class today, tour campus, go to the various activities in their honor. Saturday, everyone is supposed to go to the game and then have a cookout, etc... Sounds lovely. Hope everyone has fun. As for me, I'll be trying to keep myself entertained... We'll see how that turns out.
On to Rant 4...
Inspiration from Emerson's Friendship, " I do then with my friends as I do with my books. I would have them where I can find them, but I seldom use them. We must have society on our own terms, and admit or exclude it on the slightest cause... Then, though I prize my friends, I cannot afford to talk with them and study their visions, lest I lose my own."I picked this quote mostly because I can't decide if I agree more than disagree with it. I definitely see the point that if one spends too much time with certain friends your separate identities start to meld into one... Not to be rude but a very good example could be found in any one of the sororities or fraternities on campus, if in nothing more than the way they dress to match each other. Of course, if you're friends with someone then the two of you probably have at least a few things in common, so possessing "visions" that are similar wouldn't be too unusual.
My biggest problem in regards to my friends isn't that I'm afraid of becoming just like them or not having "society on my terms"; I'm more afraid of simply losing touch with them. Several of my friends from high school, real friends not just the acquantiences one must put up with in a public school setting, have been scattered to the wind in all directions and merely keeping track of them is a task in itself, not to mention getting to talk often enough to still feel connected. Of my more recent college friends the problem isn't so much knowing where they are but finding time in busy schedules to just "hang out" together outside of classes and work. Even the ones that are really, truly worth keeping get swept under the rug when the workload of life gets too heavy. And that's sad. Is this just a college-age problem or will this feeling of loss last forever?
And when the chance does come to catch up with those long neglected ones, if you're lucky you can start right back up where you left off. Others, well, you've both changed so much that the only common ground you have anymore is the past you shared and even that's fading quickly.
Such is the way of life, I suppose. I certainly could be mistaken as twenty years of experience can only teach me so much.
Emerson's quote here seems to be more relevant to the life of a person who truly enjoys solitude and spending hours thinking. Thinking is good, but in today's hurried world relationships should hold more sway. (Well, and I also speak as a female, of course, so our opinions on friendship may be widely different.)
Today I'm just a jumble and thus if my rant isn't entirely coherent or even loosely on topic then I appologise. Happy Weekend ya'll!

10 November 2005

Rant 3

Thanks for the commenting love from ya'll! I really appreciate feedback in any form, so if you have any questions, arguments, bones to pick, inconsistancies to point out, grammatical errors to report, or just any good old-fashioned compliments to pass on, well then get to typing & leave me something more to ponder!!!
Beautiful day outside. But right now I'm in the microcomputer lab at the physical sci building. I honestly thought it wouldn't be this full in here. Obviously I underestimated my fellow campusmates. There are still a few stations open so I don't feel too terrible for playing around on here. That and I've peeked at a few screens around me and some of these folks are playing games, writing emails, and messing around on various networking sites (myspace, xuqa, facebook, etc...).
One of the gals from my Spanish class was talking about her oldest daughter, who's around 7 years old. The other day, it seems, she asked her mother when she could have a boyfriend. Since they were busy doing something else at the time, her mom just let it pass as though she hadn't heard (which is convient because she hasn't figured out how to answer that question). The next inquiry from this little darling was, "Mommy, when can I kiss a boy???" Isn't that funny? She told the story much better but I still find it quite funny...
On to my rant... This might be shorter than the previous ones... From Emerson's Heroism... The inspiring quote, "But here we are; -that is a great fact, and, if we will tarry a little, we may come to learn that here is best." To me this is a beautiful thought. Deal with your situation and learn to like it. Things change frequently so enjoy what you have, while you have it, even if it isn't the optimum you'd prefer. Love life since, as far as we know, you only get one shot at it. Here isn't such a terrible place to find yourself. Thank your lucky stars above that you didn't end up with worse. Greet each new day with a prayer of thankfulness, even if in just the unformed feeling of joy in world. Someone loves you. You have something to get done each day. There is a plan for your life and a way for you to get there. Aren't these things enough?
That was pretty short for my normal wordiness... hmmm... well, the mob is stirring and I think it best to get out of here and into the sunshine... Love to you all and smiles that go on forever!

09 November 2005

Rant 2

Yesterday, as we walked back from yoga, Julia and I got hit on by students who couldn't have been older than junior high age. Proud day indeed.
Cory just introducted me to orange-flavored chewing gum. It's pretty much rocking my face off! Totally awesome. If you can, I'd advise you to go find some right away!!! It's that good!!!
Just talked to Mitesh (one of the underclassmen who went to HS with me). He's suffering through organic chem right now. I don't miss that at all. It's hard junk. So glad to be done with it, for now at least.
Yes, Galen, I do sometimes write "poetry". My little bro calls his song lyrics, but I'm sure it serves the same purpose. Just to vent without being destructive, ya know?
My next Emerson-inspired post... Brought to mind from his essay on manners as well.
This one is on expectations. "... that by dealing nobly with all, all would show themselves noble." I really, really like this thought. I think it makes sense, also, when greating each new day, to see that expecting the best of each experience the day brings helps each to seem better than perhaps they would appear otherwise. And really, when it comes to memories, all we have is what things seem to be; Matters little what things really are for the most part.
I think this expecting the best to get the best makes perfect sense. When I was in grade school, and later secondary school, I was in the "smart kids' class." Not that any of us really were any smarter, we just tested better (that's my opinion anyway.) But overall, we did better in school and on standardized tests because we felt more was expected of us. Were we to not follow through with excellence, we'd be letting down "everyone!!!" Granted this might just be me overthinking things but it seemed to garner results.
And just the idea that by thinking of others as better without true judgement, well, that's just amazing. One does risk being let down but when you think better of them anyway, they don't really seem so terrible.
I am not completely certain where I first heard the adage "Judge a man not by how he treats his betters but by how he treats those who can do him neither good nor ill," wherever, it does loosely go with this theme in my opinion. Expect the best and treat others well. Who knows? Maybe that jerk who just cut you off is just some poor guy who is lost and late for something really important, like a job interview or picking up his kids from school? Maybe the waitress who charged you too much for that cup of coffee is just new and doesn't know how to run the register? Even if these little daily insults are truly on purpose, and very annoying, take them in stride, smile, and move on. What good is getting livid going to do other than raise your blood pressure and help you pass on the frustration to those around you? (By the way, you should think about taking yoga if you're really stressed out. I was a total skeptic but now I know that it is calming and totally recommend it to anyone who needs it.)

Okay, well Happy Wednesday to you all!!!!

08 November 2005

Ranting 1

I've got superglue on my fingers and count myself lucky to not have my fingers stuck together or to anything else. Because that would be unfortunate. But, yes, funny.
Kick-butt workout today in yogalates. I should have known better than to grab the 5 pound weights when there were perfectly good 3 pound ones just a few inches away.
I was looking over some poems I've written over the years... I've realized I usually only write poems when I'm sad, melancholy, mad, anything but really happy. I guess it's a good thing I haven't written too terribly many poems, huh? But I really wanted to pick out one to post for today and none of them convey what I feel right now so I cannot. Maybe another day.
I was reading some Emerson earlier while I waited between classes. I really enjoy coming back to Emerson after the banal reading of science texts or the simplistic writing required for Spanish class. His work really makes me think. Since I feel somewhat inspired with a topic to soliloquize on I think I'm going to write something relevant to what I'm reading each day this week. I do realize Monday would have been a more harmonious day to start this but whatever. Work with what we're given, right?
My first in this quazi-series is a topic I've thought of before and just neglected to write about. It's the idea that certain everyday words mean very different things to different people and that time period effects this understanding of definition. Emerson speaks of the word 'gentleman' in his essay on manners. For him a gentleman is one who "is a man of truth, lord of his own actions, and expressing that lordship in his behavior, not in any manner dependent and servile either on persons, or opinions, or possessions. Beyond this fact of truth and real force, the word denotes good-nature or benevolence; manhood first, and then gentleness." This definition seems the ideal one and I mostly agree with it. By the same token I've heard the general public of today refer to a gentleman in a more simplified way, merely as a man who takes the time to act with courtesy to those around him. I suppose this works as well but it doesn't really take into account a man's actions in any other arena of his life. He could be the most vile, deciteful person on earth but if he holds open the door for someone, he stands the chance of being called a gentleman. I honestly think I've only met a half-dozen or so true gentlemen in my life. Which is a shame. I'd talk about a female version of that word but I don't know one that really fits. Lady is a true title besides conveying gentility. Gentlewoman sounds almost condescending. When I think of one, I'll let ya know.
Other words I've considered include... Christian. Openminded. Patriotic.
For Christian, obviously the belief and conviction in the one true God and faith that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior is paramount. I doubt anyone would contest that statement. But in my own experience I've met people who claimed to be Christian that were you to meet them as well you'd be surprised to learn of their declaration. Neither by their actions nor by their words do they suggest any deep-rooted faith in much of anything, much less a love and devotion to being Christ-like. I'm not even going so far as to judge and say they break all of the Big Ten but they seem to completely ignore the simple message that only holds two rules to follow: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind... Love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:37-39) Not that these two are so easy. They weren't meant to be. But reveling in being the biggest sinner on the block isn't the fastest way to help others find the Lord you claim to love. Be the Christian you say you are. (I don't claim to be perfect or above sinning either. I'm down in the ditch just as low as anyone else. But I'm trying.)
As for openminded and patriotic, well, my points for those are much the same. They just don't mean what they used to, and not the same for all people.
I'd love to rant for another hour or so but it's time to start dinner...

07 November 2005

It's so pretty outside, is it really November???

Right now I'm scaring off my fellow Library patrons with my insanely loud hiccups. Which makes me giggle. Which in turn makes the hiccups sound even funnier. Good thing I have a little bit of self-control or I'd be rolling around on the floor laughing my head off right now. Serious, noone would sit next to me until this poor, unsupecting girl sat down only to be lambasted by my hiccupiness. She was done in record time, less than 3 minutes. Crazy hiccups.
I'm taking the wallclimbing class at
the Huff next semester. Isn't that exciting?? I'm totally psyched! Not precisely sure what else I'll be taking (and I may have written about this before) so I'll keep my enthusiasm about classes to myself.
Why are so many colleges' websites nearly impossible to navigate? Ours is pretty nice if you know where to start your search from. But
SWOSU's was really pretty difficult when I was looking up their application materials for Pharm college there. Galen sent me a link to his school, which is slightly easier than SWOSU's but not nearly as easy as ours. Redlands is just barely existant. I guess having more money to spend on webdesign could be a factor. Yeah, probably. I'm sure that's it. But a tad bit of common sense could be utilized too...
Had a good weekend at home (Julia, Mum updated hers... go read about airplane glue wine) and then worked all day yesterday. Oooooh! Mum and I made chicken pot pie Saturday that was just so so so so yummy. Heck yeah!
Well, I guess it's off to my next class. Happy Monday to ya'll and hope your week is everything you ever wanted in a week and so much more. (muhahahahaha... the cheese is just ooozing out of this post...)

03 November 2005

Happy Thursday!

I just finished my botany test in less than twenty minutes! Go me!
Before the test, though, I managed to kinda pass out on the bus just as it got to my stop, resulting in me falling off (since, of course, I was standing right near the exit). A couple of guys (I think) pulled me up and I retrieved one of my shoes, which was still on the bus. Anyway, aside from a bruised ego, a scrape on my leg, and some black marks on my pink yoga pants, I'm okay. I think I was just stressing out about the test and then I got too hot (hoodie and the hot atmosphere of the bus), which is never a good thing for me. The truly silly part is that I knew it was about to happen and I tried to talk myself into not doing that. "Crikey Misty, get a set and get over it. You're almost to class and you still haven't finished cramming for this test. It'll only be about a minute and then you can sit down. Uhoooh..."
Okay! So now the world knows I'm crazy! Woohoo!
Check out the comment Galen left on my last post! It's got links to some funny little clips. I thought they were funny anyway. And the girl in Pink Five looks a little like my roomie Elise! Weird, huh?
I think I'm going home this weekend. And I'm very much looking forward to it!!!! Watch out ER; Here I come!!!!
Okay, well I'm going to go find something to do. Not sure what yet, but something. Hope ya'll have a great day!!!

02 November 2005

A couple of links from me to you

Seems wasteful to start this post when I know upfront I don't have much to say and I should be studying either Botany or Spanish...
But I found this website from Mind Hacks... Essential sites for students. Check it out and let me know what you think. I found it interesting at least. (Galen, if you read this, would you comment a link to Pink Five? I didn't think to do it when I still had the addy for it)
And for those of you who are bored and enjoy my sick sense of humor, I liked this from Normal Jean... Lulu's Hair Lair
Okay, now it's back to my studies. Hugs to ya'll!
"If we will take the good we find, asking no questions, we shall have heaping measures. The great gifts are not got by analysis." -Emerson

01 November 2005

The next day

I'm sitting in the Library and I can smell chicken! Who has chicken in the library??? (I will admit I would like some chicken now, since it smells so darn good but seriously, who is eating in the library??? You're SOOO not supposed to!)
Halloween was nice. Went to my classes, napped, talked to Mum... Emailed in my schedule for work because I was feeling much too lazy to drive up there to give it to them. (My boss emailed back a cutesy reply and it made me smile because I'd been worried that I'd bothered her by calling to pester her about something I should have taken care of last week.) Had some lunch at Classic 50's with Julia since we had almost no food at the house. (Their potato boats are awesome!) Later, after we got groceries and cooked dinner, we all got dressed up. Elise was a firefighter, Jenna was a cop, Julia was a vampire, and I decided to just call myself "Lindsay Lohan on a good day" because I didn't really fit any category other than the"trying too hard to avoid a category" category. Julia and I picked up Mel L and Lindsay V from the dorms to go hand out candy to little kids trick-or-treating at Mel's boyfriend Adam's house. It was truly fun. (Mel was Batman with boobs, Lindsay was static cling, Adam was supergirl with a pink wig and bigger boobs than any man should have) We Uno-ed and watched part of Army of Darkness before it was time to go... Good night over-all. I love Halloween.
OOOH! I forgot to write about how Julia and I got tricked into attending a school dance! We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Union Friday and there was supposed to be free chocolate afterwards in the ballroom... So we traipsed upstairs to find several bowls of chocolate, a chocolate fountain!, and... tables with tableclothes... and a mini stage... and dimmed lights... and 2 people dancing??!!?!?!?!?? How did this happen?? They promised free chocolate not nightmares of previous school dances! Needless to say, we cut out of there faster than you can say, "Oh look at those cute little kids dressed up like punk rockers! How sweet! Oh and a little fairy princess! Hey, grab another Hershies and let's split!" Much faster. We didn't even sample the chocolate fountain because there was such a surge of costumed citizens toward the fountain table that any hope of reaching its chocolatey goodness was greatly diminished... Much to our dismay and utter hopelessness...
Eh, whatever. We went to Morgan's 21st birthday party right afterward and were the only ones dressed up. Gotta love that in a group of friends. Happy Birftday Nirgan!!!!
It really cracks me up to look over and see other people fishing around on Facebook or Myspace or what have you. Dude, she's way out of your league! Don't poke her! Aw, you didn't, did you??? Now you're just asking for it. (sigh/evil laugh)
Guess that's it for now. Hasta lavista mis amigos!!!
A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us. -Emerson