07 November 2005

It's so pretty outside, is it really November???

Right now I'm scaring off my fellow Library patrons with my insanely loud hiccups. Which makes me giggle. Which in turn makes the hiccups sound even funnier. Good thing I have a little bit of self-control or I'd be rolling around on the floor laughing my head off right now. Serious, noone would sit next to me until this poor, unsupecting girl sat down only to be lambasted by my hiccupiness. She was done in record time, less than 3 minutes. Crazy hiccups.
I'm taking the wallclimbing class at
the Huff next semester. Isn't that exciting?? I'm totally psyched! Not precisely sure what else I'll be taking (and I may have written about this before) so I'll keep my enthusiasm about classes to myself.
Why are so many colleges' websites nearly impossible to navigate? Ours is pretty nice if you know where to start your search from. But
SWOSU's was really pretty difficult when I was looking up their application materials for Pharm college there. Galen sent me a link to his school, which is slightly easier than SWOSU's but not nearly as easy as ours. Redlands is just barely existant. I guess having more money to spend on webdesign could be a factor. Yeah, probably. I'm sure that's it. But a tad bit of common sense could be utilized too...
Had a good weekend at home (Julia, Mum updated hers... go read about airplane glue wine) and then worked all day yesterday. Oooooh! Mum and I made chicken pot pie Saturday that was just so so so so yummy. Heck yeah!
Well, I guess it's off to my next class. Happy Monday to ya'll and hope your week is everything you ever wanted in a week and so much more. (muhahahahaha... the cheese is just ooozing out of this post...)


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