19 October 2005

Mums are awesome!!!

I've totally got Fall Out Boy's Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows), which is a very long title for a fairly good song, stuck in my head right now. I had to look up the lyrics so I could stop just mumbling through the parts I couldn't remember... I'll probably still have to do that but now I have the peace of mind knowing I at least once knew what they were saying there.
Wednesday. Only Wednesday. This week seems so so so slow. Like molasses. Or cold honey. or waiting on water to boil. Those are all cooking references. Why? I sure don't know. All my references to slow have to do with food. Go figure. Something that I just love enjoying on a regular basis (okay, sometimes not so regular, just sporadically then) that impacts many of my thoughts throughout the day... Suppose that makes sense that I would incorporate such in my everyday thoughts and dialect.
Walked through some leaves on campus that the sidewalk sweeper has yet to claim. I think autumn is here! The mums are blooming and the leaves are falling... jackets and hoodies come out of closets to warm up my classmates rushing around this week for homecomming. Not that it's terribly cold out. Today feels absolutely wonderful; Sun shining and barely any wisps of clouds to taunt us. Did I mention the mums are blooming??? The blooming of the mums is, like, a huge thing to me. (Just ask Julia, I've told her about the mums so many times she would probably yell at you for mentioning them at all. "$^*#@#!?fdsf" mums! - Her words, not mine.) Mums mean autumn just like crocuses and daffodiles mean spring. Heck yeah!
Julia and I made meatloaf and fried potatoes last night for dinner. So good that I ate waaaayyy too much. Considering that, along with the fudge we made Monday night, I might need to look into that whole "exercising on a regular basis" thing. That or be prepared to go shopping for larger sizes when my pants no longer fit... Guess it's fortunate that I just keep getting sick. Help lose weight, right? (Honestly, I'm joking. Please don't worry about this, I'm just talking trash.)
Hope everyone has a great day and many reasons to laugh!

"(Your secret's out) I know this hurts, it was meant to. Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one. And it's mind over *you don't, don't* matter" ~From Fall Out Boy's aforementioned song


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