05 October 2005

Long post about nothing

This post is just a bunch of random junk. No real point or big issue to concern yourself with. Just so you're forewarned...
(Yawn) I am so very sleepy right now. Physics class does that to me. He starts talking about E fields and electron velocity and my brain says, "So long! Good night! Wake me when it's over!" So I end up doing crossword puzzles from the daily paper with Cory to stay awake. Really, honestly, my biggest reason for not falling asleep is that since I've had the cold that never ends I've been snoring when I sleep and I just don't want to be the kid who snores in class. Petty I know but a consideration none-the-less.
Julia and I made cupcakes last night. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Yummy. Some of them are square because we had to place the little papers squashed together in a square casserole dish. Funny little square cuppy cakes!
I'm wearing my cute new shoes today. Mum got them for me at Target this weekend and they are totally awesome!
Had to move Elise's car this morning so I could get out to go to class. That was a debacle because she didn't leave her keys out like usual so I had to wake her up. Then she couldn't find them... Ended up being in the middle of a pile of stuff on her desk chair. Made it to class in plenty of time so no worries but I just hate having to wake her up just to find her keys at 8am.
I put the curtains Grandmum sent with me up finally. They are freaking hilarious!! (ie pink and ruffly!!!) I almost fell off my bed laughing when I first put them up! Skronky hung my huge mirror from home. My angel pic and cow hide are both up. Only thing left is my collection of crosses.
I find the thought that I have that many crosses and am not Catholic, while all 3 of my roomates are, in fact, Catholic, funny. Almost ironic. Not like I'm atheist or whatever. Presbyterian is somewhat close to Catholicism. We have many of the same creeds and traditions, which, really, most Christian denominations share. Good times.
I really like this pair of sunglasses I have right now. They kick butt. I haven't managed to lose or sit on them yet and that is quite an accomplishment for me for this long a period of time! WOO!
This weekend is OU-TX weekend, so probably half of the population of Norman is traveling South to the Texas State Fair to enjoy the Red River Shootout. I'm not going but I bet I'll see at least most of the game on tv Saturday. My favorite part of OU-TX weekend isn't the game, drinking my liver into submission, or eating too much fair food. No, my favorite part is the three-day weekend we always get. Totally rocks. I know I only have physics on Fridays and could easily skip just every Friday the whim hit me, but this is sanctioned skipping at its finest and it makes me happy. I'm smiling right now in fact. That's how happy it makes me. Today is just Wednesday and I'm smiling already.
I think I'm going to find some way of getting rid of the village idiot in one of my classes. (There's one in every class... You know, the kind who thinks too hard about things and asks questions that would be better left for after class during class... This group also includes those who do things to try to get out of doing work, such as ask vague questions about made up terms that are close enough to what you're talking about to really freak out the prof...) If your village, or one you know of, is missing its idiot please let me know. I'll ship this one back to you free of charge. All you have to pay is shipping and handling. I think s/he/it even goes to our TA's office hours... makes the rest of us look bad and since this is a semester during which I'm slacking off I don't need anyone making me look worse than I already do. I might be joking. Perhaps. Anything is possible...
Campus is still gorgeous. Never stops impressing me. The mums are blooming and looking just fabulous. I love fall.
I haven't written about the unfortunate who committed suicide with a bomb this last weekend during the K-State game. I'm not going to either except to say I'm glad no one else was hurt. Also, the media has made it seem as though no one here at OU really cares that he did that. We just go on playing ultimate frisbee and having fun, ignoring the pain of one of our own to the point he just couldn't keep going. We're just that cold and heartless. You're so right. You know us so well, Mr. Mass Media Reporter. We're jerks, plain and simple. Glad someone figured us out before the psychatrist gets us on the couch.
Wow. That took a turn I hadn't intended.
So, yeah... yoga yesterday... We used both medicine balls and the big yoga balls. If you thought you wanted abs of steel just wait! You can get great abs and look ridiculous AT THE SAME TIME!!! Yes! It is possible!!!! And if that doesn't pull you in, you can be watched by every Tom, Dick, and Jane that walks into the Huff during your class as we have installed a huge window looking into your class for your embarrassment! I know it's how you'd want it. Really. Also swimming on the ground. It looks so elegant, so refined. I'll leave you to your dream of a better body and get back to laughing my butt off... It's the only way I'm getting any more in shape...
Tonight my Spanish class is meeting at Los Dos Amigos for class. It's a class attendance grade to be there! Darn! Eat dinner instead of having to conjugate verbs? That's just torture! Actually, I'd rather just skip but I currently have a really good grade so I don't want to jeopardize my chance at a 4.0 this semester...
Well, I think that's enough of my ranting. Happy Wednesday my darlings!!!

Edit:: Um, so I got caught at saying something I shouldn't have and wouldn't have had I thought about it properly. So if anyone was/is/plans-on-being offended by anything I've said or will say then I'm terribly sorry. This is just an ideal place for me to rant and vent thus I say things that aren't always nice. I shouldn't but I do. So... um... yeah...


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uh... venting and stuff is the point of these things... its your space. anyone who doesnt like it can deal with it

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