23 September 2005

Crazy cats... but can they write too???

How to draw like a cat <~Now that's out of the way...
Been a curious mix of busy and bored this week. The Chai tea mix and I have made up and are making plans for a couples weekend in Boston sometime in the near future. Or no. This whole personification thing - Wow, I get so caught up in talking (since I never shut up I'm lucky to have this sort of forum to talk without being interupted) that I just forget that the mix stuff isn't a real person... Real being the coolest way of putting it. (Did I just say that I was using a golf club to get it into the hole or that I was wording something a certain way??? "Putting vs. Puting - tonight live at the Harvey Area. We'll be there ring-side to keep you posted with all the jaw-dropping details!" "This just in - It seems that putttting will be there too! What a night folks! Be sure to tune in tonigh...")
Oops. My mouse just tried to commit suicide by leaping from the edge of my desk to the jagged beige shag carpet below. It would have been a horrendous tragedy if fate had not stepped in in the form of me actually catching it first. I know. Anticlimactic. So sue me. Once again with the personification.
I made an A on my first botany test. So proud am I of myself. And I was the first one done with the spanish test I took Wednesday. So hopefully that's a good thing. Next one I'm looking forward to is physics next week... won't be such a walk in the park as the others were...
Okay, off to scavenge for some food... Hasta lavista!
"There is no sincerer love than the love of food." - George Bernard Shaw


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