16 September 2005

Because Ryan said to

10 years ago I was: 10 years old, in 5th grade. Loved gymnastics class, riding my bike around with the neighborhood kids, and playing in the rain. Had just decided to grow my hair out long.

5 years ago I was: 15 yo, in 10th grade at El Reno HS. Was THE starting volleyball setter for JV and Frosh, making straight A's, and way too involved in various school clubs/teams. Had just met my best friend Alicia.

1 year ago I was: a 2nd semester sophomore here at OU. 19 yo and living with Julia and Sharice at the Reserve. Just starting organic chem. Thought I had it all together (but probably didn't). Had fun.

Yesterday: Was Thursday. Went to class, took a nap in the Library, went to yoga... had lunch with Julia and watched some tv... played online for a bit. Cooked and ate a great dinner... Watched parts of the OC and some kids' movie. Mel came over for some gossip, Morgan, Alex, Chris, and Katie came by... Skronky showed up... watched some Monty Python... that's about it

5 snacks I enjoy: chocolate, fudge, peanut butter and honey,grapes, and strawberries

5 songs I know all the words to: Hero, You're So Vain, EHS Alma Mater, Boomer Sooner, and

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars: varied investments, share with friends/family, give to charities and for scholarships, spend on a few clothes, etc, and if there was any left after all that I would give it away to a good cause.

5 places I would run away to: Colorado, Hawaii, England, Australia, and Italy

5 things I would never wear: orange and purple together, a singlet, spankies (really tiny volleyball shorts), a mumu, stripes with spots

5 favorite TV shows: CSI, Gilmore Girls, OC, CMT top 20, anything on the food channel

5 bad habits: crossing my eyes/making faces, being mean too much, also sarcastic, being too careful about things that don't matter, not caring enough

5 biggest joys: music, family, friends, natural beauty, chocolate

5 favorite toys:my laptop, digital camera, cellphone, Skronky, and fiction books

5 fictional characters I would date: Benedict from Much Ado About Nothing, Mr. Darcy, Wesley from Princess Bride, Don Juan De Marco, and...? Someone really awesome

6 people I tag to do this:Dork, Julia, Skronky, Mum, Mel V, Galen


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

I think you read mine before you posted yours...b/c some of our answers are the same...either that or we really are that cool!

12:17 AM  

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