04 September 2005


Grrr. Me= dressed and ready for work. Call in to find out which room. Not even on the schedule. Well, Happy Labor Day weekend to you too.
Downside to having a cowhide hanging on your wall: Your room starts to smell like tanned leather. Also COW. But at least not manure or else I would have to give up and take the thing down. It almost makes me think of a really long camping trip...
Yesterday was so unproductive. And that football game. Urgh.
How is it possible to be happy and unhappy at the same time? Because if you asked me how I was doing/feeling I would truthfully answer along the lines of "Great! Feeling a tad sick but otherwise great!" But there's a nagging feeling here too that something isn't right or that I've missed something important. Cannot for the life of me figure out what it is, otherwise I could fix it or ignore it more efficiently. Instead I'm left with this weird confusion. (Earlier in the week I got that feeling like something terrible was about to happen but as far as I know nothing did... that was after Katrina btw.) Maybe all this is just me thinking too hard while being awake too early, sleepy, and a little mad. I hope so.
Well, Happy Labor Day Weekend my lovelies! Thanks for putting up with my grouchy rambling.
"The extent to which people act with a clear idea of their ends, knowing what they are aiming at, is easily exaggerated... Looking back over our action, or over any stretch of past history, we see that something had taken shape as the actions went on which certainly was not present to our minds or to the mind of anyone, when the actions which brought it into existance began." - R.G.Collingwood


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