23 August 2005

twice in one day...

Today's thought was "No Fear" and that bit of a song that goes "I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind". No Fear in relation to the truth that all things are possible through God and we should have no fear. Go forth boldly and serve without fear. Jump in and have trust. And I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind... why be scared? Being a part of God's plan, ie always on his mind, and having him and what he wants for you always on your mind is a wonderful thing, full of hope and promise. It's safe and secure in a world that isn't always pleasant or nice.
So. Yeah. This is what I typed up the other night when I was in a thinking mood. I believe it was Sunday. Funny how I can go from "No Fear" to "Oh no! I'm totally freaking out and so worried about everything and whoa did I mention I'm scared to death?!?!???"
Just goes to show I'm human I guess.
I'm tired. Cold still here thus can't breathe. Sitting in the Union on my own little laptop rocking out the wireless internet so lovingly provided by my dear Alma Mater. But tired, yes.
Talked to the folks at home just a bit ago. They're doing alright. I still want very much to go home. Even more so now that I know they had yummy ribs for dinner and there are some left over that I could steal.
Yoga is going to be do-able. Julia and I went to get our mats for said class this afternoon. Good times. I also picked up some vitamin C so maybe I'll get better sooner. Hope so.
Much love to ya'll.
"Never mistake motion for action." - Ernest Hemingway


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