11 August 2005

Crazy on a couple of levels...

Doing laundry. Woohoo.
Ate at On The Border last night and it was very yummy. That stuffed chili rejano (spelling??) was awesome! Turned my lips bright red! Afterward we stopped to pickup some crafty stuff to continue our crafty endeavors. Then to an undisclosed location to procure my latest shipment of really cool, really expensive designer-model wear (ie found a couple of tops for cheap). On the way there, though, I got to laughing. You know what that means. Seriously, it lasted probably almost twenty minutes. The laughing/crying made Dork laugh; He's so mean. I barely looked decent enough to go inside the store. Crikey. Darn genetics making me act all goofy.
Had a really strange dream last night. I was some sort of rogue vampire trying to escape from the unified other vampires to America during the early 1800's. And I was a pickpocket/thief sort of vamp. Weird. At the end I got to Boston on a ship and found a job sweeping the floors at a general store. Truly weirdness.
If you are the praying sort, Galen's mum could use some medical prayers and it probably wouldn't hurt Julia +her family to have some traveling prayers in their favor.
Okay, well back to laundry. Happy Thursday!!!!
"All are lunatics, but he who can analyze his delusion is called a philosopher." - Ambrose Bierce


Anonymous galen adoringly said...

thank you so much for asking your friends to pray for my mom. youre the best. hope everything goes well for julia's family too.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Julia adoringly said...

Well the prayers worked for my family, we all returned safe and sound. Though my brother is off on another business trip so he could still use the travelling prayers.

11:07 PM  

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