15 July 2005

I'm back!!!!

Yes, I have returned. You didn't know I was gone? Well... I was. For a WHOLE WEEK!!!!! Crazy, I know.
We were supposed to go hang out in Florida in Panama City and go snorkeling but that sure didn't work out. Stupid Hurricane Dennis. Such a downer. So instead we went to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. And we had a great time. Saw some pretty plantation houses, a fort, a battlefield, old courthouse, Memphis, the Mississippi River, Beale Street, and various beautiful scenes/sights. Stayed at a beautiful hotel. It really was a blast.
But I am glad to be home. There's no place like home, ya know. (Thank you Dorothy)
Been helping paint at my aunt and uncle's new house. That's been fun as well. Because I do enjoy painting. I must be crazy but I do enjoy it. It's nice to get to see them so often.
Was supposed to eat breakfast with Dawn this morning but first this and then that happened and thus we did not eat breakfast. But she has asked me to be her maid of honor in October so I must forgive her of course. As if I would say no to such an invitiation. As long as she doesn't make me wear orange, purple, or canary yellow. Then I would have to have a conference with Marie and convince her to change her momma's mind about the colors. I miss that little gal (and the one that's my age too!). I forsee a girls' day soon...
Well kiddos, I'm off to refill my wine glass and finish watching Under the Tuscan Sun. Ciao!


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

Well then I guess you can't be in my wedding (not that it's anytime soon) cuz my colors will be orange, purple, AND canary yellow!!! hahaha OMG that would just be hideous!

1:23 AM  

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