31 October 2005

Happy Halloween!

Yeah, I was going to dress up for class since today is Halloween and all... But have you looked outside??? It's so cloudy and, rain! OOOH! Rain! So none of that whole, fun dressing up nice stuff.
I do need to do laundry very soon though or else it will look like Halloween this whole week... since the clothes in my closet that I usually don't wear, well, there's a reason I don't usually wear them. But yeah. Fun times.
Had a great weekend. Mum, Dad, and Dork visited Saturday and Dad finally got to see the house in all its semi-decorated glory. Then, just five minutes after they left, my aunt and uncle showed up!!! I didn't even have to go home to see family! Later in the evening Julia's sister showed up! WOW, huh? Never rains but it pours...
Worked a shift yesterday at Children's. Same patient as last weekend so we got along well and survived 8 hours of each other. I watched more Disney Channel yesterday than I think I've watched in, oh, years! And for some reason she liked Law & Order too. Weird. I think it's okay and all but I wouldn't think a 14yo girl would like it, would you??? After she fell asleep I watched Grey's Anatomy. Liked that pretty well. Could have done with less of a sad side story but, hey, it was good anyway. And I was introduced to the term "banana bag" which I assumed meant a IV of potassium chloride or some sort of IV with potassium in it anyway. [One of the interns had been out drinking and then got called in when there was a terrible train wreck so her Resident or the head of the dept (I haven't watched long enough to know who is who yet fully) told her to get hooked up to a banana bag and sit out until her tox report came back clear.] Wow that was a lot of rambling about a show I've only seen maybe 3 or 4 episodes of.
I don't know what I'm going to do tonight. Maybe just hand out candy to kids who are brave enough to still go trick or treating. That sounds nice. (And my spanish evening class was canceled bc my prof wanted to take her kids out herself! No complaints from me about it.)
Saturday when Julia and I went to dinner with my aunt and uncle... There were 4 or 5 barely teenage boys cavorting around with a to-go box that kept meowing like the cat ringtone on my phone. They kept telling it to be quiet and then they'd all go off in fits of giggles. Was actually kinda funny, not so much the "cat in a box" part but the silly kids giggling at their oh-so-funny joke.

Well, hope ya'll have a great, safe, productive Halloween!!! Love ya!

There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for revenge by children on the adult world. - Jean Baudrillard

27 October 2005

Happy Lizard

There was a little lizard entering Cross Hall as I was exiting this morning. He was only about an inch long, his tail being about half that length, and very determined on completing his task of infiltrating said building. He was also super cute. Yay for cute, devious lizards. (Oooh a thought just occurred to me... Do you think he escaped from the zoology building next door or maybe he was trying to free his friends in the Zoo building and mistakenly picked the botany/microbio building instead??? Either way I hope he has a great time!)
The longer I live the more I discover I'm not in the least unique or truly special. The funny thing is, that doesn't bother me. Instead it makes me feel more comfortable and sets the world in a better light for me. I'm glad there are more people like me in the world.
Life is good. Happy Thursday!

Oh and I've found something to consider if I don't make it into pharm school....Floral Design How freakin' funny is that one???

26 October 2005

Thank you Mr. Nice Guy

As I was walking into the Library just now I got to the door at the same time as another student. Since I was on the right side, the side the door opens to, I held open the door and said, "Go ahead." But since it was a guy he could not let that happen... I had to go first or neither of us was getting in any time soon. I know that's the polite thing that he did but it just makes me laugh because he could have just gone and kept the flow going without a flaw. It really wouldn't have hurt anyone. But thank you Mr. Nice Guy. You rock.
Another incident relevant to the one above happened yesterday on the bus. Julia and I were on our way to campus and sat in one of the side-facing seats for 3 people. A fellow sat next to Julia completing the trio intended for the seat. But when the seats were all filled on the bus and another girl entered (she would have to stand, see?), the fellow next to Julia got up and let her sit there by us. Really this doesn't sound like much but I ride the bus daily and I must say it doesn't happen all that often. And that's okay. But when it does happen it's noticeable. So, once again, thank you Mr. Nice Guy.
In class just a bit ago... All of a sudden, out of the blue, I wanted to be outside on the slopes skiing. Do you grasp my dilemma? There are no slopes in Oklahoma!! Also, I have class the rest of the week! And nearest appropriate slopes are in New Mexico or Colorado!!! The urge has subsided somewhat so I'll be okay. Someday. But I do NEED to go again sometime before my cute ski pants don't fit anymore.
Also in class... We were reviewing for our evil test this Friday... The village idiot in that class picked today to come and be terribly confused. It didn't help that the prof got himself confused as well... He told us the wrong formulas and his examples had variables backwards... I don't know if I'm going to be able to pass this test. Thank ye gods that it isn't an essay on concepts type of test. That would slay me for sure. (Oh and the village idiot just barely survived... I controlled my insatiable desire to throw things, heavy things, in that general direction. I really didn't care if there were innocent bystanders... They can move... They're either with me or against me, thus the losses are negligible, right?)

25 October 2005


24 October 2005

Redundancy Revisited

Good weekend. Worked, enjoyed being home for a while, and generally just had a good time. Classes this morning as usual. REALLY hard to stay awake in both physics and botany. And this shouldn't be blamed on the miraculously interesting materials both professors were presenting. No. I am entirely to blame, me and my crazy college student ways. (yeah, right)
Been struggling to make myself complete my application to pharmacy school. It seems so redundant. They already have all my stuff. Why send it again? Are they so inept that they can't realize I'm the same person I was last year and all my transcripts are the same (other than the courses I took last semester, which they DO have a copy of as well. Official even.) My intent is still the same. The people who recommended me would probably still agree with their earlier statements. Why just increase your stack of paperwork when it's all there already. Okay, there's my whining out of the way. Now I have to buck up and shut up. Or something like that.
Dad and Dork put a new sound thing in my truck which means I now have nice musicalness on my trips around in my automobile. Very nice. Thank you guys. Very, very much.
I just erased two long, stupid paragraphs. Just thank me and be glad I didn't post 'em. Trust me.
Guess that's all I have for now. Love ya'll. Happy Monday!
"I cannot recall any form of man who is not superfluous sometimes."-Emerson

19 October 2005

Mums are awesome!!!

I've totally got Fall Out Boy's Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows), which is a very long title for a fairly good song, stuck in my head right now. I had to look up the lyrics so I could stop just mumbling through the parts I couldn't remember... I'll probably still have to do that but now I have the peace of mind knowing I at least once knew what they were saying there.
Wednesday. Only Wednesday. This week seems so so so slow. Like molasses. Or cold honey. or waiting on water to boil. Those are all cooking references. Why? I sure don't know. All my references to slow have to do with food. Go figure. Something that I just love enjoying on a regular basis (okay, sometimes not so regular, just sporadically then) that impacts many of my thoughts throughout the day... Suppose that makes sense that I would incorporate such in my everyday thoughts and dialect.
Walked through some leaves on campus that the sidewalk sweeper has yet to claim. I think autumn is here! The mums are blooming and the leaves are falling... jackets and hoodies come out of closets to warm up my classmates rushing around this week for homecomming. Not that it's terribly cold out. Today feels absolutely wonderful; Sun shining and barely any wisps of clouds to taunt us. Did I mention the mums are blooming??? The blooming of the mums is, like, a huge thing to me. (Just ask Julia, I've told her about the mums so many times she would probably yell at you for mentioning them at all. "$^*#@#!?fdsf" mums! - Her words, not mine.) Mums mean autumn just like crocuses and daffodiles mean spring. Heck yeah!
Julia and I made meatloaf and fried potatoes last night for dinner. So good that I ate waaaayyy too much. Considering that, along with the fudge we made Monday night, I might need to look into that whole "exercising on a regular basis" thing. That or be prepared to go shopping for larger sizes when my pants no longer fit... Guess it's fortunate that I just keep getting sick. Help lose weight, right? (Honestly, I'm joking. Please don't worry about this, I'm just talking trash.)
Hope everyone has a great day and many reasons to laugh!

"(Your secret's out) I know this hurts, it was meant to. Your secret's out and the best part is it isn't even a good one. And it's mind over *you don't, don't* matter" ~From Fall Out Boy's aforementioned song

17 October 2005

Weekend Update with...

Is the weekend really over already? Where did it go??? I didn't get anything done!!!
Mum came down for lunch Friday. We had fun making fun of, oh, just about everyone around us at the restaurant. Our waiter was the funniest! He REALLY wanted to bring us queso and "Hey! How about some shots???" Which he played off as a joke but, no, HE WASN'T KIDDING!!! It was only, oh, noonish!!! And he needed to get rid of the UPS-envy shorts... But we had fun and ate wayyyy too much. So it was a successful mission. Also finials which, I know, you would have never guessed from us.
Saw "Elizabethtown" Friday evening with Skronky. It's a really good movie (and parts of it were filmed in my hometown summer-before-last!!!!) Most of the film is pretty quirky but I enjoy quirky. It's a chick-flick without all the cheesiness and such. Made me laugh a ton (and to be fair, since I'm not the best critic when it comes to funny, most of the people around me laughed a ton too.) It's one of those movies that leaves you smiling. A+ in my book.
I am trying my darnedest to think of a nice funny story for ya but nothing's coming...
Okay, so everyone have a great week! Love ya'll!!!!

13 October 2005

random rambling

I should log off and go to bed but I'm not sleepy! Mommmmm, please don't make me go to bed yet!
I filled out my pharm school app and submitted it today. A relief, stressful, and a tad depressing all at the same time. Now I have to figure out if I need to resubmit everything or just some of the sublimental stuff.
When I wear black eyeliner on both the top and half of the bottom of my eyes I look rather sad and my eyes look bigger. Hmmm... I never really noticed that. That's what comes from having a mirror hanging just above my desk... That and too much time to think about nothing.
Spanish homework tonight took me just over an hour to do tonight. I did it tonight even though I don't have class until Monday because I know I'll forget otherwise. We're learning gerunds... "-ing" words. It's funny. There's a word for leaving that also can be applied to leaving someone. One of the examples explicitly stated that! How freakin' funny?
Okay now I'm really going to bed... G'night!

12 October 2005

Cowboy sighting

I just saw a cowboy! Woo! Wranglers, boots, and hat with the added bonus of a flannel shirt! He doesn't know it but we walked half-way to the Library together. Aren't I lucky??? That doesn't happen every day.
Hm... the woman who was at the computer next to me just got up, logged off the system, and moved down 3 computers to log in again there. What gives? Do I stink that bad? Must be the skunk I rolled in on the way to class.
Our professor in physics this morning had experiments to show us, supposedly to help us better understand magnetism but really just because he enjoys playing with his toys. This woke up the village idiot, prompting her to ask numerous REALLY silly questions while giggling way too much. Really. Someone needs to take away her cough syrup or alcohol. (On a simular note: I don't know what I would do without my allergy meds. They're truly wonderful.)
Our internet at the house decided to go insanely slow yesterday, allowing my computer to send out requests but going as slow as molasses thus resulting in an "operation timed out" pop-up. But Steve, our favorite spagetti-cooking, movie-watching-with-Jenna, Tattoo-and-coke-drinking buddy, fixed it. Rock on Steve!!! (Oh, he made spagetti for us Monday night... yum... Mine was reheated, due to evening Spanish class, and it was STILL TOTALLY AWESOME!!!)
Got to go see Ryan and some of his friends play at the Union yesterday. Julia, Mel, and Lindsay were there. All in all the event/happening "rocked my face off".

I'm wearing a fall shirt! Weather's getting colder and that means I get to start wearing my fall/winter clothes, which is like all of a sudden having a whole new wardrobe!!! Which, hey, YEA!!!!!!!!
Grandmum's garage sale is this weekend. So is the 'rent's anniversary. It's going to be a lovely weekend...
Okay, well I'm all talked out. Happy Wednesday ya'll!

11 October 2005

And Tuesdays will never be the same again...

10 October 2005

Manic Monday woohoo

Wow. Two guesses as to who was running exceptionally late this morning... Woke up at 8:05 and have class at 8:30... I made it in time and sat through a lovely lecture that I hardly understood and really don't remember much of. Now I'm chilling out in the Library with no makeup, hair in a bun (because that's all that looks half decent when it hasn't been washed), same shirt I wore to bed under my hoodie. At least I have my contacts in. Whew. Could be much worse.
Work yesterday went alright. Only did the evening shift since they apparently didn't need me the morning one (but only decided to tell me such after I was already ready to go to work...). Near end of shift they came in asking if I could/would work the night shift which doesn't end in enough time for me to make it back to Norman for class... So no. I couldn't/wouldn't. Muhahahahahahahaha....
I think today is Columbus Day. How great is it to have a holiday named for you when all you did is make a huge mistake and succeed in leading to the destruction of an entire indigenous peoples??? Well done, brave son. Here's a national holiday in a nation you didn't expect would exist on its own. Ironic or just funny?

I had a good weekend at home. Much was accomplished which is always a plus in my book. Also Cheesecake. Mum totally rocked out the cheesecakeness Friday and I got to enjoy some for breakfast Sunday! How sweet is that??? Totally!
Saturday dinner at my aunt and uncle's was excellent as well and, of course, the company was lovely too. Chili sounds good today too...
I think that's enough for now. I need to go do some reading for Botany since the test is tomorrow morning. Woohoo! Happy Manic Monday!!!!

07 October 2005

Red hair strikes again (Or pelorojo tambien)

My hair is now red. Mum and I did it tonight. I think it looks pretty darn good.
Just found some really, really old emails from an old friend. He and I used to be very close; I looked up to him like an older brother. (I think he's only about three or four years older than I but I can't really remember...) Anyway, we used to be very close. Then life happened and other things happened and we ended up drifting apart. Didn't help that I went off to college an hour away.
So I was reading these old emails... Without going into specifics, I realize I didn't treat him the right way. Not as I would have wanted him to treat me had the conditions been reversed. No matter how strange I thought he was acting or how much I disapproved of anything said or done, he was still my friend and deserved much better from me. I feel really guilty and embarrassed about my choice of action. In my heart I truly wish there was some way of apologizing but I have no idea how to contact him now and no way of knowing if he'd even listen. I was a stupid little girl and just didn't deserve such a friend. Looking back over our emails, he had a lot of really good advice to share. We could have gotten past our differences and my childishness, I feel sure of that. Guess this is one of those life experiences I'm supposed to learn from, huh?
Now my hair is red and I'm in a blue mood.
Well, I'm going to head off to bed...

1. I think this soy milk and tofu phase is funny. Laughing funny.
2. I Like Pizza by the Shatners/ Edward Scissorhand bc I watched it with you that one night
3. Um... chocolate? I guess that's a pudding flavor? How about watermelon then?
4. I'm an umbrella. You can't call that Veronica. I win!
5. That night at Buzz's subs... You never seemed to sit down. I don't think you said more than a dozen words to me that night. (But then Laren, Gabby, and I were talking a mile a minute...)
6. A Goat!!!
7. Why did you start playing the drums?

05 October 2005

Hey! You! Read this!!!

Leave your name and...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST!!!!!!!

Long post about nothing

This post is just a bunch of random junk. No real point or big issue to concern yourself with. Just so you're forewarned...
(Yawn) I am so very sleepy right now. Physics class does that to me. He starts talking about E fields and electron velocity and my brain says, "So long! Good night! Wake me when it's over!" So I end up doing crossword puzzles from the daily paper with Cory to stay awake. Really, honestly, my biggest reason for not falling asleep is that since I've had the cold that never ends I've been snoring when I sleep and I just don't want to be the kid who snores in class. Petty I know but a consideration none-the-less.
Julia and I made cupcakes last night. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Yummy. Some of them are square because we had to place the little papers squashed together in a square casserole dish. Funny little square cuppy cakes!
I'm wearing my cute new shoes today. Mum got them for me at Target this weekend and they are totally awesome!
Had to move Elise's car this morning so I could get out to go to class. That was a debacle because she didn't leave her keys out like usual so I had to wake her up. Then she couldn't find them... Ended up being in the middle of a pile of stuff on her desk chair. Made it to class in plenty of time so no worries but I just hate having to wake her up just to find her keys at 8am.
I put the curtains Grandmum sent with me up finally. They are freaking hilarious!! (ie pink and ruffly!!!) I almost fell off my bed laughing when I first put them up! Skronky hung my huge mirror from home. My angel pic and cow hide are both up. Only thing left is my collection of crosses.
I find the thought that I have that many crosses and am not Catholic, while all 3 of my roomates are, in fact, Catholic, funny. Almost ironic. Not like I'm atheist or whatever. Presbyterian is somewhat close to Catholicism. We have many of the same creeds and traditions, which, really, most Christian denominations share. Good times.
I really like this pair of sunglasses I have right now. They kick butt. I haven't managed to lose or sit on them yet and that is quite an accomplishment for me for this long a period of time! WOO!
This weekend is OU-TX weekend, so probably half of the population of Norman is traveling South to the Texas State Fair to enjoy the Red River Shootout. I'm not going but I bet I'll see at least most of the game on tv Saturday. My favorite part of OU-TX weekend isn't the game, drinking my liver into submission, or eating too much fair food. No, my favorite part is the three-day weekend we always get. Totally rocks. I know I only have physics on Fridays and could easily skip just every Friday the whim hit me, but this is sanctioned skipping at its finest and it makes me happy. I'm smiling right now in fact. That's how happy it makes me. Today is just Wednesday and I'm smiling already.
I think I'm going to find some way of getting rid of the village idiot in one of my classes. (There's one in every class... You know, the kind who thinks too hard about things and asks questions that would be better left for after class during class... This group also includes those who do things to try to get out of doing work, such as ask vague questions about made up terms that are close enough to what you're talking about to really freak out the prof...) If your village, or one you know of, is missing its idiot please let me know. I'll ship this one back to you free of charge. All you have to pay is shipping and handling. I think s/he/it even goes to our TA's office hours... makes the rest of us look bad and since this is a semester during which I'm slacking off I don't need anyone making me look worse than I already do. I might be joking. Perhaps. Anything is possible...
Campus is still gorgeous. Never stops impressing me. The mums are blooming and looking just fabulous. I love fall.
I haven't written about the unfortunate who committed suicide with a bomb this last weekend during the K-State game. I'm not going to either except to say I'm glad no one else was hurt. Also, the media has made it seem as though no one here at OU really cares that he did that. We just go on playing ultimate frisbee and having fun, ignoring the pain of one of our own to the point he just couldn't keep going. We're just that cold and heartless. You're so right. You know us so well, Mr. Mass Media Reporter. We're jerks, plain and simple. Glad someone figured us out before the psychatrist gets us on the couch.
Wow. That took a turn I hadn't intended.
So, yeah... yoga yesterday... We used both medicine balls and the big yoga balls. If you thought you wanted abs of steel just wait! You can get great abs and look ridiculous AT THE SAME TIME!!! Yes! It is possible!!!! And if that doesn't pull you in, you can be watched by every Tom, Dick, and Jane that walks into the Huff during your class as we have installed a huge window looking into your class for your embarrassment! I know it's how you'd want it. Really. Also swimming on the ground. It looks so elegant, so refined. I'll leave you to your dream of a better body and get back to laughing my butt off... It's the only way I'm getting any more in shape...
Tonight my Spanish class is meeting at Los Dos Amigos for class. It's a class attendance grade to be there! Darn! Eat dinner instead of having to conjugate verbs? That's just torture! Actually, I'd rather just skip but I currently have a really good grade so I don't want to jeopardize my chance at a 4.0 this semester...
Well, I think that's enough of my ranting. Happy Wednesday my darlings!!!

Edit:: Um, so I got caught at saying something I shouldn't have and wouldn't have had I thought about it properly. So if anyone was/is/plans-on-being offended by anything I've said or will say then I'm terribly sorry. This is just an ideal place for me to rant and vent thus I say things that aren't always nice. I shouldn't but I do. So... um... yeah...

02 October 2005

Regrets, Remorse, and a Mirror

I never wanted this from you
Now I don't know what to do
Take it back before I have to leave you

Please don't tell me I was wrong
And I won't tell you to be strong
For just one more night
Can we live life like we used to?

I never wanted this from you
Now I don't know what to do
You can't know what I'm going through

Don't say that you love me
How can you love me?
You barely even know my smile
Reading a soul must take more time

I never wanted this from you
Now I don't know what to do
They always said friendship never ends

Who I am with you isn't who I am
I'm not a lie just a dream
Forced into this farce
What would you see if I took off the mask?

I never wanted this from you
Now I don't know what to do
Take it back before I have to leave you

Please take it back

01 October 2005

Saturday at home

Mum's giving the dog/child gate thing a shower... I slept on the futon last night... I'm wearing ALL red right now... My laundry is finally finished... I still have allergies/the-cold-from-Hades... I watched a program on the History Channel about Caligula last night with Dad... The house (ER) is looking really nice... I ate way too much dinner yesterday at On the Border, then too much cake and ice cream... Chaco is sitting in here looking all cute. He really freaked out when I got home... I made a 70% on my physics test. The class average was 67% so I guess that isn't terrible...
More later as I get time...