12 October 2005

Cowboy sighting

I just saw a cowboy! Woo! Wranglers, boots, and hat with the added bonus of a flannel shirt! He doesn't know it but we walked half-way to the Library together. Aren't I lucky??? That doesn't happen every day.
Hm... the woman who was at the computer next to me just got up, logged off the system, and moved down 3 computers to log in again there. What gives? Do I stink that bad? Must be the skunk I rolled in on the way to class.
Our professor in physics this morning had experiments to show us, supposedly to help us better understand magnetism but really just because he enjoys playing with his toys. This woke up the village idiot, prompting her to ask numerous REALLY silly questions while giggling way too much. Really. Someone needs to take away her cough syrup or alcohol. (On a simular note: I don't know what I would do without my allergy meds. They're truly wonderful.)
Our internet at the house decided to go insanely slow yesterday, allowing my computer to send out requests but going as slow as molasses thus resulting in an "operation timed out" pop-up. But Steve, our favorite spagetti-cooking, movie-watching-with-Jenna, Tattoo-and-coke-drinking buddy, fixed it. Rock on Steve!!! (Oh, he made spagetti for us Monday night... yum... Mine was reheated, due to evening Spanish class, and it was STILL TOTALLY AWESOME!!!)
Got to go see Ryan and some of his friends play at the Union yesterday. Julia, Mel, and Lindsay were there. All in all the event/happening "rocked my face off".

I'm wearing a fall shirt! Weather's getting colder and that means I get to start wearing my fall/winter clothes, which is like all of a sudden having a whole new wardrobe!!! Which, hey, YEA!!!!!!!!
Grandmum's garage sale is this weekend. So is the 'rent's anniversary. It's going to be a lovely weekend...
Okay, well I'm all talked out. Happy Wednesday ya'll!


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